Befriending the Bully

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A strongly built Green Drake Stallion puffs around a small farm’s land, terrorizing the animals and workers.
He’s outright attacked most people who come out into the pastures, and run off any animals that try to encroach on his prime grazing spot.

Soon, the people of the farm get tired of the beast and send three of their best farm hands to lasso him and break his spirits.
That goes about as well as you’d assume. Three young men and women trying to lasso a beast three feet taller than them, four times as strong as them, and ten times as mean as them.

The farm hands trudge back to the main farm house with various wounds. One has a broken arm and scratches all over his face, another has a chunk of flesh missing from his arm, and the third has both of her shirt sleeves missing, and her hair half missing.

“... that didn’t work...”
“The beastie is too strong, we can’t get a rope around him, and if we could, I doubt we’d be able to mount and break him...”
“And even if we could, what then? We’d have an ill tempered monster that respects one of the farm hands.”

“We could call animal control.”

“They couldn’t do a thing. They work with darts, which would be pretty damn ineffective against scales like his.”

“Alright, then maybe we could call someone to trap him or lure the beast out, and if that doesn’t work, we can just say that he’s free to a good home and let random people try to tame him.”

“Works for me.”
“This is going to be a pain.”
“I’m down.”

So that’s exactly what the farmers do. First they try an obvious trap, that does absolutely nothing aside from give the beast I nice meal.
Then the luring, that works for thirty seconds, but never enough time to get him into a proper position for someone else to do the dirt work.
Finally, the wanted poster that reads free to a good home.

Not too many people see the sign and try their hands at taming the stallion, but one day, a man around the age of nineteen rolls up to the farm with a trailer attached to the end of his truck.
The man walks to the farm house, offering the poster and his services.

The man’s offer is taken and he sets to work scoping out the area that the stallion inhabits. Pretty flat land with minimal tree cover and hard ground. He’ll be using this.

When the man’s plan is ready to be put into action, it is the pitch of night, and the stallion sleeps in a ball under the smallest of the trees.
The man quietly moves over to the sleeping beast and examines him. The beast’s shuttering breath leaving ripples in his musculature.

Suddenly, the man begins messaging under the stallion’s neck, causing the beast to stretch out, but not wake.
The man continues the gentle rub down, reaching the beast’s head where he rubs the jaw of the monster.
Slowly but surely, the beast’s jaws open slowly, and the man can set phase two into action.

He slips a black bridle over the beast’s head with the metal bit inserted into his mouth perfectly.
The beast begins to stir, but he is swiftly calmed by the man, who rubs the stallion’s side, causing him to curl up again.

“Good boy.”
Says the man as he stands and moves over to the fence to lean back and rest.
“Sleep well, I’ll be on you at sunrise.”

Surely enough, sunrise comes and the beast is livid to have a bridle put around his head.
He spots the resting man and charges over to him, snarling and puffing the whole way.

The man stands when he sees the stallion growing closer, locking eyes with the beast.

“Did you sleep well?”

The beast puffs and snarls again, glaring down the human as he scrapes his clawed foot through the hard soil.

“Here, big guy,”
The man moves closer to the beast, who recoils slightly.
“I can get that bridle off of your head if you behave.”

The monster stops moving away and holds still for the man, who undos the simple bridle before parting the stallion’s neck.
“See, Bully, was that so hard?”

The stallion puffs and shakes himself out before looking down at the human. As far as he knows, this human has just helped him out of something that he could not have escaped alone.
He owes the human, regardless of how little he likes it.

The man watches the eyes of the stallion glance between the bridle, himself, and the fences that keep most animals in.

The beast stomps his front leg and bows his head to the human, who smiles and gently runs his hand along the beast’s well defined muscles.

Slowly, the man rubs his way along the stallion’s body, working out as many knows in the beast’s form that he can find.
Yet again, the beast owes the man for taking away the pain of movement.

The man gently pets the stallion’s head, smiling as he notices the beast’s expression softening from anger filed spite, to a more neutral expression.

“Bully, would you like to leave here?”
The man asks, petting the stallion’s neck.
“I can give you a comfortable home with food, shelter, and things that don’t mind being chased. What do you say?”

Bully thinks for a moment before heaving his head up and down and moving to follow the man.
The man leads the way back to his truck and trailer.

“Would you mind wearing a bridle occasionally? I know you don’t want to have to, but it would make a lot of things easier on everyone.”
The stallion puffs and nudges the man’s shoulder before stepping into the trailer.
“Well then, big guy, welcome to the Bubba family.”
© 2020 Dreemurr00
(I got this bad boy from CreativeStorm1 along with another who you can expect a story for soon. But for now try and enjoy the story!)
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