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College Craze: Third Year!Kageyama x Reader

My nerves were absolutely out of control. What if I made a bad first impression? These ARE professors and soon to be classmates...
Today was a get together for all of the incoming first years at college. Everyone from previous students to professors and other administrative faculty was going to be there. I played with the end of my hair, trying to distract myself. You’re going to be fine, __! Just calm down! I took a deep breath and straightened my shirt and hair before heading in.
The ballroom they were holding it in was decked with balloon and signs welcoming the incoming first years. I eyed all the families already there. Some teens already were mingling with each other, their parents doing the same with one another. My mom put her hand on my shoulder, obviously seeing how tense I was.
“Don’t worry, dear. You’re going to do great!” She gave me a thumbs up before pushing me towards the o
:icondreary-dreamer:Dreary-Dreamer 4 0
Mature content
Flesh :icondreary-dreamer:Dreary-Dreamer 0 0
Who knew? (KarkatxReader)
You looked up from your locker to see karkat. He was your best friend, and your crush.
"Hi kar," you say, getting the last of your things out of your locker. "Ready for laungage arts?"
"NOT REALLY, WE HAVE TO HAVE A FUCKASS FOR A TEACHER," he sighed, leaning against the lockers.
"I know...but Gamzee said that whatever we're doing is fun..."
"LETS JUST GET THIS FUCKING OVER WITH..." he said, walking into the classroom, you trailing not far behind. The bell rang just after you got into the classroom, as everyone went to their seats, you going to the one right next to karkat.
"Ok class, quiet down. Today we are doing some partner work. Everyone get a partner quickly, before I pick a partner for you," Mrs Butch, our teacher said from her desk, not looking away from her computer screen.
"_____" Karkat said looking at you.
"Yup" you said.
"Everyone have a partner?" Mrs Butch asked, the inti
:icondreary-dreamer:Dreary-Dreamer 2 6

Random Favourites

Have you Seen this BoI??? by Aizy-Boy40 Have you Seen this BoI??? :iconaizy-boy40:Aizy-Boy40 86 6 aXeL by Aizy-Boy40 aXeL :iconaizy-boy40:Aizy-Boy40 152 4
Shimeji Help Tutorial
This is meant to help people who have had trouble running Shimeji's.
I once downloaded a shimeji and whatever I tried wouldn't work, and it turned out I was only clicking one wrong thing!
This is what works for me, since my computer's pretty old and doesn't like to make things work. If this doesn't work for you, I'm really sorry :c We might be using a different type of computer, internet browser, etc. I'd like to hear and questions you may have, and though I'm not a Shimeji expert, I'll try to help out in any way I can~
1. Downloading Files
I always download .ZIP files from MediaFire. Before I downloaded any Shimeji's, I installed something wierd called WinZip, which is a program for extracting files. It's pretty safe, but can get kind of annoying sometimes. You can download the free evaluation trial if you like, or buy it. I only have the trial, so it will most likely end soon, but that's alright. Anyway, download the .ZIP, then WinZip wil
:icondiretylo:DireTylo 333 618
Hibari Shimeji by pamellka Hibari Shimeji :iconpamellka:pamellka 625 282 Yoshiya Kiryu shimeji by hakei Yoshiya Kiryu shimeji :iconhakei:hakei 304 99 Mukkun Shimeji by AleSchizophrenia Mukkun Shimeji :iconaleschizophrenia:AleSchizophrenia 266 31
Tobio Kageyama x Reader :Naps:
The bell signifying the end of your school day had rung a good half hour prior to the moment, just as you were about to exit the building you notice your backpack seemed much lighter than usual, initially meaning you had forgotten something in your plethora of school materials stashed in the grasp of your assigned desk. So you walked back into your scheduled prison to retrieve your nightly homework for tomorrow's pile of lectures and assignments.
Not expecting anybody to be in the class at the time you plan to open the door with a quick shove only dealing with the task at hand until you hear a light snore emit from the other side, you slide the door open slowly careful not to wake the unknown person and mindfully step in.
You take a glance around the seemingly deserted classroom to find one abandoned member from Class 3, the heat begins to rise into your cheeks when you get a look at his face.
You had never thought much of Kageyama, he does have good looks, and he does look pretty cute
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 42 2
Kingdom Hearts Seven Minutes in Heaven Intro
        "You know, now that everything's been peaceful for a while, we should do something fun and relaxing. Something to help us not hate each other." Axel walked across the room, arms behind his back, a deep look of thought on his face. "I've got it." He snapped his fingers. "What about seven minutes in heaven? If that doesn't bring us all closer nothing will."
"Dude, I played that game like, forever ago." Xibar stroked his chin. "Like, before you guys were even born probably. I'm totally in."
"I've never played before, but I've heard of it." Roxas smiled. "I'm in too I guess. Can't hurt to try right?"
"Good, then it seems like we have a plan." Axel grabbed a large black trash bag for the items. "I'll explain the rules in a minute, for now, let's just get everyone's item in here." He started around the room collecting the items.
"I have a weird feeling about this, like I'm really going to regret playing." Dymex shrunk into the couch. "Maybe I should sit this one out."
"No, no sitting
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 197 6
Fire Emblem Seven Minutes in Heaven Intro
        "You know, we've been working really hard lately. I think we need to take a breather and do something fun together." Edward stood in the middle of everyone, hoping someone else wold agree with him.
"It has been pretty rough out there lately." Ranulf nodded. "If we don't destress a little we might go crazy."
"I agree!" Lethe was quick to support Ranulf's decision.
"Shut up Lethe, I agreed in my head first." Lyre tackled Lethe to the ground and quickly started to wrestle with her.
"Sounds like a plan to me. What did you have in mind?" Ike tried to talk over the two screaming girls.
"Well, you know that game we played at Prince Marth's birthday party? If I remember right, It was called seven minutes in heaven. I think we should play that one again." Edward smiled wide. "I was too young to play last time. I already got everything ready, just in case you said yes."
"I like that game, I'm in." Naesala was already digging through his pockets for an item.
Ike nodded
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 162 18
Shimeji for Android by Kayote Shimeji for Android :iconkayote:Kayote 53 18 My sweet baby gorl whom i love by Sephealia My sweet baby gorl whom i love :iconsephealia:Sephealia 65 3 Sae Nijima by jamjamstyle Sae Nijima :iconjamjamstyle:jamjamstyle 229 17
Mature content
Taste of Wine [Chuya x Mafia!Reader] :iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 34 11
Stargazer by ElinTan Stargazer :iconelintan:ElinTan 486 14 Falling into Dreamland by yuumei Falling into Dreamland :iconyuumei:yuumei 12,829 198 The Stick. [re-draw] by Aizy-Boy40 The Stick. [re-draw] :iconaizy-boy40:Aizy-Boy40 184 19

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I'm Courtney. I'm an Iowa girl, and have been all my life. I like to draw, but I think I suck, haha. I'm more into writing, actually. Blood, guts and gore, along with dark writings are my faves. But, I'm also a sucker for romance too (even though I'd probably never admit it).
I love Hetalia, Homestuck, and Kingdom Hearts (as well as a multitude of other animes)! And yes, I'm a nerd and a little bit of a loner. But I'm willing to make friends, and want to! Don't be afraid to message me!







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