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Sat Sep 2, 2017, 10:54 PM
Hello everyone! As you can see, art trades are open!
Here's what styles I can offer:


Cutesu! by DreamySheepStudios

Sara by DreamySheepStudios

Half Body: 
Ceberous by DreamySheepStudios

Full Body:
<da:thumb id="659264571"/>

I'm looking for someone to draw one or both of my main OCs, Jem and Usu!

Here is some extra information about them:

-They are twins (kinda obvious)
-They always match outfits
-They love each other and hardly ever fight
-Always wears cute/lolita clothes that incorporate moons and stars
-Both own their own kimonos
-Favorite colors are pastel pink, mint, yellow, and purple

Individual's Info~

Jem Chan Information Sheet by DreamySheepStudios

-20 Years old
-Almost always in a good mood
-Can be a crybaby at times
-Loves to play cute video games (Her favorite is Ham-Ham Games)
-Dances when no one is watching
-Sings in the shower
-Body Type: 5'1 in. 115 llbs. Thin but has a little bit of a tummy. D cups

Usu Kun Information Sheet by DreamySheepStudios

-20 Years old
-Natural Flirt
-Sings in the car
-Loves to play adventure and horror RPGs (His favorite is Catherine)
-Secretly a bit kinky
-Body Type: 5'1 in. 115 lbs. Thin and has a little bit of muscle

Jem and Usu (Chibi Style)
Jem and Usu by DreamySheepStudios

Extra Info for drawing:
-You do not have to draw them in these specific outfits, but they always have their headphones
-They only wear their tails sometimes. You don't have to draw those either
-Their headphones change colors! Choose whatever color you think would look best
-You can draw them either SFW or NSFW. They wear a lot of lingerie tbh
-Any format will do~ (Chibi, busts, half body, full body, etc.)

-I must see examples of your work. I also have the right to turn it down. Please do not get angry/manipulative
-Must be a FAIR trade (Chibis for chibis, busts for busts, cel shading for cel shading, etc.)
-I will sketch a WIP for you, but you must show me your WIP in order for me to finish my end of the deal. (I have been scammed before and it is not fun)
-Give me an estimated time/day when you will have your end of the deal done and notify me if anything comes up to where it would effect when it would be finished
-You MUST credit me as the owner of these characters in either the title or description! I do not appreciate it when people claim my original characters as their own!
-NSFW requests WILL NOT be distributed to minors!

Please send a note including this form:

My Art: (Give example(s) of your art here)
Style: (Chibi, Bust, Half Body, Full Body)
Pose: (Describe here)
Expression: (Happy, Sad, Shy, etc.)
Character: (Give reference(s) here)
Extra: (Give any other info I need to know here)

Any questions? Feel free to send me a note! <3

Please let me know if your interested! My babies need some fanart haha <3

Created by KathleenMitch
McPickless Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I would love to do a art trade with you <3
DreamySheepStudios Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yay!~ Just send me a note including the information needed~
(form added at the bottom)
McPickless Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
<3 ok~
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