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Rapunzel, the Loose Cannon

LOL x Disney series!

Rapunzel as Jinx!
Jinx is more complicated than I anticipated! But I had fun working on it! Wasn't so sure on which colour to make the hair, the blonde was too "Rapunzel" and the blue was too "Jinx" so I made it ombre! lol!

Hope you like it! (:

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Nice you gave Jin-Punzel two-tone hair: yellowish to her knees, and light blue from there. Let's see what "Pow Pow" thinks about it though :P

Of course, JinPunzel could use her hair as prehensile attacks as well, or almost extra limbs for entanglement. Her weapons come in handy in case someone clips her hair.

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That's a really cool combination of those two characters.

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☺️Rapunzel is a incredible hero❕
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The weight of that hair was a perfect choice!

I love long hair and i love jinx so this is like a blessed artwork to me ●□● Good job
Hello, can i use this picture for my stream overlay? I will give you credit of course :) 
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Beautiful warrior.
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Oh my god I got an idea for you if you wish to go threw with it!
You know quasi modo?, You should draw him as Yorick.
But if you don't want to do him you can draw his girlfriend
Madellanie as Orianna.
Just an idea ^^
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The latest /allchat brought me here! As a total League junkie, I love your Disney x LoL artwork. This is absolutely amazing; hopefully you'll do some other champions soon. I made an account a few seconds ago just to comment on this! xo
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no! i like jinx with ALL blue hair ;(
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But it's Rapunzel dressed as jinx! (:
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i know? i'm not dumb?
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i love the way you draw hair X3
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Thaaank yoou!! :D
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I love the way how her hair change color at the end.
Very unique
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Ahh thank you! :D
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<3 your art
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