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[ YCH ] Animated Magics Button [ FINISHED ]
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AND this is the finished product of all the YCH I had gotten to do~! Thank you super much for participating ♥  Everyone has a higher quality version (since compilations of GIFs lower the quality |D; )
I also urge everyone to have their version saved as, after some time, I will be deleting them out of my stash to make room.


In order to who belongs to who:
B belongs to me (and I put her in to for the 3x3 blocking ; A ; sob)
Sutarou belongs CheruCheriPie
Kizei belongs to Kaelryn on Toyhouse
Kitsune belongs to Firefoxgirl96
Rhine belongs to Waltz on Toyhouse
Cuan belongs to eldritchbooky on Toyhouse
Aeral belongs to deidaraart5
Rayu belongs to phantompanther13 on Toyhouse
Andrew also belongs to phantompanther13 on Toyhouse

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Comments (5)
CheruCheriPie's avatar
CheruCheriPie|Hobbyist General Artist
I love all of these so much ;A; <33
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Firefoxgirl96's avatar
Firefoxgirl96|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love mine so much QWQ 
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deidaraart5's avatar
deidaraart5|Professional Digital Artist
I still love mine qwq the others look great too!!
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rakadishu's avatar
rakadishu|Hobbyist Digital Artist
These all look amazing gosh QvQ
Especially the extra effects you put into some of them!
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Dreamsverse's avatar
Dreamsverse|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eee <3  Thank you Raka u3u~!
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