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Published: September 27, 2015

Where am I at?

You wish to know?

Very well.

* A few places here are where I express myself. You're the one who decided to look, keep that in mind. *


  • :icondreamsverse: - Oh wait!  You're here!  This is my main deviantart account.  I am the most personal here, and I will post original works ONLY.
  • :iconfandomkisses: - This is my fanart and fanworks account.  This account also is my group account, for example rp groups.
  • :icongoomama: - This is my adoptables and commissions account.
  • :iconitwoi: - This is my "free to use" account, with pixels, icons, stamps, stocks, etc.  This also has my tutorials and step-by-steps.
  • :iconwriterscube: - This is my written/writing account.



  • Website Guide (WIP) ○ This will be acting just like this journal, a directory to everywhere I am at!  It's my main blog.
  • [ CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE! ] Personal Tumblr ○ This is my personal tumblr.  This will have everything about me.  I post pictures about me, vents, thoughts, or something I feel passionately about and need to say something about it.  I tend to mainly reblog zodiac things though.
  • Flight Rising Blog ○ This is my FR blog, which isn't very active.  I sometimes post any babies I have for sale, though I really don't often as I only have one follower.  I mainly sometimes reblog giveaways.
  • Art Blog ○ This is my art blog.  I'm trying to stay on top of it.  I've been uploading WIPs and doodles here, that I've not been happy enough to put here.

Other Art Places

  • Furaffinity  ○ I'll be uploading everything here, or everything I upload here to there.  It will be a mix of fanart and original stuff.  It's on a delay though.

  • Skype - thelonelyqueen2 
    ○  This is my main chat system.  I tend to be invisible a lot, or most of the time.  I come online when I am feeling more confident in myself. However, my status updates are a place I vent in from time to time, and it can be very depressing.  If you are adding me, please respect that socializing is something that really stresses me out.  Aka, be patient with me.  I will most likely not say anything to you for a while, because I have to build up the courage, strength, and confidence to reach out to others.
    ○  I also ask that you DO NOT just say something to me, and expect me to do all the conversing and holding the conversation.  It's rude.  And I don't appreciate it.  I've done it for far too long, I refuse to any longer.
    ○  Please don't get upset if our conversation is brief.  It's very hard to talk to someone for the first time.  Again... be patient with me!
    ○  If you add me, PLEASE tell me who you are.  Otherwise, I most like won't add you.
    ○  If we don't talk for a week or so, that's fine.  I tend to remove people I don't talk with in a while after three months or so.  Depends.  Please, if I DO remove you, feel free to add me again.  It isn't personal.  I will let you know if it's personal as to why I'm removing you.  Which has only happened like... once to a couple of people a couple years ago XD  Most of the time, you will know if it's personal due to a conflict that isn't going to be resolved (for example).
    ○  Please, don't message me constantly.  Leave me a message and I will typically get to it as soon as I see it or within a day.
    ○  I have every right to not accept your request. 
    ○  Also, I have every right to say "hey I'm not really up for talking right now." I can be busy, not doing the best emotionally/mentally, or socially drained.  Anything.  Again, most of the time, it's not personal.
    ○  OH yes.  Don't constantly ask me to do things for you.  I had someone on my skype once who would always ask me if I would draw them stuff.  It sucked.  If you have a favor that's like...  not a constant occurrence, please ask.  But again, I have the right to say no.
    ○  I change my name a lot on skype.  If that bothers you, please just nickname me something.

  • Steam - <"a href="steamcommunity.com/id/dreamsve…">
    ○  I'm only listing this here because it CAN be a messanger.  I don't really use steam as a messanger!  I'd much rather you message me on skype.  However, if you can't seem to get me on skype, steam would be the next place to try.  (Though PLEASE PLEASE please give me a chance to get to skype before you get me on steam.  I might be playing a game or watching a movie or just not at the computer.) 
    ○  If I'm playing a game, that's not an invitation to talk to me.  I'm playing a game.  It's not me saying "HEY I'M HERE AND ACTIVE!"  Only reason you'd message me when I play a game is if you were wondering if you can join me.
    ○  I don't buy games typically for other people.  Please don't ask.  If you buy me games, don't expect me to buy any back for you.  I'm not making money, and even if I was, most of the time, it's being saved for something.  When I buy games, it's one of the few times I allow myself to get something.  I tend to be patient about getting things.
    ○  Don't ask me to constantly join you or whatever.  You can offer, but I have the right to say no >u>`b
    ○  I change my name every so often.  Mainly because I want to.  Feel free to ask me who I am, but I think my profile can also answer that for you too, haha!
    ○  I have the right to decline your friend request.  Please, tell me who you are though, or have it somewhere for me to know who it is!

  • Discord - Not offering
    ○  However, I will give it to you privately if we are going to be doing calls like over a stream or something.  It has a hella better quality than skype.
    ○  I only use this for pathfinder sessions really!

  • Flight Rising ○ My FR blog where I have way too many dragons, too lazy to write their infos, and even more lazy to name them all.

I will update this as I remember more things to put up.
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RothkindHobbyist Digital Artist
And that one Fr follower is me :iconshe-plz:
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Doesn't this get confusing?
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DreamsverseHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeahhhh sometimes.  But it keeps me busy and I'd rather be busy with something not super stressful and "YOU WILL FAIL"- kind of responsibility, than be bored and beating myself up constantly (which I do anyways, but even more so when I'm bored).  :dummy: