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Hello people!
This year the contest "Christmas Special" is special not only because it is Christmassy but also for two other reasons; It is organized in collaboration with the team of aRts-Creation and is meant to help others with our and your art.
Christmas is a time of joy for many people, and it is the moment when we give more to do to make happy our loved ones and our friends looking for the right gift to give a smile. We want to extend this gift to other people that you have surely directly or indirectly among your affections, I speak of the people who are fighting every day against an evil that destroys mercilessly, cancer, an illness that now everyone knows, because it is almost in all families.
Now what does all this with a contest? Well I'll tell you!
i got a letter 
The theme is to create a greeting card for Christmas, also simple, with only Merry Christmas for example. All pictures or short texts presented, will actually printed on cards and sold. All proceeds (excluding the production costs of course) will be donated to charity.
As an association, I chose the AIRC, are several years that I contribute in my small way with periodic donations supporting research, and this year I want to conclude with some donation extra :) and I wanted to dedicate the contest to all the people who are still struggling, to who won and also to those who unfortunately do not have it done.
The images of course remain the property of the author, which will be indicated as such, I will gather all alone. Who wants to can also buy his card or share it with friends, they will be sold here in a special section for donations.

Christmas THEME: Create a picture or a short text to a Christmassy greeting card.

• You can submit as many designs you want, there is no limit, as the creations contribute donations.
• We accept all types of art (which obviously can be printed)
• All of the images submitted, will be printed and become real greeting cards that will be sold, the proceeds will be donated entirely to the AIRC. Neither I nor you gain nothing, but together we can help many more people.
• Why do the images will be sold, all the photos submitted must be of your exclusive property, or if they contain resources or stock of some other person, make sure that can be used for the sale or ask permission from the authors (in this case I want to read it)
• By entering, you authorize me to sell your images, will be sold here in a special section for donations, the design will remain yours, you can enter your own logo or name provided it is not too invasive, and in descriptions there will always be the names of the authors.
• The design can be horizontal or vertical, dimensions are the standard of all greeting cards, 5"x7" (I leave you the base template)
• You can create only the front or insert a phrase of good wishes inside. The back will be used to describe this initiative and indicate to whom the money will go.
• No need to create a presentation file, I will provide to insert several photos in context to even out all work. (I leave you the base template)

Christmas DELIVERY
Upload in this group folder arts-creation.deviantart.com/g…

For Facebook participants - When work is finished you can send message to the page with the following form:
Author and page (page Optional)
Category Art choice: Crafts / Blend / Cosplay / Design / Photography / photomanipulations / Writing
* Please note all fields are required, the data provided will be used as description of the ticket sale


November 18, 2015 - December 18, 2015

Given the nature of the project I invite you to share with your friends and family the initiative, meaning you can get yourself your card and use it for the good wishes this year.

Christmas AWARDS
Since it's still a contest there will also be prizes for those who participate

1st Place
• 100 :points: by dreamswoman 
• 1 month of advertising (on my Fb page) to any activity on the web
• An article about you and your art in the next issue of the magazine aRt's Creation
• 3 graphics requests performed by Rose's Creation
• 2 prints (format 13x18cm) from dreamswoman 
• 1 card printing that you created
• exclusive stock by dreamswoman
• exclusive stock by Wesley-Souza 
• special piece of jewelry stock by marphilhearts
• Feature by dreamswoman 
• Feature by FrancescaAmyMaria 
• Feature by Wesley-Souza 

2nd Place
• 50 :points: by dreamswoman 
• 2 weeks of advertising (on my Fb page) to any activity on the web
• 2 graphic requirements performed by Rose's Creation
• exclusive stock by dreamswoman
• exclusive stock by Wesley-Souza 
• special piece of jewelry stock by marphilhearts
• Feature by dreamswoman 
• Feature by FrancescaAmyMaria
• Feature by Wesley-Souza  

3rd Place
• 10 :points: by dreamswoman 
• 1 week of advertising (on my Fb page) to any activity on the web
• 1 request graphic performed by Rose's Creation
• exclusive stock by dreamswoman
• exclusive stock by Wesley-Souza 
• special piece of jewelry stock by marphilhearts
• Feature by dreamswoman 
• Feature by FrancescaAmyMaria 
• Feature by Wesley-Souza  

*If you want to donate a prize contact me :)

The awards and the number of winners may vary during the contest.

Good luck to all!

Note: The images in the race could also be shared on my facebook page, the contest is also open to fans of the page.

Note 2: Follow the event on Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/150664…

Note 3: I apologize for my bad English!

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Hi! ^^

These are my entries for the contest ^^

Sweet Christmas Greeting - 2 by Aramisdream  Sweet Christmas Greeting by Aramisdream