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[ YCH ] Animated Magics Button [CLOSED] by Dreamsverse [ YCH ] Animated Magics Button [CLOSED] by Dreamsverse
Where Imagination meets Dreams

This is my first YCH (or Your Character Here for those who don't know) "commission" type.  
This is an animated page decoration button that you can place on your deviantArt page or Toyhouse page or whatever you want really.  All I ask for is that you do credit me if you do place it on a page~! ♥
(Please allow the animation to load.)

What you Get/What you can do:
  • A cool Animated Button to place wherever you want.
  • 250x250 size.
  • Order more than one from me~!
  • Tell people about this cool snazzy button
What you Can't Do/Won't get:
  • You can't claim you did the artwork.
  • You won't get the original files (the Sai/PSD and Spine files)
  • Edit the work without permission.
  • Take other people's commissioned buttons.
Need to Know!
  • If requested, you can remove different parts of the image to work better for your character~!
         -  You can remove the front hair part/bangs, the animal ears, the back hair part, the glow of the magic object, the object itself, the mouth, the pupils/eye colors part of the eye, the eye brows, and the hands!  Keep in mind, if you DO want any of these removed, I will not go back and make them for you later to add back in!  So please be sure to decide properly beforehand!
  • You can ADD other moving parts to your commission.  Each part is an additional 10$ though!
         - For example, these parts can be: additional magic objects (I will need to change the animation if you pick this!), Only one eye in the middle of the face, an extra set of hair pieces that need their own movements, dragon whiskers, whiskers in general, another set of animal ears, another eye ball, another set of hands, a set of wings etc.
  • No matter what the character looks like, I will have to fit the character to the mold of the base set above.  If you would want, for example, a long nosed character to be used and not have to fit the base, it will count as an extra part and will cost you an additional 10$.
  • The background must be a simple design or a plain color.  Backgrounds also cannot move!
  • NO NSFW REQUESTS!  This animation will have nothing NSFW about it.  If you reference is NSFW, I don't really care, but the animation itself will not be NSFW.
  • I will ultimately be "semi chibi"ing anything that you send in, as to, again, fit the mold of the base.
  • The character within the circle might be a bit shifted compared to the base or to the WIPs as I have to recrop the animation afterwards. 
  • The rules of my TOS still apply to this!
You need to allow me up to 2 weeks to get these works done!  If your order will take me longer than 2 weeks, I'll let you know!  (That being said, I SHOULDN'T take that long.)


If you are wanting this specific button, you will need to have ordered BEFORE October 10th, 11:59 PM (-7 GMT) (You can check this clock to help you if you need it~!)  So yes, this is only available for a month and will be retired (unless I decide to bring it back at a later point of time, but right now I'm not planning on it.)

The price for these are 40$ 
(This is before adding on any extras
And no for these I will not take points or character/art equaling to this value.)

To Order:
Please review my Terms of Service!
Fill out this form in a note/PM:
    ⋆ Username/Name:  (I need to have this, and where you’re username is associated with (like with dA or FA for example))
    ⋆ Email Contact/Paypal Email: (Email contact isn’t as important if you are messaging me off of an artsite.  However, I DO need the paypal email or an email I can send an invoice to.)
    ⋆ Visual Reference: (I need a visual reference. Please keep the reference to just a few images if need be.)
    ⋆ Object( This is where you give me a reference or tell me what you want the floating object to be.  Keep in mind, I will simplify the object if it is too detailed.)
    ⋆ Object Glow: (This would be a great spot to let me know the color of glow and how intense you want it.  Solid color only please!  You can give me a color code or an image of the solid color for clarity~!)
    ⋆ Extras?: ( If you are requesting extras, then please put a list here with reference if needed.  IE: - wings: [link])
    ⋆ Other info?: (Anything else? This would be a great place to say you want your character frowning or an open mouth smile or that you want to remove the hands.)
    ⋆ Read the TOS and abide by it: I, [name here], abide by and agree to these rules of the Terms of Service, created by Dreamsverse/Heidi Beachy, according to [month, day, year].

Then wait for me to accept your order!  (You will have 24 hours to pay the invoice I will send you!)
Then I will start working when I receive payment~!  I will update you with a sketch and then the flats before the animation!

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