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Foam Painting Tutorial

Submitted by one of our customers:…

We just put it together for them to upload it, with their permission.

Lots of people have asked about painting our foam products, and since this person has with great results we thought we would share it, so everyone could see how. It seems to be extremely easy, and the materials can be found at almost any craft store, including places like WalMart, Target, etc.

If you're interested in seeing more, check out their FB page!
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Is Mod Podge needed? I was thinking of buying your foam beak to make a head but I'm still trying to think of what I'm going to do but I need to know in advance so I can design multiple characters to make my mind up.
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Well, that's how this person was able to paint the foam, without the paint cracking over time. You have to remember it's got to remain flexible so if the foam beak were to shift, the paint won't just chip off.
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How many coats of Mod Podge did you apply to the foam before painting?
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We didn't make this tutorial; the credits for it are given on the submission.
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i'm haveing trouble attaching my eyes to my dragon blank. i bought slit pupils but the stiff cord attatched to the base of the eye won't let me put it flat aganst the eye panel (i'm afraid of bending the cord and breaking it okay to bend it to try to fit it into the eye panel?!)
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Great technique I would like to try sometime.
Here's a little lesson in LEDs for anyone wanting lit eyes…
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Another way of painting foam is to use rubberising paint, and spraying on your initial coat of paint while its still tacky.
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That looks so damn cool... O_O
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Ohhhh, so I need to add Mod Podge BEFORE I paint! Cool, I will definitely do that next time XD very helpful to know.
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