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The Winning Shot

By Dreatos
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I had a lot of fun with this one!  Initially came up with the pose for Pinkie alone and decided to throw everyone else in there eventually.  Many thanks to my friend for input/opinions that helped the image along!

I think this may end up as one of the last new prints I will be bringing to BronyCon 2017!  Please keep an eye out for it!
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Rainbow-Flutter-Dash's avatar
Poor Applejack! Put on a team alone with Rarity and Fluttershy, that's not fair, she's holding that team up all by herself. XD
Kyoshyu's avatar
Well done scene. :)
Fullchaos1's avatar
Get dunked on!!!!!!!!!! Ba ba ba baba ba ba ba baba ba ba ba baba bababa bababa ba ba ba
LuismiPro465's avatar
Pinkie Pie (Dance):iconsaysplz: Get dunked on! 
Sans Icon:iconsaysplz: i'm so proud, pony pal.
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
Super adorable! I love everyone's different looks!
Cartoontriper's avatar
the basketball texture tho!  COME ON AND SLAM!
zariots's avatar
Pinkie's face of win, AJ's face of horror jajaa
jhayarr23's avatar
Ognimod's avatar
"Huh?! I didn't know Venus Terzo was in this picture!"
Simpsonsfanatic33's avatar
Slam dunk by pinkie pie
EverlastingJoy's avatar
Pinkie's going for the win!
jyroman53's avatar
Pone no basket !
templar127's avatar
Cue Space Jam theme XD
Patrony's avatar
Pony-Jam 😋 Very cool perspective! 😊
ABrightSide's avatar
Come to think of it, Pinkie would be a beast at basketball. Jumping is basically how she walks. :)
cajobif's avatar
Looney Tunes VS MLP Ponies.

Could be interesting. Could be interesting to see Celestia and Luna dressed that way.
FirestarLeon's avatar
Episode title: "Earth Ponies Can't Jump!"
Mopar96's avatar
This needs to be an episode.
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Ponies and basketball? That's new. I like it, but I wonder if the rules should allow flying. It seems a little unfair.
Maishida's avatar
Oh wow, that's amazingly well done. :D
Helsaabi's avatar
or What about to "Plays Slam Dunk theme" anime
Chopsticks-Pony's avatar
Why are ponies with clothes on sexier than not?
Piercing-Sight's avatar
First time back to DA in a while and you're posting again. I love it!
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