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Crazy = Genius
One, two, three, four.
Left, right, up, down.
Round and round,
wrong and right.
Smart and crazy go hand in hand,
Probable, cause it all
crashing, rising - thunder.
Sea, see it all,
waves - goodbye, hello.
Hell! Oh... blazing fire,
fear it all - reality and dreams.
Numbers, addition...train of thought?
Doubts, doubted a fantasy.
But correct in a phrase,
mounted in history by praise.
A crazed man into a genius.
In the blink of an eye,
a lifetime in a day.
It's all the same
the perspective, you choose.
Does crazy truly equal genius?
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 3 0
I want to feel it...
I want to feel alive,
I want to feel love,
I want to feel laughter.
I want to live.
To feel the earth pave way to a new generation.
The rubble moves as flowers christen the land,
as one mother dies and gives life to another...
as nature fights back the concrete jungles.
I want to feel passion.
To feel the force of people words,
to feel the care and fragility of art,
to feel the tender caress of a delicate heart.
I want to smile,
as bright as the sun.
To inspire and grant hope...
to believe and dance gracefully.
To be guilt free.
Although I am living,
I did love,
and I once smiled.
I fear people,
I fear myself,
I fear love...
Yet I wear an empty smile.
I watch my world burn,
it becomes the ash I blow,
creating a dream.
A dream that keeps me smiling.
A charade,
a masquerade,
an illusion I gladly choke upon.
Ten feet above the clouds,
yet six feet underground.
I cry,
water floods,
emotions shock.
I see it all and I'm drowning.
I am living,
but not the way I want to...
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 4 2
My last dance
From the day I was born, you were there.
They called me Lilly.
You smiled and reached out,
you couldn't touch,
you couldn't love,
I couldn't see you.
Yet you picked me up and taught me how to crawl.
So teach me how to reach,
how to stumble and fall,
how to never give up.
Teach me how to stand,
to be strong and feel,
to fail but try again.
Teach me how to dance and feel warmth,
to turn another page and understand,
to feel alive as I lose myself to the music.
To fight back and never stop,
always triumphant in the end.
I feel your presence now and then
in the sharp air,
in your cold touch.
When I look I don't see you.
Who have you come for?
I feel myself fall once again and your touch more prominent than before...
You taught me lessons and gave me experiences.
You gave me love and took away family,
you took my tears and gave us hope,
then you took apart of me and gave me nothing.
Yet I still fought to live
So as I dip into this darkness once again,
I wont fight, I'll face you.
I'll place
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 3 3
Thoughtful times
Cherry blossoms drop from their home
and on to peaceful waters.
They begin their journey through
treacherous waves and peaceful towns.
They inspire,
they resemble peace,
they encourage.
This cherry blossom has a journey.
When it is picked up by someone,
and given to another
they are a sign of love.
My cherry blossom returns home from where it came,
brighter than ever,
symbolising how people should be
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 4 0
Thunder storm
Calm as a river
you hold me close.
Your heart on my back,
beating like a drum.
The words you whisper
caress my ears and make me smile.
But when my porcelain mask is battered and cracked,
when my smile is wiped away,
when the poison from others' tongue lash me...
You rise like smoke from a flame.
Loud and vicious,
protective and vengeful.
To those who tempt the fragile doll, beware the storm that follows.
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 5 2
To the one I care for
Dear you,
You make me smile,
you make me want to see the stars
and follow my dreams.
You make me look up and see
the deep oceans of blue.
You make me want to wish upon the silver fish
that swim by.
Floating on rivers of lucid shards,
with my hand reaching for yours
Locking them together,
as we work through the conflicts
A flame sparking in to existence.
Dear you,
Thank you for everything,
hold me close and
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 9 2
You and I, me to you
You love but not how I love you.
Our fragile connection
threads through our experiences,
but I am no toy.
The stitches will become worn out,
they wont last,
and as you hold on I realise...
You may love my body,
you may marvel at my scars,
you may appreciate my personality,
you may love...
But not the way I love you.
A repetitive game of chess
no end, just lessons learned.
Take one step...check mate.
Another step...freedom.
Another step...happiness.
Another step...checkmate.
Stitch and pull,
touch and slide,
repeat again.
Again and again.
You can love, but you will love me
The way I love you.
I am who I am.
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 3 0
Turn the page
A dream was founded on a broken generation,
for a new generation.
To create one of peace,
of love,
of equality.
A rotting tree who was planting its hopeful seed,
for a lawful future.
The beauty of this dream is seen in me and you;
in the eyes of the people around us.
Yet where the path is clearest, danger is nearest
look closer and see through this fog of lies,
of deception.
Within this bleak dark is the small light of truth.
Our fate.
Yesterday we fought for rights,
Today we fight for justice,
Tomorrow we'll fight for freedom.
When the flames of despair spit and tease,
it dances and feeds from our sharp words and the distraught families.
Over innocent blood.
This generation will fight for a better one,
as we revel in the peace of our minds
to see one perspective, a delusion.
So look deeper and you will see the truth,
as of now we will stay and listen to our dream maker.
The merciless heartbreaker...
A dream was founded on a broken generation
for a new generation...
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 2 10
My ninja
Swiftly you travel through the night.
The stars your path,
The moon your guiding light.
You fight many battles,
You have learnt many lessons,
You still push through
Until one day your hurt too much.
The stars become lonely,
You miss the moons light.
But what can be done?
What could be said?
Only whispers rolling along the wind know.
Fight, carry on!
Hold on for a while longer.
My ninja of strength,
My ninja of sorrow,
My ninja of love...
Fight on.
I will find you one day.
The moon will guide me,
The stars will show me the way to you.
Hopeful whispers on the wind, holding memories of the past
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 0 0
I want to forget
What is already forgotten.
The shadow in my mind
Becoming me to remember
You wanted me to forget.
So you could move on, quickly.
Have  no regrets...
Like it never happened
My curiosity got the better of me.
I followed the ominous shadow.
I sought for the answers
You still held on,
You wanted me to go.
Yet you wanted me to stay.
My mind became clear
Stop... I felt the warmth of the light
Stop... I felt the sharp pains of every moment
Stop... I realised the truth
Please... You gave up so easily
Go away... You led me on with your falsified hope
Why... Then you let go and left me behind
STOP... The end of something I loved,
The beginning of my closure.
Forget... You got what you wanted
Forget... I was a fool
Forget... What went wrong?
Forget... I still cared and loved you
Freedom... Your lust ran out, your love was never there
Hope... Someone free me,
Help me,
Save me.
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 5 2
Just stop.
Listen to me.
Hear my silent screams,
my sorrowful worries,
my hopeless whimpers.
I never wanted this,
the voices inside my head scrape at my skull.
They question,
they thirst,
they undermine me.
They want to know why.
The screams are deafening
and they dance over my expression
with a sombre grace.
I come to you,
I am ignored.
Something's wrong.
Something is wrong.
What is wrong!
Silence...absolute silence.
Deafening silence.
hopeful silence.
Yet no change.
I am in the maze of my mind
searching for you, for answers.
A lost cause.
I want to break these walls,
for things to be normal
for this wasteland to become my sanctuary,
my medical addiction.
I want to be free from the screams,
the cage of my thoughts.
I want to be normal, not corrupted by this dark world.
I want to be there,
not to disappear...
i want to be free.
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 4 5
Dreams are wishes which may never come true.
The ones we hope for,
the ones we long for
When we collapse into our clouds of thought
everything seems surreal,
everything is perfect.
We reach out our hands
we expect this perfection to stay,
yet it fades.
We always wake up.
We always forget.
Why is it that when perfection is so close, we don't believe it?
we stare and act in wonder
Like a rose with its thorns
a perfect balance of beauty, elegance and danger.
Some risks are worth taking
but with every mistake more thorns drip red.
the rose still stands strong.
You wish to have it,
yet you can't
Sacrifices are made,
perfection is recognised
and you reach your one true dream.
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 0 0
Deceitful flower
I can tell you've been strong for too long.
Your stance
your interactions
that look in your eyes
You seemed so pretty at first
yet when I came close,
you poisoned me.
A deceitful flower, it would seem.
Yet your eyes still captivate me,
your sharp words cut me,
your movements dance over my memories
You have stolen my focus,
that is how it will stay.
My sanity is slipping with every passing second.
So my last words as a sane man,
"My concrete angel, break down your walls and show me the real you"
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 1 3
In this world perfection is key.
Symmetry is beauty,
your appearance is your personality
and your actions define you.
A story doesn't matter
as it is told by your grades,
and most feeling are left untold
Hope is what most cling on to,
The idea that things can change.
Yet as we continue our journey on this road
it doesn't seem possible.
The actions of a minority define a majority,
the stereotypes created define groups,
and those that fight against this are silenced.
This world we live in needs to change.
But who will be the first to stand?
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 2 3
Imagine an open sea,
that is where I reside.
Imagine a water droplet,
creating ripples in the peace of the sea.
This is how I feel.
Confusion and worry
both at work.
Right and wrong is as transparent to me as darkness is to people.
I know its there, yet it feels non-existent.
My mind is a roller coaster,
with each ripple my panic rises, then falls.
With each wave my judgement is clouded.
Quickly it all fades and peace is found again
Sadly it wont last...
My mind is a ticking bomb
hidden in the ocean.
Once it explodes the waves will return and devistate all.
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 1 0
You stare with shaking eyes,
through lenses of smoke and mirrors.
You say "I'm fine".
You put on your fake smile,
wave it off,
then look away.
I can see it.
I can tell,
behind the smile,
the focused eyes
You are lost,
Searching for something.
Confusion cracking your demeanour.
I want to know,
I want you to tell me
before you fall apart...
If you break, I'll fix you
but I hope I wont have to...
:icondreamwalker12:dreamwalker12 0 5


The Lucid Dreamer
I saw a perfect dream it sang a thousand solid songs to my soul
Clock hands spun unhinged in a slighted dance through night and day
In and out through such wicked worlds, every bend led astray
I'd kill time in cool blood, train my mind to unwind it
Warped blue liquid skies sank into these sullen eyes made of molten memories
Forests painted of mossy oak and silver maple bow to this virgin spring breeze
Soft serene fields of a lost winter fall into these sedate summeries
The story teller hides well the light touches the sky
Blessed with the divine master key freeing every broken fairytale
Thoughts stream into open oceans as this ship is setting its daring sail
This is where my dreams lay in a life lost well woken
This is where my life may lay in a dream left unspoken
For lucid dreamers sing every song from love to sorrow
To be blessed to take time back to transcend tomorrow
:iconbeefno0dles:BeefNo0dles 2 0
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