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How to Create AI Art

  1. Type in your promptThe more detail you add, the better your results will be!
  2. Select a visual styleGenerate AI images in anime style, 3D, cinematic, and more!
  3. Choose an aspect ratio, prompt strength, or negative prompt Fine-tune your AI-generated art
  4. Click “Create” to generate up to 4 AI imagesChoose which generated image matches your vision
  5. Submit to DeviantArtShare or sell your imaginative AI art with the world
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Decide how your art is used with DreamUp

  • Receive credit if your art style is used as inspiration in DreamUp-generated images.
  • Determine whether or not AI images can be generated in your style using DreamUp.
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DreamUp FAQs

How does DreamUp work?

DreamUp is an AI art generator that uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to generate images based on text prompts.

At DeviantArt, we believe that creators should decide how your art can be used. With DreamUp, you are in control:
  • You choose whether or not to allow external AI models and platforms to train based on your deviations.
  • You can apply to opt out of AI images being generated in your style using DreamUp.
  • You will be clearly credited in published DreamUp-generated images on DeviantArt if your style is used as inspiration.

All generated images are saved in a Sta.sh folder, and you can submit them as deviations. The product is based on third-party technology (Stable Diffusion). Learn more here.

What kind of images can I generate on DreamUp?

DreamUp lets you create almost anything you can imagine, but please be respectful. As a leading artistic platform, it's our responsibility to come out strongly and firmly against inappropriate content as defined below, with the hope that our stance is adopted and agreed upon by other AI-powered generators as an industry standard.

No images may be generated or submitted that go against DeviantArt policy. In plain terms:
  • No pornographic or obscene content.
  • No hateful or violent imagery.
  • No personal information.
  • No offensive images of public figures.

In addition, imagery inspired by other artists must clearly reference those artists when published.

Attempts to generate images that violate our DreamUp Policy or general Terms of Service may result in your deviation's deletion or a full account suspension.

How do I get started on DreamUp?

Follow these three easy steps to start generating art with DreamUp:
  • On DreamUp, enter a prompt, giving as much detail about the subject, style, colors, and background as possible.
  • Click “Create.”
  • Click on the three-dot menu of your favorites, and select "Submit as a Deviation."

How much does DreamUp cost?

You can try DreamUp for free and generate up to 30 images with 10 prompts per week.

Core Members can generate up to 500 free prompts a month, depending on their Core plan.

Please note that prompts do not roll over. Any unused credits will expire at the end of the calendar month or when your Core Membership plan expires.

Can I buy additional prompts for DreamUp?

Core Members can buy additional prompts using DeviantArt Points when they run out of free monthly prompts. Additional Points can be purchased starting at just $5 for 400 Points.

What kind of rights/copyright apply to images generated with DeviantArt DreamUp?

Copyright laws for AI generation are still developing and changing rapidly, and differ from one jurisdiction to another. For more information about copyright ownership and protection that may be applicable to you by generating AI artworks, we advise you to consult with your local counsel.

In jurisdictions where the DreamUp Service is designated as the Copyright holder, we pass the Copyright to you.

What are some tips to perfect DreamUp prompts?

If you haven’t heard about DreamUp, it's DeviantArt’s state-of-the-art image-generation tool that lets you turn your dreams into reality. Now is a great time to get creative with DreamUp, but if you’re new to image generators, or just having trouble getting the image you want just right, here are tips to perfect your prompt!

Begin With the Subject

In order to get the best results, begin your prompt with the subject of the image you want to generate. If you want art of a llama, for example, then start your prompt with the word "llama"!

Start Simple

Prompts can definitely be detailed, but sometimes it’s better to start with a simple prompt instead of overcomplicating. You can make the prompt more detailed from there based on the things that aren’t matching up with what you imagined.

For example, you can start with the prompt, “princess inside a castle, portrait photo,” and if the clothing or castle isn’t the style you’re looking for, you can get more specific.

Choose a Genre

You should always specify the genre or style of art you want to get. (If you don’t, DreamUp will choose one for you!) The genre can be more broad (e.g. “drawing” or “photo”) or more specific (e.g. “children’s crayon drawing” or “polaroid photo”), depending on what end result you want to get.

Example keywords to try: portrait photo, pixel art, isometric, movie poster, 3D, polaroid photo, ceramic statue, watercolor

Experiment With Moods

Adding a keyword that invokes a mood can change the overall appearance of your finished image. Keep that in mind when planning out your prompt, so you can generate a variety of different results for different frames of mind!

Example keywords to try: cute, sinister, creepy, dreamy

Choose a Background

Just like choosing a genre, specifying a background is an important part of getting the most out of your prompt! Spell out what background you want the image to have so there’s a better chance of getting the result you want in fewer prompts.

Example phrases to try: Solid white background, ocean sunset background, country hillside background

Re-Run the Prompt

If you like the results of a prompt and want to see more takes, you can run the same prompt again to generate different results.

Create Variations

If the results of a prompt are nearly there, but you want to make small changes to fine-tune your idea, click the "Create Variation" option! It will use the previously generated image as the seed for the new prompt, so you can tweak it to get a similar result to the one you already love.

Be Clear and Specific

DreamUp will try to interpret what you mean based on the words in your prompt, so try to be as direct and specific as possible! 

For example, if you try the prompt “a woman holding a bat,” you might get an image of the animal when you meant a baseball bat. In that case, you’d want to use “a woman holding a baseball bat” instead.

Get Inspired

If you’re not sure what sort of images you want to generate, browse DeviantArt and see what prompts other deviants are using to generate images! You may be inspired to create based on what you find!

All deviants get free DreamUp prompts, but Core Members are able to generate more images! Upgrade to Core to let your imagination dream up even more!

What steps does DeviantArt take in order to protect artists from being uncredited when referenced in AI Art creations?

DreamUp is an AI-based image-generation tool used to create art using free-form text prompts. Certain art styles can sometimes be achieved by referencing names of real artists such as Thomas Kinkade, Picasso, and Gustave Doré in text prompts. Referencing artists when having the AI create your work can give the resulting piece a unique “look,” inspired by the style of that particular artist. 

If you refer to an artist in a DreamUp prompt, you must also tag that artist when submitting the resulting image to DeviantArt.  Failure to do so is a violation of our DreamUp Policy and can result in your deviation's deletion or an account suspension.

If you don’t want to allow other deviants to create art inspired by your style with DreamUp, you may be eligible to opt out by filling out this form.

If you’ve opted out and would like to opt in again, please contact DeviantArt Support.

Create AI-Generated Art with DreamUp

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