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Patience, as it turns out is
Not among my virtues
(Of which
I almost have none).

Patience replaces spines
To make great stairs
Straight to one's head
To perch on.

Meekness is really
Out of the question.
I don't wish to inherit the earth.

All I wish
Is to be left alone
As I work through this accident
Of birth.

© Debjani Chakravarty 2012
Not a "deep" literary sample I am afraid. Just what I feel often. And now too, on this hazy July morning, penning it, making the blunder of pretending poetry can be honest, unmasked, involved expression of love or war, lust or disgust. Whatever!
: )

Being left alone is a privilege I often find myself striving for.
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I like this, ending with the solid rhyme of "birth" to "earth" made me go back and catch the slant rhyme of "none" and "on." And I was wondering about the very first line break until I picked up how "out is" went with "virtues" - nicely done.

(I also read the comments btw, you're right, the meek inheriting the earth is in the Psalms and then Jesus says it in the gospel of Matthew.)