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College Craze: Third Year!Kageyama x Reader

My nerves were absolutely out of control. What if I made a bad first impression? These ARE professors and soon to be classmates...
Today was a get together for all of the incoming first years at college. Everyone from previous students to professors and other administrative faculty was going to be there. I played with the end of my hair, trying to distract myself. You’re going to be fine, __! Just calm down! I took a deep breath and straightened my shirt and hair before heading in.
The ballroom they were holding it in was decked with balloon and signs welcoming the incoming first years. I eyed all the families already there. Some teens already were mingling with each other, their parents doing the same with one another. My mom put her hand on my shoulder, obviously seeing how tense I was.
“Don’t worry, dear. You’re going to do great!” She gave me a thumbs up before pushing me towards the o
:icondreary-dreamer:Dreary-Dreamer 4 0
Mature content
Flesh :icondreary-dreamer:Dreary-Dreamer 0 0
Who knew? (KarkatxReader)
You looked up from your locker to see karkat. He was your best friend, and your crush.
"Hi kar," you say, getting the last of your things out of your locker. "Ready for laungage arts?"
"NOT REALLY, WE HAVE TO HAVE A FUCKASS FOR A TEACHER," he sighed, leaning against the lockers.
"I know...but Gamzee said that whatever we're doing is fun..."
"LETS JUST GET THIS FUCKING OVER WITH..." he said, walking into the classroom, you trailing not far behind. The bell rang just after you got into the classroom, as everyone went to their seats, you going to the one right next to karkat.
"Ok class, quiet down. Today we are doing some partner work. Everyone get a partner quickly, before I pick a partner for you," Mrs Butch, our teacher said from her desk, not looking away from her computer screen.
"_____" Karkat said looking at you.
"Yup" you said.
"Everyone have a partner?" Mrs Butch asked, the inti
:icondreary-dreamer:Dreary-Dreamer 2 6

Random Favourites

2B cosplay (maid) by pollypwnz 2B cosplay (maid) :iconpollypwnz:pollypwnz 303 5 Knite Reboot Promo 1 by yuumei Knite Reboot Promo 1 :iconyuumei:yuumei 8,763 164
Dark Days | Dazai Osamu
There was a time when he didn’t care.
A time when he could barely skim through the motions of life, every little thing costing him so much motivation that left him feeling drained not even an hour into the day. Every footstep was leaden, just another glum day of walking through darkness.
A permanent dark cloud had hung over his figure, consistent in its attempts to conceal the mellow luminescent glow of the sun. Instead, everything had been filled in with a bleak grey that clung to every single surface in sight. His world was insipid, monochrome seeping into every creek, flushing away any potential colours as though they were harmful weeds.
He was cold. Hands constantly chilled to the bone, joints locking due to the biting winds that ravaged his soul. Though the seasons had a habit of changing, he’d never managed to shake off the spiritless frost that clung to the wintry seasons. Not even the sweltering heat of summer could chase away the verglas that insisted on intertwini
:iconsrysarai:srysarai 33 2
Love | Osamu Dazai
It was quite funny, really; in a strange sort of way.
An unknown warmth had overtaken his senses, a mellow warmth that had seemed to have grown in him; flourished into emotions he couldn’t properly decipher. Just a miscellany of emotions he hadn’t yet fully pieced together himsel. Emotions that were there like an infallible obstacle, constantly reminding him of their existence.
He didn’t much mind that, though. For the emotion was a good feeling; superlative.
It was ike a cosy fire that awaited him after frigid winter days that chilled his being to the very core. Like a warm mug of hot cocoa on stormy wintry nights wherein the snow would build up relentlessly, creating a barrier of snow that encased him inside the warm walls of his house. It was like the heat of the sun had been trapped in his soul, it was all things good and pure.
Clinging to his soul with every movement he made. Not even the most furious of storms could dim the incandescent candle that was flickerin
:iconsrysarai:srysarai 41 3
Tenderly | Dazai Osamu
Crepuscular light, rustic oranges and vibrant violets, gave a serene feeling to the more often than not chaotic office space, marking the end of another day. Desks long since vacated, papers put away, void of bantering; though it's not the first time you've been the last one to leave, it's silence is a foreign entity --one that reminds you just how much you prefer the quirky, and sometimes obnoxious habits of your friends.
In the midst of your scribbling, you pause to survey the room, only to intentionally stare at the desk across from you. It wasn't hard to imagine Dazai's reclined posture, or even his hunched one as his head of unruly locks peeks over his computer screen. Even in his absence, he stands out, and whether he be dangerously cunning or irreproachably winsome, he's easy one to miss.
"You're still here."
With a start, your attention turned to the very devil to whom you'd been thinking. Dazai raised a bandaged hand from his coat pocket, waving coyly and giving an endearing g
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 98 15
Guilty Pleasure [Bokuto Koutarou]
Bokuto turned the key in the keyhole and the door to his house opened up, welcoming him and Akaashi into the familiar warmth of the place where he grew up.
The silveret marched straight to the living room, his friend right at his heel. The sound of unfamiliar music washed over their ears as they stepped into the room. Bokuto squinted at the person sitting on the couch.
Feeling his gaze on her, [Name] craned her neck to look at him over her shoulder.
“Ah, Nii-chan! You’re here already!” she said, music still blasting from the speakers of her laptop.
“[Name], what are these owl screeches you’re listening to?” Bokuto hovered over the girl, hands resting his hips as he stared at the figures dancing around on the screen.
“They’re NOT owl screeches, stupid bro! He’s Taeyang!!!” she yelled.
“Who’s that?” Bokuto cocked his head to the side, completely clueless about contemporary music updates.
“Why would I expe
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 84 47
Kiss Me Hard [Kageyama Tobio]
There it was.
He groaned frustrated at the view of the lovely smile that tugged at the corners of her lips. She looked so innocent, so delicious; he wanted to taste all of her.
He was aware of the fact that she was talking, but he didn’t seem able to actually listen to what she was saying. All he could concentrate on was the movement of her lips; the way her tongue passed over the silky pink skin; the musical lilt of her voice.
He wanted to pass the tip of his tongue over the tiny corner of her lips; trail the edge of her mouth; suck softly on the glossy curve of her lower lip.
He was desperate to meet her gaze as he’d bury his fingers in her lustrous hair and lock his mouth with hers in a kiss that would blow her mind away.
She laughed awkwardly under his unwavering stare and shifted uncomfortably in her seat, turning her gaze away. He didn’t join in her laughter; he simply cupped her cheek, intense gaze fixated on her face and turned her to look at him
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 220 55
Blossoms [Suoh Mikoto]
His fist slammed against the wall and he couldn’t help the shudder that shook his whole body. The image of her standing in front of him, shrouded in a despair she didn’t even seem to notice, broke him.
He rested his forehead against the cool surface with a small sigh. He couldn’t help feeling helpless in his fury. He wanted to let his feelings out – he needed to destroy. His fist landed on the wall once more in a vain attempt to release at least some of his frustration.
It was then that the pain came back. The familiar sensation threatened to bring tears to his eyes. His stomach turned and he hopelessly fought to keep it down. In vain. He gagged as a wave of yellow petals drenched in a mixture of spit and blood flowed out of his lips.
He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, trying to ignore the reality of his condition. He wouldn’t acknowledge it no matter what.
Yet, her image wouldn’t go away; the image of the woman that haunted his who
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 37 12
Mature content
Master's Little Slut (Saeran x reader) :iconvenulus:Venulus 72 38
Persona 5 Seven Minutes in Heaven - Yuuki Mishima
       Eagerly waiting for Morgana to return, you stood next to the pot of items. You had tried to wait until you had actually been chosen as the next player, but with two turns already behind you, you simply couldn't wait any longer. As soon as you saw Morgana's paws hit the stairs, you called out to him. “Hey Morgana, I'm going to go next, is that alright?”
“What?” Stopping in his tracks, Morgana looked up at you with wide eyes. “That's not how the game is supposed to be played you know. You're supposed to wait for your turn, just like everyone else.” Tail swishing slightly, he released a sigh. “But since you're already there, I guess it's fine.”
“Perfect! Thank you.” With your hand already in the pot, you quickly stirred around the items within before grabbing one of them for yourself. Upon first glance, you weren't exactly sure what you had chosen for yourself. After about a minute, you were finally abl
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 35 5
My R ( Saeran Choi x Reader )
Watch Me GalleryCommisions!
Warning(s): Suicide Attempt, Depression. 
IMPORTANT: The main plot of this is that someone with depression can help others and keep them from killing themselves, but they are unable to help themselves. I've seen things where it is the most helpful person and people just say,'But you help them, just do it to yourself'. Sometimes, you need someone else's help. But the person needs to be willing to get help. 
I know in the song, the other people are just part of her mind, but in this, it is actually other people. 
-Explanation: The reason this is a romance for Saeran is because the title is My R. Look at everyone's n
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 68 6
Bad Ending - Unknown/Saeran x Reader
Darkness surrounded him. Each movement he made, was accompanied by the sounds of chains, he had on wrists and feet. Light from outside reflected in his mint eyes, made them look, as if they would glow. If a member from outside the prison, tried to talk to him. All they got wad a mad growl. As if he would be nothing but an angered animal.
His head felt so heavy, that he couldn’t think straight. The white-haired young man, felt his dry neck, his racing heart. Sweat ran down his forehead, as he tried to get the control over his body back. Right now, he just wanted to scream though.
Out of frustration.
Out of anger.
Anger over himself.
Anger over the ones, who did this to him…
Saeran’s breath went fast, his lungs felt so heavy. Sometimes he dared it, to close his tired eyes. Tried to count the seconds… the minutes, even the hours. But it failed.
What time would it be, right now? Was it day? Night? Since how long was he down there?
Questions overtook his mind. At lea
:iconstrawberryxcream:Strawberryxcream 15 0
Protector | Misaki Yata x Reader
    “Get the girl!” a man roared.
    It was all you needed to hear for you to start running. There was no proof at all that the man’s call to attack was aimed at you, but after months of being apart of Homra, you knew that there was no such thing as being too safe especially since you were practically defenseless compared to the other members. They were always the ones who did all the fighting while you were just, well, there.
    As you turned the corner into an alleyway, you took a few steps backward trying to see if the guys who you thought to be chasing you really were. Time almost seemed to have slowed down for the next few moments, seemingly making it last forever. As soon as the sigh of relief left your body thinking that you were in the clear, you regretted it. The group of guys suddenly rounded the corner sporting nasty smirks once they spotted you.
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 63 33
Burning Brightly | Mikoto Suoh x GN!Reader
Am I being honest with myself?
    Is this where I’m supposed to be?
    Am I really making a difference,
    for something bigger than me?
    After Tatara’s death, Mikoto knew that his own time was coming to an end. The death of his beloved comrade only quickened his inevitable fall, but he refused to go down until his friend’s murder was just as dead. Now that it was all over? He welcomed his own death.
    He didn’t need Munakata’s warning to know for himself that his own power will only lead to destruction. Now that Tatara’s death was at last avenged, he had no qualms about renouncing his power as king, even if it meant leaving the world altogether.
    What will I leave behind?
    What will they say when I d
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 37 7
Free Plushie Patterns Online
Here's a collection of links to sites outside of DeviantArt where you can find free plushie patterns. There are well over two hundred choices, so you're sure to find something you like.
However, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, try adapting one of the patterns. For example, a tiger can easily be turned into a lion, an elephant into a woolly mammoth, an elf into a goblin, or combine the upper half of a mermaid with the lower half of a pony to get a centaur.
Note: some pages may need to be translated or require sign-up to view free patterns.
Check out Pattern-Depot for stuffed toy and costume patterns here on DeviantArt.
Unjointed Patchwork Teddy Bear by McCall's
Quilt Fabrics Teddy Bear
:iconviergacht:Viergacht 4,017 422
A Moment Alone by yuumei A Moment Alone :iconyuumei:yuumei 10,438 195

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