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Ping Pong

By Dredsina
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Eurgh, this is really dumb. BUT it's based off of real-life events that I witnessed in my physics class. :0
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there was no point in doing that hes stupid XD this is awesome
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I have a feeling that that damn ping pong ball will go right through him. We studied the Mach system. Either that or implode...
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XD wow those idiots
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That's how they call me in school XD
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That is something me and my brother would do.
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I'd like to join your physics class please
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Reminds me of my old class, good memories... We were the infamous trouble makers and had to be kept far away from everthing that had to do with physics classes... And the 'Dude. ... Duuuuude.' made me laugh, because that's exactely how two of my former classmates used to be... one day they almost set our headmaster's jacket on fire (whilst he was wearing it) and they didn't even got detention. :D
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:iconyayamericaplz: " Well, North Korea's Gonna Have A Bad Day! "

:iconwtfcanadaplz: "WHAT?!"
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for some reason i can really see them doing that.

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HAHAHAHAa this is so ADORABLE! me loves :thumbsup: silly blondies.. hehe gotta love em
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Omg this is so them and by them i mean stupid north american teens. fucking hilarious, i can see my idiot boyfriend and his friend doing this. XD
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ok america and canada really? you had to do that
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*facepalm* OF CORES IT CAN BE USED AS A WEPON ANYTHING CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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*faceplant* oh dear gosh *is waiting for the hroble pain to kick in so i can point and laugh at my country and the smake maitte for letting him do it in the 1st place*
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duuuuuuuuuuuuude this is awesome!
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...I can see this happening. Really. If Himaruya drew this, I would not be a bit surprised.
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Canada's face in the third panel... :iconbitchpleaseplz:
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Dude that is awesome!!!
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DUUUUDE. XD Anerica why are you so stupid?
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My brother and I used to do stupid crap like this all the time... ._.
Then I moved out.
Oddly enough, we both have a lot less bruises now.
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that's pretty awesome
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