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[ Volatikai ] The Water in the Plains by Dreamsverse [ Volatikai ] The Water in the Plains by Dreamsverse
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I still don't remember what I had named her OTL.  All I know is she is a bit flighty, but also pretty curious.  She's also a bit of an air-head and very much likes water. (Oh yeah, she's PlainsxAquatic.) She lives with her mum, who's  pure plains.  She never knew her father.  He kinda poofed and they assume he's probably dead.  Her mum did find another mate (who's also plains) so this girl has a half-sister.  That mate WAS killed and for a good few years, it was just the three of them.  (I think I had named this girl Sunny, which I don't like but to help with clarity, I'll just call her Sunny).  Sunny really helped raise her younger half-sister (who I also think I had given her a not great name like Meadow... >3>; )  Meadow is REALLY attached to Sunny even though she finds Sunny's love for the water weird.    After a few years, their mum has found another mate, who's also pure plains, and they have had a small little boy.  Sunny doesn't particularly like this guy much.  And Meadow doesn't like most all males (she's also gay.  Sunny's bi.)

Uh....  I think that's most of what I remember I had thought up of of them (and particularly Sunny).

I ALSO WANT TO TOSS A HUGE THANKS TO :iconlovelyechos: for Sunny ♥  You can see her design more clearly even here:
Volatikai belong to :iconshorty-antics-27:

(Also this was initially a big practice on background painting.  I'm struggling with it forever.  I feel comfortable getting the idea down, but it's the rendering that I struggle with and I REALLY don't want to use lineart for my backgrounds OTL.  Only things I like and feel comfortable painting are skies (and clouds) and water 8,I; ...  and yes those specks in the grass farther back are supposed to be buffalo or something >3>;;  not rocks ah......
I also think Sunny and Meadow as names are going on me.  |D  I think they'll be stuck with those names oops)

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Wolyafa Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh ~ This looks really lively and vivid ~ I like the way you made the fur on her ~ looks really good!

But you have an awesome hand for scenery and background ~ top that! <3
LovelyEchos Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
OH GOSH this is awesome!!! AHHHH it made my day to see this drawing!! <3<3<3 I love the little history you made for her and how you draw this picture and getting to see her drawn in your style and just everything about this~!!! <3<3
Her name is really cute and fitting too uwu 
I am really happy for you and your girlie~
ChemicalyInbalanced Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2018
Oh gosh she's a cutie! ovo
The background looks really nice! Your shading is nice as well. Keep up the good work~
I have the same problem when it comes to backgrounds but I only really prefer painting skies. X3
oldeekdog Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2018
Very dreamy fantasy
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October 18, 2018
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