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SO! Just got off the phone a few hours ago with my editor...

So sorry Morris...looks like this dedication is just not going to end the way I'd have liked it too ;__;

...so sad to say...as of now, there will be no My Cat Loki 3...~,~ With all the cuts TP had made recently, MCL just didn't do well enough to make it. *sigh*

While I'm sad to see it end without an actual ending, I'm a little relieved, as it frees my time up for bigger and better story ideas I'd like to pitch to other companies. But for now, TP has plenty of licensed property work for me, enough to keep me busy for the next 1 1/2-2 years...and while I'm working on that stuff, I'll have time to refine a few more pitch ideas, open commissions again...you have NO idea how much I want to just to do COLOURED work!!!;________;...and will possibly be opening them in July, depending on my work load between finishing the Star Trek:TNG story and getting things ready for Otakon, which, YES! I shall be at Otakon in Artists Alley with :iconmediaviolence: again this year! XDehehe I've some new stuffs I shall be selling and will talk about that another time ^_^

Anyways! So yea...no more MCL ;__; it'll be sad not working on it anymore, at least for now...I suppose I could always do some sort of doujinshi or something for it, but for now I'd rather concentrate on more inspiring stuffs ^_^;;;

I definitely would like thank to all the MCL fans for all your support, be it fanmail or fanart, I GREATLY appreciate each and everyone! ^________^<3<3<3 Yes, the fanart sent me won't be printed in the back of book 3, but they WILL be posted on my website where the MCL WILL remain for those to view and enjoy! ^__^<3 Thank you SO much again!!

*sigh*...well...back to the drawing board...that damn heat and humidity last weekend and beginning of this week put me WAY behind on my pencilling schedule;___; didn't get any work done cause I was stickin' to the paper way too much....and there's no AC in my room >,< yarg!!


Once again...Commissions are closed until further notice...aka...till I have time again to do them.^_^;

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>.>;;....will eventually update this >.>;;
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sounds familiar
Dream-Port's avatar
Aw man, this is quite upsetting.  I read your wonderful manga a few years ago and searched for it but I remembered it as "My Cat Rockie" and have been searching that instead...:u of course no results.  
But anyways I'm glad I stumbled upon and found your dA page and the actual name of the manga xD! still I can't help but to feel upset about there will be no vol.3 :C I will complain to Tokyopop indeed even though it's been years.  I was shipping Ameya and Ms.Chacha like crazy T_T
KeiraA333's avatar
Hey. It's been around 6 years since this happened. You think,maybe,possibly,they'd let you finish it now??

(Just a fan, who really thinks you need another chance.) :heart:
DreamworldStudio's avatar
Unfortunately not! :( They hold the publishing rights to it until Tokyopop goes COMPLETELY belly up! Which they're still thriving in Europe and online...of which, MCL 1 & 2 was just released in digital format on Comixology recently...so yea...there's no chance any time soon finishing it...and honestly...I really don't feel like going back to it :( Most manga creators NEVER go back to the first series they did to finish it if it's been cancelled, they move forward with new and better work, that more often than not becomes what they're REALLY known for ^_^;

So...sorry! Absolutely no plans to return to it to finish it any time soon ^_^;
KeiraA333's avatar
Oh I see. I understand. :nod:
I just liked the series idea/theme n all that so I'd always wondered why it never continued. :|
But good luck on your future works and be prosperous!!:dummy:
Tunachick's avatar
No book three?! But how will we know what happened? D:
DreamworldStudio's avatar
Nope...no book 3! :P...you can complain all you want to Tokyopop, since they're the ones that cancelled it :P

and...it was a happy ending, that's all you need to know! XD
Tunachick's avatar
That's awful, If I ever became rich and famous I'd fund it or something! Will you one day post how it ends in writing, please?
DreamworldStudio's avatar
The only thing is...it's not a question on having the money to finish and print it...it's having the money to buy back the rest of the rights to it. Tokyopop still holds partial rights to the My Cat Loki property, so I'd be unable to even self-publish the 3rd book...and I honestly don't have the funds to buy the rights back, despite them cancelling the series :(

Other than that...it's a happy ending, that's all anyone will need to know for now ^_^;;;...I honestly don't know if I'll ever go back and finish it...maybe...but there aren't many professional comicbook creators that'll go back and redo or finish cancelled series they've had...for example...Zombie Powder...Kubo Tite never finished that series before he started Bleach, and I honestly don't think he's about to go back and finish it ^_^;;;...we creators just move on to bigger and better things...unfortunately for me, I just haven't decided what that will be yet XD;;;
I've been looking for this book for so long and so have all my friends, that's said it has no ending. I wont be reading any others, to worried there will be more unfinished work.
I too have been looking all over for #3 for years, thinking I had missed it. I'm sad to hear that it was dropped. I always find out about these things a few years late. :(
CeciliaRinChan's avatar
Ah I just read MCL YESTERDAY.... And I'm so surprised to see the date when this journal posted... On 2008?!?!??! :iconshockplz:

Well, if MCL volume 3 won't be published, then why don't you just make it and publish it here?? I'm sure people want that to happen!! :XD:

And also please draw more and more arts about MCL, if you won't make the volume 3. The story is so great and I don't want it to end like that too :(

:heart: Loki forever :iconcuterinplz:
pattiecake99's avatar
um... I don't suppose you can make a rough sketch of volume 3 on deviant art would you?
sorry... I just loved my cat loki so much! ^v^
I hope you can. does anyone else agree? =^w^=
dragon4111's avatar
I've read the first two volumes.I'm wondering i know you probably get asked this alot but the third volume when is it coming out?
and again sorry for asking.
DritingPrincess's avatar
I loved my cat loki! It makes me appriciate my cats all the more. Ameyu was easy for me to relate to, I loved Loki's oroneyness, and Miss.ChaCha was amazing! It's sad we'll never know the end though, of who loki gets to stay with.

But good luck on your next projects! I can't wait for them!
DreamworldStudio's avatar
Never say never! As I DO plan to finish the series on my own...just as soon as I have the time! >,< D'OH!!!

And thank you! ^__________^<3
DritingPrincess's avatar
Your welcome. And remember, if/when MCL 3 comes out, you already have one fan waiting! :)
Corky-chan's avatar
MY CAT LOKI JOURNAL!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! I bought that series so long ago and loved every page of it. I have read and reread everything, knowing back then there might never be a third. Being OCD about "unfinished" books also seems to hit me....many I have bought end up being canceled due to the publisher stating it's not "popular" enough.

Fantastic storyline, loved your style, and the humor but still darker/emotional/lighter moments, if that makes sense. Reading through these posts, I am going to go check out your profile and find your online website...something I never did when younger.
aww i loved MCL :( it was such a good story :iconcryforeverplz: r u sure theres no way there can be a third one :( :( :( :(
DreamworldStudio's avatar
Thank you!

But there IS a way that there will be a third one dear...it's called SELF PUBLISHING!!!! XD...it's just a matter of me having time to do get it done >,< D'OH!!!...which I HOPE is soon >.>;;;

Mind you also that this entry was made well over 3 years ago as well ^_^;;;
ur welcome :3

oh wow lol i didnt no it was that old >.<

well i hope u can make it :)
I hope it will be soon I been reading the same two volumes and it is sad. why could they not see the work of art and the matter oh the story was going so well.
nintendoloz's avatar
I was so upset when I heard that vol 3 wasn't going to come out... :( It was a great story, and I don't understand why Tokyopop wouldn't allow it to be printed. It would be awesome if you made a doujinshi to finish it up though. :D
DreamworldStudio's avatar
Thanks dear! ^_^<3

Well! I am indeed planning to turn Vol 3 into a doujin to finally complete the series...but it's a matter of finding the time to do so at the moment, as I'll be starting work soon on the last book in the Seekers manga series ^_^;;;

BUT!!! I WILL be working on MCL WHILE working on Seekers 3! ^_^V So hopefully by next spring I shall have the first installment of chapters for what would have been MCL3! :D
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