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Skull K9 Premade Mask

This is up on furbuy now:…

Built on one of our granite skull k9 masks (which are limited edition!)
Excellent moving jaw function
Full mesh eye sockets, so vision is spectacular
LEDs in the eyes and mouth, however nothing that shines back into your own face
Long, jackal-like ears with airbrushing on the inside of the ear
3" pile fur all the way through the hood, longer NFT accents throughout
Fits a 24" head comfortably, anything bigger might not want to consider. Smaller heads can wear it too, and just add extra padding.
Glasses should not be worn with this head

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Do you have a good source for getting just basic straps/pad to allow wearing the hinged skull as is, or with minimal work, done to it? Thanks :)

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I’m going to be ordering a skull from you guys soon, but I’m a bit confused as to how you make the hood. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
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Please check out our youtube channel (dreamvision creations tutorials) because we have some on there for making the hood. :)
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Ah! Thank you so much! 
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Is there any possibility I can order a mask like the white one with complete black fur? 
It looks so awesome and my sewing skills are very bad to "dress" such an mask myself
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Unfortunately we just don't have the time anymore to work on fully finished heads. :(
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so if I was to get a blank, how do I attach the fur to the base?
im new to resin stuff so I have no clue
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You scratch up the base and just glue it down :)
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kk sweet I will try when I get my new skull! x3

Im going to be making my fluffy grump Alexander x'3
hello how can i get one of these? i need one urgently for my halloween
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You can find them in our store,; however keep in mind they will take 3 weeks to be shipped out, which does not include shipping time. We also do not sell finished masks, only the blanks.
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I have a question (my apologies if this has been already answered) but what kind of mesh do you use? And, if possible, could I have a link to where you bought it, or the store name?
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you can use pet grade window screen and put some chiffon overtop of that; the material we used personally we don't know what it's called or where we got it; it was something we had on hand and is a spandex-like material
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If you dont mind me asking two questions , Are commissions still open ?? and how much do you charge for a commission for a deer skull and jaw ?? 
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I'm sorry but we aren't doing commissions for custom sculpted items
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how do you attach the skull to the hood?
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Do you by chance make custom k9 skull masks furred? Because I'm confused on how to fur the skulls 
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We no longer accept fur related commissions; and for the skulls you really only make a hood and attach it to the skull; you don't fur it at all
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Is the mask made from resin?
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Are commissions still open? 
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How could I learn to make one of these skulls?
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Just a question if you don't mind asking.
How much would it be to get something almost exactually like this (Skull head, large ears, and LED work) commissioned from you guys? (With complete furing)
And I was wondering how much is would be to just get the skill part (With LED work done and everything)?
Thank you SO much for your time! 
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