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Update with the community ..

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 1, 2009, 5:19 PM

Update with community

It's been a few days since that was not here at dA to see how the community goes, my passages has been very short these days. Only the response to some comments and little more.

After some long hours watching the news around and see all the messages I had in my box, especially Journals. I decided to do some small updates. The bad trip in which I passed, I think that things have improved, although not all my problems are not resolved. But problems aside.

Another thing about which I would like to speak, Violators of copyright (or art thief's) as they wish to call. Recently I have heard many complaints and reports of members who exhibit their work as and in fact are not, there is a punishment for anyone caught, and they must also know it is very unethical to do such a thing and also a disrespect towards the real authors or artists, who spend hours on end to perfect their work for everyone, we can appreciate what each has to offer.

Today I had the opportunity to read the fourteenthstar's Journal and I think it very regrettable that such situations are still continuing and we all have to understand and learn to see that all Staff are just doing their best for the community to continue to grow and with quality. Everyone should be respected within the community regardless of the opinions of each. If there is something with which we disagree, we approach on a normal manner to the Staff, and not in a disrespectful and insulting as has been reported.

Comunity News

:groups:The upcoming groups system just got a brand new and shinny logo.
Groups Logo by TheRyanFord
There's also a Stamp and a Journal Skin

Groups Journal Skin by TheRyanFord    Groups Stamp by TheRyanFord

Another great new is that DeviantART needs a Full-time Customer Service Manager. So if you think that you got what it takes.
Go to Here to find more and apply for the job.

Contests and Projects

The Best of 9 Creatures Contest is over, so go check the awesome works of the winners.
Also the Famous Fella Contest comes to a close. You can see here the winners.

The deviantWORLD Contest Deadline was extended, to October 11. So what are you waiting for, unfortunately my time is not much to participate and i have no ideas to enter.  

Other Contest that you should check to is the Digital & Traditional Text Art Contest the theme is Conceptual, so the rule is create a Text Art piece with a conceptual line on it.
I got a few ideas for that. I will try to find some free time to do it, and you should do the same.

madb0y is holding a emote MEME Contest. It's really funny. More Info Here.

Oktanas is holding a cool project to, called The Cemetery Project.

Cemetery project II by Oktanas

I already made my entry Oh no... by Dredmix


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Submitted on
October 1, 2009