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Just a reminder to all who may be attending, I am a Guest at Portcon 2007 in Portland, Maine June 22-24. I shall be there with fellow TOKYOPOP creators and friends, Svetlana Chmakova and Dee Dupuy (her MOST EXCELLENT tonist XD ) as well as a slew of other great creators, writers and industy peeps!

I will also be doing a panel or two (most likely just one >.>; ) AND an Artists Alley table where I will again be selling some MOST EXCELLENT My Cat Loki relate merchandise: Buttons, Keychains, Bookmarks and Prints......and possibly that mini sketchbook I DIDN'T have time to put together for Anime Boston! ^,^V I'll also have some other fanart related merch as yea...if you're going, drop by and say hello...I DON'T bite...MUCH! XD and purchase some of those limited-con merch, as I will NOT be selling them anywhere else but at the cons! So yea, get them while you can, or you'll have to wait another year to get them! ^_^;


In other news....

I would LOVE to say that I've been busy on MCL 3 for the past month plus...but NOPE!^^; I won't be started MCL 3 till June and then from there I'll work my ass off to get it done ASAP to get it in stores MUCH sooner than a years time from the MCL 2 release>.<...

...Instead...I've been working oooooooooon......a STAR TREK STORY!!O_O; Yup! You read correctly!>.>; I've no idea if I'm even suppose to be talkng about this yet or not...but since the book is coming out in September, the more advertising and promoting I do for it the better^^;; SO!! Here's the deal! I'm illustrating a short chapter long story with Christine Boylan as the writer, as well as doing the OFFICIAL cover for it! yea....this is Star Trek: the manga Volume 2: Kakan ni Shinkou from TOKYOPOP, not your regular ole's been interesting so far...I'm only about half way doen with it...still a bit of work to get done on yea....QUITE different from working on my own work, so many rules and models to follow >,<...but oh well! It'll be great when it's done and printed^_^V

okay....and speaking of ST work...I need to get back to it >.>;;....deadline is for the end of the month....still a good deal of work to do on it ^^;



Once again...Commissions are closed until further notice...aka...till I have time again to do them.^_^;

Me LJ!(sorry....FRIENDS ONLY!!)--->
Me loving friends and special someones^_^ --->…

TOKYOPOP'S Rising Stars of Manga Vol. 2 - AVAILABLE NOW! from most bookstores,,, etc. *Features Bettina's winning entry Axis Lumen*
MY CAT LOKI Vol. 1 - AVAILABLE NOW! from most bookstores,,, etc.
MY CAT LOKI Vol. 2 - AVAILABLE AUGUST 2007! pre-order from and/or
Star Trek: the manga Volume 2: Kakan ni Shinkou - AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2007! *note* This is an anthology and am illustrating only one of the several stories within the volume - pre-order from


ANIME BOSTON - April 20-22 - GUEST & Arists Alley
Mass Library Association Conference - May 2-4 - GUEST
PORTCON - June 22-24 - GUEST & Artists Alley
OTAKON - July 19-20 - Artists Alley?
NEKOCON - November 2-4 - GUEST & Artists Alley


>.>;;....will eventually update this >.>;;
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:D I'll see you at portcon! I'm going to have an artist alley table too! I'll have to drop by and say hello!
DreamworldStudio's avatar

SWEET!!!XD I shall definitely see you there then!^_______^~<3
redelf's avatar
WOOT!! Just got back from Amazon...ordered that sucker along with Loki 2!!!
DreamworldStudio's avatar

Thank you dear!^____^~<3
redelf's avatar
You are very welcome!
redelf's avatar
Holy Crap!!! You are working on a STAR TREK!!! Manga!!! SQUEAK!!!! I am such a star trek nut!!!I must have!!
DreamworldStudio's avatar
LOL!! YUP! I am!! XDehehe

and at the waiting to here from my editor to see if I'll be going to the ST con to help promote it once it's released XDehehe....but....yea....who knows >.>; considering I'm REALLY hoping that TP will pay for everything on the trip, as I is poor as dirty! Xp
redelf's avatar
That is so cool. My husband is more Trekkie than me....he totally flipped. LOL

I hope they get you there...that would be really love it when they can talk to the you get to go down in ST history.
DreamworldStudio's avatar

damnO_O you're RIGHT! I WILL be part of ST history now!O_O;....kind of scary, but cool nonetheless! XDehe
endejester's avatar
*^_^* See you in artist Alley... my first table ((hides))
Aiee...sitting in the shadow of my cat loki and such awesome colors... we're doomed in the best kind of way<3
DreamworldStudio's avatar
YAY!!!! XD tis SO going to ROCK!^,^ We shall definitely have to have some sort of lunch get together that weekend or something XD...course DUH!! we can hang out during the day at AA anyways....okay...I'm a dork! XD LOL

but yea...WOOT!^,^V and BAH!! you won't be sitting in my shadow at all! XD...if anything...we'll both be sitting in Svetlana Chmakova's(Dramacon creator and all around nicest gal ever! XD) shadow!;__; she SO rocks and has FAR more recognition and fans than I do!!;______;

HUZZAH!! XD I shall DEFINITELY be packing and bringing my COPICS!! XD I need to ACTUALLY work on some colouring at Portcon...unlike AB where I said I'd be working on stuff...but didn't cause I was too busy chatting and selling >.>;;; oh well!^_^; not NEARLY as many peeps at Portcon as there were at AB, so in a good way that's a relief^,^
endejester's avatar
Lunch would rock <3! OMG! O_O Dramacon lady is going to be there! AAAA thats two of my current fave mangas! -death- <_< must get you both to sign books if I can...eeeee!!!

Man <3 I have to get a few more colors of copics *tips over* They blend great but still <3...I so wish Id had the funds to drop on one of those 75 color set they hat at AC XD <3

We got a button maker on order too <3 just 1 inchers but we figure to try and make some custom buttons while we're there <3

Oh man XD I'm so nervous already XD...and so so SO not ready XD *shot*
DreamworldStudio's avatar

LOL!! I'm just happy that I'm friends with Svet...she's SERIOUSLY the NICEST person I've ever met!^,^V

Yea...I've been lucky when getting mine^^; Bought an 85 custom colour set from Uneide at the beginning of the I've those on TOP of the 48 plus ink refills that I have now XD...tis nice that I can write it all off as business expenses! XDehe

SWEET!! XD we should SO do a button exchange!^,^~<3 and buttons are SERIOUSLY EASY money making gems! XD of everything I had at my table at AB, buttons sold the MOST!! XD so yea, gonna stock up on them with new images to add to what I have left over from AB ^_^V

and no worries! you still have it is, there's still SO much I need to get done for it as well....and I have this dang Star Trek story to get COMPLETELY done by the end of the month as well>,< yarg!!...gonna try and get some AA work done in between during breaks^^; as there are a few new things I want to make and sell at Portcon >.>;
endejester's avatar
Butttttoonnnsss <3 that would SO rock hard <3
((I am a button -adict- I have to bring my shoulder bag to showcase XD <3 I am such a looser <3))
I have the basic A) set that I picked up for a chiristmas gift to self <3 DANG I love them.. ^_^ traditional media 'FTW' and all those chatchy net phrases XD <3
DreamworldStudio's avatar
yarg!>,< being SO bad about getting back and replying Xp

INDEED!! XD LOTS of buttons will be had! if you have a request, just let me know!~_^

COOL! XD we should get together and do a colouring session or something XD LOL I love it! SO many things I want to get together and do....and SO VERY lil time to do it in!;_______; and TOTALLY!!! TRADITIONAL MEDIA ALL THE WAY!!!^O^V back to the drawing so stuck on idea of what to do for fanart to print and sell, that I'm resorting to colouring lineart that's a few years old just to jumpstart my creative bug;__;
endejester's avatar
Dragonpeople buttons! -shot- <3
((Actually thier what brought me to your gallery in the first place was a random search for dragons <3))

Yesss <3 coloring session goooood <3
I think I'm going to bring some of my Kingdom hearts ((oh so over done)) Fanarts...*wince* I don't have a lot else otherwise but it cold at least be my saving seller...though most of it is requested peices that I only display over on Y! ((fear the Yaoi...good lord save me))
lilbit075's avatar
I'll be going to Otakon too!!! Hope to see you again! I also hope to pitch my story to Tokyopop if they are there this year. If not maybe another convention and another time. Yah! ^^

DreamworldStudio's avatar

If all goes well and Otakon FINALLY posts their AA registration shit...then :iconnyanko-chan: and I shall be shariing a table there as well!^____^V you can come and hang with us if you'd like! XD

Yea, I REALLY hope TP is there PERIOD!!O_O; Ota is the weekend before there's a BIG chance that they may not go;__; which would make me a very sad cookie!;__; cause I'd LOVE to promote MCL more;__;...but oh well^^; would mean less promoting at their booth...but more at the AA table^,^V Which is where I'd RATHER be! XDeheh...cause then I get to sit and work on ARTSIES with my friends and such XDehehe

If TP is not going to be at Ota, I'll definitely be posting about that here on DA, so that should give you an idea what to prepare for^_^V...course, you could bring it anyways and :iconnyanko-chan: and I, OH! and another fellow RSoM winner that I'll be sharing a room with, can help and look over for you^_^V
lilbit075's avatar
Awesome! I would love to hang out with you guys! :D I hope that sometime in the next year I could get a booth at the artist alley and do some selling. I'd never thought about it up until a few years ago when people started to let me know "Hey Ren your not as bad as you think you are. You did graduate from college with a BFA in Art." And I'm like oh yeah. Lol. I guess though an artist is their own worst critic as they say. Very, very true.

I do hope that TP is there, and I hope I can gather together everything I need if they are. If not though, I will definatly still bring it!

DreamworldStudio's avatar

yea...I hadn't really thought about selling stuff until THIS year either ^^; though being a guest at AB REALLY jumpstarted the need to do so^_^;; but now I LOVE it, cause it gives me something to do with my time and make a lil money while sitting there chatting with fellow artists or working on art walking around aimlessly at the cons wondering what the hell to do next after seeing everything^^;;

and you should TOTALLY get a table!^,^V your work would TOTALLY rock in AA!! XD would break up the monotony(sp??) of all the anime/manga style art there XP...not that I'm one to talk, though I like to think I've an unique enough style to separate myself from the rest ^_^;;;....which reminds me...I REALLY need to work on some new images for Portcon that I'll also be selling at Otakon;__; I TOTALLY ran out of time before AB to do ANYTHING new for AB, as I finished My Cat Loki 2 at the end of March, then was sick for a whole freakin week, then threw out my back the following week;__; and the the weekend before AB I threw my back out AGAIN only 10 times worse!;__; so yea, no new art was had;__;...but Otakon WILL feature new art^_^V REALLY hoping that TP will be there too;_; as that's really the only time I get to see any other TP creators/editors/whathaveyou all in one place;__;....but....if not...I'll be a VERY sad puppy!;__;....but at least a puppy with money since I'll be in AA!^^;
lilbit075's avatar
Awww thanks. I think next year at Ota or AB I will get a table with a friend of mine. I've seen some good stuff and then seen stuff that I sometimes wonder how it sells. But I am definatly interested in doing so. Right now I"m trying to work on getting all the writing stuff ready for the possible/not possible pitch at Ota. I'm not the best of writers, but I am a lot better than I was before (I can thank RP for that one ^_~). But I'm having a rough time because it is my own characters, and I have a beginning, and an end its just piecing together everything to flow like it should. Have any tips for when you do yours? Part of it is wondering how many books it can be and I want it to be despite TP's 3 book starter point. I kinda see it in four possibly five but I don't know how to go about it. Anyway...I'm starting to babble. I'm fretting myself over something that I should just relax and look over again in a few days. That's where I guess I wish all my friends weren't in other States or in some cases all the way in Japan (one is doing the english teaching program with Nova) so that I had someone in person to talk to about this stuff. And you're probably like omg Ren why are you telling me all this...haaa...but...since your doin' what you love, and doing it well, who better to ask? I've been all stoked since meeting you at AB, because I got all "Yah new friend," and as it's apparently obvious I love meeting new people and making friends. Fellow artists are always a even bigger bonus. I just don't want to come across as some crazy little fangirl or something, I'm just being artsy and my friendly self. And your super nice so that makes it even easier. Hah...well this post is like a mile long. ^_^

DreamworldStudio's avatar
WOOT!^,^ I definitely look forward to visiting your future AA table!^____^V

Yea...I honestly had a UBER tough time getting my proposal together...especially with the story and all>,<...thank GODS I had a FANTASTIC editor that helped me most of the way^___^~< yea...don't know what sort of advice I can give you, except, when planning the 3 book story, start simple to figure out the beginning, middle and end and then take it from there^^;

And man I hear ya!;__; I wish all my fellow comic art and art-in-general friends lived closer to me;__; would be SO much more fun rather than being stuck in a room in my parents house, sitting for hours on end trying to churn out work on time;__;

and YAY FOR NEW FRIENDS INDEED!!^_____^ ALWAYS love meeting new art friends who share the same passions!^,^V and aaaaaaaaaw#^______^# thank you dear! *BIG LOVIN HUGS!!*

and now back to work >.>;;...I've some inked pages that need editing via Photoshop XP
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