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Introduce yourself here!

:bulletred: What got you into the Dredd Universe?
:bulletred: Any favourite stories/movies?
:bulletred: Favourite characters?

If anyone would like a synopsis of the comic so far, please see this article :pointr:…
And this synopsis by the wealth of Judge Dredd knowledge, jonbluestone :pointr:…

If anyone is looking for a place to purchase the comics, it's on the official site. Most are available in digital format (cheaper, too!). The 'Complete Case Files' are reprints of the older comics.
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ChosenPheonix91's avatar
When I was younger I first came across Dredd in a comic book shop but at the time I was far more interested in Characters like Wolverine and Batman so never ended up picking up a copy. I really started getting into Dredd a couple of years ago when I picked up Case Files no.5 something about that collection of stories really got me into the character.
ARTRIAD's avatar
I first met Dreddy way back in 1977 when our teacher bought some to keep us quiet. I was hooked pretty much and loved Dan Dare, Rogue Trooper etc and have found 200AD always has something bonkers but pertinent to offer. 
Hello i'm a master to rôleplaying game judge dredd and translator from english to french ( fantranslation).
Now i start with DAZ3D software and i search help to create modell /dolls judge dredd caracters in DAZ3D savefile...
Universe of judge dredd is very good for rôleplaying game.

Nice day to you.
HippyJon's avatar
I first saw Dredd in the Daily Star strip in the eighties, and in time came to buy 2000AD to see more. Favourite villains are Judge Death and Mean Machine Angel. And best ever cover pic was profiles of Dredd and Fairly Hyperman facing each other, with their chins sticking out, and the caption, 'Judge Dredd, he is the jaw!'
Also liked some other characters in 2000AD, like Stronty Dogs and Nemesis. 
2old4gamez's avatar
I was introduced to Joe Dredd in the second issue of 2000AD, way back in the late 1970's.

I was excitied by the announcement of the first Judge Dredd movie, but was ultimately disappointed, like a lot of long term fans were.

The 2012 Dredd movie was a far, far better take on the Dredd character and I'm still optimistic it will get the sequel it deserves, preferably with karl Urban once again not showing his face in the lead role.
DanielPuch's avatar
Hello, my name is Daniel Puch and I always liked a lot British comics so Judge Dredd was always a character I enjoyed. I really more a fan of the comic more than the movies, but I'm Ok with them. I think Dredd is done to be a comic character not so much for a movie.
I'm a fan of Bisley art, so I think he also draw me to Dredd character. I have Batman Dredd comic and some other stuff.
I will be doing some Dredd art and I will be posting here.

Thanks and have an awesome day!!!
michaeltheflyer's avatar
Afternoon! My name is Michael Williams, and I'm a relative newcomer to the world of Judge Dredd. I grew up as a huge fan of science fiction and comic book movies and was extremely excited to watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe come to life. Last year, I had still only heard of Dredd in passing, but a few of my college friends and I decided to watch the latest movie with Karl Urban, and I've been hooked ever since. Having read some of the originals, I have continued to enjoy the new movie and believe it is a great representation of the character Judge Dredd is supposed to be. Also last year (maybe earlier this year), I decided that a drawing of Dredd would make a great addition to my fan-art collection, and I absolutely loved working on it.
As a child in the early 80's I read 2000AD and various other similar comics throughout my childhood. Always loved Dredd and the other stories. I remember Carlos Esquera and Ian Gibson being favourite artists of mine when it came to the Dredd comics. 

I don't read them anymore but that Dredd film was absolutely drokking brilliant!
Hi, been reading 2000ad since 1981, 2000ad and punk rock made me the man I am today.
CandyAppleFox's avatar
Greetings. My First Comic was DC’s: Batman Vs Judge Dredd No1 ‘The ultimate Riddle’ in July 1995. I looked at that thing for days... and days.
EGould's avatar
Sorry for the delay in answering this I have been in the middle of a house move and unpacking etc...
I got into Judge Dredd from stories in 2000 ad, I collected the comic from Issue number one...
I loved "The Apocalypse War" and "The Day the Law Died" 

Max Normal
Chopper and of course Judge Death.
nightengailastrid's avatar
I'm Astrid. uh... hi. :)
igarcia's avatar
The truth?  The only reason I like Judge Dredd is because of Sylvester Stallone.  Freaking guy is iconic on this movie.  What is my favorite part?  All of it!  I enjoy the entire movie every time I watch it.

I don't read comics because... I don't do much effort to read them.  If I grab anything to read it is not comics. I kinda wish I did, but then I see books like the Bible, biography books about military people, Max Lucado books and well, that keeps me away from comics.
TheBreC's avatar
Hello ^_^ I was introduced to Dredd thanks to one of my best friends (he's a super fan so to say) And I started with some of the original 80s comics for Dredd that he let me borrow. My all time favorite story.... now that's hard. It has to be between Cursed Earth, the Judge Death stories, and Judge Anderson's own comics. Favorite movie is Dredd with Keith Urban playing the role gloriously and my favorite character has to be Judge Anderson. Don't get me wrong I love Dredd as well, but Anderson has always had a place in my heart. 
Art-e86's avatar
Saw the Stallone film and liked it - I'm more of a passing stranger to Dredd than an out and out fan - I like the whole idea and world of Dredd though and the machinery comes from the minds of geniuses (Geniusii ?) Comic art is top drawer - as is some of the DreddArt posted here on dA. Nice to see you've created a Dredd-den where everyone meets.
ThePsiFiles's avatar
Friends, fellow-Judges, citymen! (and -women!), hail and well-met!

What got me into the Dreddverse? A friend of mine years ago - this would have been back in '91 or '92 (I remember because . . . well, as the ten-credit shockers say, we anticipate!) - was very much into comics. I wasn't, but he and I used to meet up every week or so and hang out and we'd lend each other books. He lent me a lot of graphic novels and collected editions - and many of those were Judge Dredd. I came to really like the comics and enjoyed reading pretty much his whole collection!

Inspired by them, I wrote my first fanfic - it was dreadful (no pun intended!); it had an awful Mary-Sue protagonist, a romance between him and Anderson (over whom I had a crazy fan-crush!) and just wasn't very good. It taught me a lot about writing, however (and, to be perfectly honest, wasn't a total disaster - it did, unlike many other fanfics - have a narrative which progressed and ended with a satisfying conclusion!) I named my hero after John Cornelius, a character in a BBC series that ran that summer (this is why I remember the date!) That fanfic is now sadly / gladly lost!

Years and years pass. I read an article on about something or other, and some left-wing hippie type objected to "Dredd 3D" as being unpleasant or something - I can't remember. I Netflixed the movie and thought "Damn, but this is a fine film! Hippies know nothing!" I was inspired to write a short fanfic based on it - "Assessment Over" here…

I then was inspired to create more fanfic - because fanfic, and I like fanfic. The years that have passed have made me a better writer, but I had affection for my older fanfic setting and characters. So, inspired by them, I started to write some fanfic set in the movie universe, creating an interlocking series of stories telling the tale of the nascent Psi-Division. You can find those stories on my gallery and also on here…

My favorite stories are the Day The Law died (classic Dredd!) and any of the Anderson / Death stories. City of the Damned is also very highly regarded.

I have much affection for Anderson (crazy-fan-crush, see above) as a character - although Dredd stories are always more about the city rather than the Judges in there.

So, that is my history! I write fanfic, I post it here, I sometimes hack about and make collage images as inspiration etc. If anyone enjoys my fics, please leave a comment and - if anyone is so inspired - I would be flattered and interested to see any art based on or inspired by my work!
Airgid's avatar
Hi peeps!

Got into the Dreddiverse way back. Somewhere in the late eighties, found this grubby little comic book in a surplus store and the artwork blew me away. Fabry is still an inspiration to me in my professional life :)
My mum did not like it at all, and I had another reason to like Dredd. Not really obeying the Law of the house, but it was totally worth it. 

One of my favourites of all time is the Dredd/Batman crossover "Die Laughing". Smashing artwork, lovely dystopic feel and Dredd :) (and Fabry of course).
As to characters: Anderson is awesome and of course the Dark Judges :)

And now I need to make more fan-art, whenever the studio schedule permits it :)
warpeddesire's avatar
Got into Dredd  few years ago when I acquired a digital collection of the entire comic run and then proceeded to read it over a two year span (loooots of issues, lol). Since then, I've begun collecting the omnibus editions, drawing fan art, getting tattoos and other fan-wank related things ^^ I'm a huge fan of the entire universe in general, the moral conflict between "beleaguered police force" and "oppressive regime" and the general tone of the comic as a whole. As a student of many pieces of classic literature, Dredd has always struck as having shades of Plato's Republic in it. And in addition to all of this, early issues involved some of my absolute favourite comic artists like Brian Bolland. A must read for any serious fan of comics and literature.

Oh and the movies are friggin' awesome. While the 2012 kept the gritty tone and "day in the life" style of the comics, I also really enjoyed the 1995 version for its faithful adaptation of the "look" of the comics. The Lawmaster looked bloody amazing (even though it apparently was so wide it couldn't turn >< )
DarkoNash's avatar
Huge fan of the recent Dredd movie, looking forward to the sequel if it ever happens.  Grew reading some of the comics, and played the Genesis Dredd game.  Recently Dredd has been the inspiration for a character I'm writing about called Night Raider.  That gritty treatment of justice and law is what I'm trying to hone in on for Raider.  What got me interested in joining the group was my interest in bringing certain aspects of Dredd into Raider to pay tribute while doing my own thing so the lines don't become blurred.  
terriprayutm's avatar
I grew up reading 2000AD - much to my Mother's distaste. It wasn't the sort of thing she expected her daughter to pick up. But, I was raised by a sci-fi fan (Dad), and that comic was a treat for me. 

Loved the 2012 movie, it kept to the gritty feel of the comic as I knew it! 

I'm very much a novice artist, and I've only done one piece of Dredd related art - ABC warriors piece - but hope to try more in the coming months. Right now though a lot of my time is taken up with submissions for the game company and fiction imprint I co-own. When I'm not busy with that, I'm also tied up with writing for several different publishing companies. So, time for art is - sadly - limited. 
AranniHK's avatar
Hey, I'm AranniHK. 
A couple of months ago I've seen a nice gif from a scene of Dredd 2012 and I really liked how dystopic and great the architecture looked there. Like these massive mono block living quarters. That got me really into watching the movie itself. Already from the start on it got one of my favourite movies of all time. Man! The music, it had this real nice sci-fi flow, I would say. The character Judge Dredd was really badass and it really enhanced the whole sci fi feel for me. Well, to depict the english knowledge wouldn't allow me that to do, ahah :D Dredd FTW
evaldez28's avatar
What made me interested in Dredd was the 2012 Karl Urban movie because it had an 80s sci-fi vibe to it and I love gritty dystopian sci-fi movies like RoboCop and Mad Max.

Dredd (2012) is one of my favorite movies and I love the web series Judge Dredd: Superfiend.

Judge Death is my favorite character.
MaKo85's avatar
The name's Tina.

Way back in the late 80's my mom got some copies of Judge Dredd and read them to me before bedtime. (Yes, my mother is an amazing and badass person)
Anytime I managed to find a copy of 2000AD I enjoyed the thrillpower. It wasn't until two decades later that I got back into it.

I will always ALWAYS love the 1995 original movie with Stallone, it has a very special and important place in my heart for many reasons.
I do not recall the stories I read in detail, just that they greatly entertained me.

Nemesis the Warlock is eternally on spot #1, Dredd, the ABC Warriors and Judge Death (frankly I love all of 2000AD even if I could find very little of it)
HJTHX1138's avatar

1. I got into Dredd thanks to a crossover comic my grandmother (of all people) bought me at a second hand store. It was Dredd and Batman and it was drawn by Simon Bisley. I knew plenty about Bats, but Dredd and Anderson were featured prominently. There's even a bit where Bats is transported to Mega City. Good book.

2. "Dredd" was an amazing movie, it boiled him down to what makes him badass. I missed the more bizarre/goofy elements present in the comics, but it was still an excellent adaptation. "Dredd vs. Death" was a fun game. I've enjoyed a few of the audio dramas. I have some collections of the older comics. I frequent most of the Dredd tumblrs and reblog artwork.

3. Dredd (dur), Anderson, Hershey,  The Dark Judges (yes, all of them), Mean Machine Angel , ABC warriors, etc.
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