Friends, PE and Clubs!^O^

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:iconrekka: :iconkobayashi: :iconluckymirai: :iconsundang: :iconlynnwood: :iconstaindglass: :iconangelinme220: :iconminaachan: :iconmesiaste: :iconhyula: :iconelf-shojo: :iconwashuu: :icontoren-al: :iconanahressa: :iconferus: :iconkendrasue: :iconsnapesgirl34: :iconmizutamari: and more to come as soon as I can remember them allO_O;;
RSoM #2
:iconbewildered: <---entry "Trickster"

RSoM #2
:iconrekka:<---my partner in crime on the "Axis Lumen" entry and she whipped my ass to get going on it in the first place!
:iconsadwonderland: <--- entry "Nikolai"
:iconnashya: <---entry "Whisper"

RSoM #3
:iconelf-shojo: <---entry "A Little Rain"
:iconmediaviolence: <---entry "Doors"
:iconayamefataru: <---entry "Cupid's Folly"
:iconbeanclam: <---entry "Life Remains"

RSoM #4
:iconfindmeashrubbery: <---entry"Le Masque"
:iconmaximovlorenzo: <---"Hellbender"
:icontentopet: <---"The Ostberg Study"
:iconhybridav: <---"Outlaw"


First official Axis Lumen related fanclub!^O^---> :icontaiden4eva: THANKS LOTS :iconlynnwood: !^_^

:iconcostumeguild: :iconelite-dragons: :icongenderblender:
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I didn't know so many DA people submitted their works to RSOM....
I looked through it at the store, took me quite some time to find one.^^; I'll be sure to buy one when I get some $!
I was impressed by the level of works on there, and I was waiting for something like this ever since I got into Anime back in 1996-ish. XD
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*jumps up and down* there I am woo~!

ok..I'm done feeling special now :) :hug:
DragonElfRanger's avatar

Congarts Maki! ^______^

*Glomps* lol.

Yes! Propos Axis Lumen to TOKYOPOP! DO IT!

If they refuse, they'll be sorry.....*nudges sword of death* lol.
I really want to read (or look at, whichever is used for comics)
your comics or see your art besidea from you site! That would be cool!

You working on a project? Is it for someone elses story, but you're illustrating it?

Where do you get RSoM 2 or the other ones? I'm looking but I can't seem to find them...T_T
DragonElfRanger's avatar
Lol, Okay, I'll wait for the project ^__^

When you are allowed to say, will you? Only when you have permission, though. ;;

And thanks for the places to shop! ^_^ I want to see your entry, and Rekka's, and Beanclams,....Does Mirai or Reiko have one?

And whats yours called?
DreamworldStudio's avatar
Thanks dear^_^

Yea...I'll eventually propose Axis Lumen....when I've got enough of it done to do so^^;;

As for the current TP project...I can't say anything about it...but I am illustrating someone else's story^^

As for where you can get RSoM 2 and then sells it....any local bookstore that carries TOKYOPOP books should have it^_^V...or order directly from TP^_^V
DragonElfRanger's avatar
Lol, sorry.

but when you are allowed to say, will you tell us on the forum or here? When you haver permission, or course. ^^

And thanks for the sites and places to find the RSoM books. ^__^ I want to see yours, Rekka's, Beanclams, .....Does Mirai or Reiko have one?

What's yours called?
DreamworldStudio's avatar
yea...once I get the word...I will shout it to the world...but that may not be for quite some time^_^;;;

As for what my entry is's called Axis Lumen^^V

Reiko and Mirai don't have one...yet! Reiko has yet to enter...I'm working on her though^^V...she's a tough cookie to crack! ^,^...Mirai did enter the first round, but sadly, didnot win~_~...oh well...there's always hope in the future^_^V
DragonElfRanger's avatar
Lol, yes there is.

Hoe you get Reiko! She should enter!

I'll help crakc her on the forum! ^__^
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*sniff sniff* T___T I'm not wooooorthy!! :worship:
DreamworldStudio's avatar
you are MORE than worthy my dear^_^*BIG HUGS!!!!!*
InfamousRed's avatar
*falls over lauging* I'm dying XD
AnahRessa's avatar
:strip: Random Lap Dance of Love :strip:
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Wow, you know alot of poeple. By the way I'm a big fan of your art I've been going to your web site for I think a year now, and I bought RSoM 2 just to read your manga. It was great I can't wait to see more^_^
DreamworldStudio's avatar
Thank you dear^_^V

Well....I'm currently in the process of working on a project with you will hopefully seem my work soon....well...near future anyways^^;;

I can tell you this's not Axis Lumen...while working on the current project, I'll also be working on gathering info and sketchs and the lot to put together a possible proposal for Axis Lumen to TOKYOPOP^_^V...that may not be for a while though^^;;;

Thanks again dear^_^*BIG HUGS!*
PrettyXellos's avatar
That sounds really cool I can't wait^_^
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*glomps Maki* geez! Think you got enough friends there!! LOL!!

*trots off to look at everyone's galleries* YAY!!
mizutamari's avatar
*points* HEY!!! ~I'M~ on that list! WWWWWWEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
Stoofypoofy's avatar
Thank you for the update! ^____^ Friends are good.
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waii i keep forgetting to update my list. lol
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