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The Intruder

A sliver of red appeared amid the emerald gloom, stirring the old dragon from his half-lidded slumber. Weary, and cautious, the beast lifted his battle-scarred head. The newcomer was young, an outsider from a land beyond his forest. He was small and feeble-looking, but the old dragon had not won so many battles by underestimating his opponents.

I sketched this a few weeks back but didn't know how I would paint it, then after the last deviation I uploaded I went back to it and suddenly had a burst of inspiration :la:
Worked on it over the course of a couple of days, it was a fun experiment and I'm pretty happy with it c: Felt nice to do a mix between speedpaint and semi-refined work, also I found some fun brushes that I've had for years but never actually used, lol.
The snippet of text was just something that came to me when painting c:

I don't use green enough in my art, and I barely ever paint forested scenes, which is something I want to change because I had so much fun with this :dummy:

Art (C) GlacierDragon
Time: Unrecorded
Full Resolution: 2812x1995px
Tools: Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 3 tablet

Commissions OPEN - Starting at $8!PIXEL BUSTS


Headshot $15 - Bust $23 - Full Body $35 - Scenery $20+
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Flat Colours $8 - Cell Shaded $10
'Dragon Triplets' Cutie Adopts (REDUCED PRICES) by GlacierDragon 'Blackcurrent Wyvern' Cutie Adopt (REDUCED PRICE) by GlacierDragon 'Freckled Blueberry' Cutie Adopt (REDUCED PRICE) by GlacierDragon

Common $25 - Uncommon $35 - Gemhide $50 - Elemental $70
With ref'sheet-style detail shots +$20

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your art style, particularly your attention to detail, works really well with forest scenes...frighteningly so! i hope this isn't your first time painting a forest scene, it's just not fair. :Y
DreamTheorem's avatar
Aahh I'm glad you think so, thankyou! Well, actually I've probably drawn...two...forest scenes prior to this in all my years of doing digital art, with the previous one being four years before this picture. I still need to improve, but this is certainly the best result so far XD
Hoch-Spannung's avatar
Good work on the foliage. It's something that I find quite hard to do.

P. S. one note - I think it would have been better to make the red dragon's horns smaller and bent back because it's hard to believe that it was even able to make so far into the virgin rainforest with these large, forward-swung horns.
DreamTheorem's avatar
Thanks! Foliage is very tricky, I'd like to get better with it.

Wow, I hadn't even considered that so thanks for pointing it out! Perhaps this individual learned to keep his head down through the trees, or maybe he paddled down the river xD In any case it might explain why his species hasn't ventured into the forest before.
Hoch-Spannung's avatar
You're welcome! As for the foliage, I'm doing a series of color pencil sketches on the history of the Indo-European telegraph line and late autumn forest seems to be even trickier.
Kestus's avatar
This is quite pretty! 8D I like how parts of the picture convey a sense of woodland vibrancy, while the rest keeps it toned down enough that it's not too glaringly bright; I think it helps keep the location look fairly natural and tranquil. 
FallenShadow95's avatar
This is so awesome Glacier! I love the lighting and the play on perspective here! It feels natural, and its amazing! Awesome work!
DreamTheorem's avatar
Thanks! :la: I'm happy you like it, it was a lot of fun to work on :3
FallenShadow95's avatar
Your welcome! It really is awesome ^0^
kryoschi's avatar
i absolutely love the overshoulder camera view / perspective here! +___+ :heart: it looks so cool! and the pose of both dragons and the setting too! it's great! :la:
DreamTheorem's avatar
Thanks! :la: :iconpancakeglompplz: I'm glad you like it <33333
kryoschi's avatar
^^ you're very welcome! :icongwompplz:
Nairo-Ryu's avatar
this came out super fab. I was in your stream for a tiny bit when the middle part of the foresty stuff was just a black ish blob ;o; this is an interesting environment. are these characters of yours or just random? 
I think you did a really great job with the brushes - they don't stick out and look..ugly to put it in blunt words. I never quite understood how to do that. that waterfall is lookin fine as well ;D 
DreamTheorem's avatar
Thanks! Ah, it said I had a viewer, I was wondering who was watching XD
They're not characters, both the species and the individuals are random C:

I'm really happy that you think the leaves look ok. I know what you mean about them looking ugly at times, it can be difficult to make a custom brush with such a specific shape look natural and not just jarring. I'm not quite sure what I did, but I'm happy with it at least XD
Thanks again :la:
AteYourAbacus's avatar
You should paint more forests, this one is so lovely and lush :la:
You used those brushes very well, they blend quite nicely into the scene instead of being awkwardly jarring :)
DreamTheorem's avatar
Thanks so much! <333
Lol I don't normally like to use brushes that have such a defining shape because they can go bad very fast, but I'm happy you think they look ok here :la: Thanks again C:
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