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Where Imagination meets Dreams

So, this is Muka.
And I made her a kinda ref (minus a proper side view, more visual info, and a back view).  Honestly, I don't know /why/ I made her a ref, but I did \o/  There's other characters who probably should have gotten even this kinda ref like set up first but whatever /o/  Here's Muka.

Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: "Married"
Height: 3-4 feet
Age: ??? (Adult)
Sexuality: Straight

Race:  [  Cablin  ] 
   - Cablins are Cats and Goblins.  There are feral ones, or true Cablins, and then there are ones caught and forced into being pets ( close enough to being slaves but they are treated like a house pet instead).  Cablins are a nuisance, causing annoying mayhem when they nest in any place and are often treated like common pests.  However, they are stronger and quite agile.  They tend to thrive underground.
     Cablins who are made into house pets, like Muka, are bred for their looks typically. (Muka was bred to have hair, hardly any fur, and shorter limbs)  These Cablins are often still trying to live to their instinct, forcing their owners to be cautious and constantly correcting ill/feral behavior which makes a depressed and mentally ill Cablin.  They are expensive.

Muka has been bought and sold many times, being rather rambunctious. Her latest owner, a nice patient Orc who's a great cook and a pretty good smithy, has taught her to speak and they have even wedded (though it can never be official.)  Muka appreciates her husband very much and tries not to cause him too much trouble, especially since he includes her in everything and has provided her outlets on her true nature.  If she was offered release back in the wild, she wouldn't leave without him.

She's a little snot though, constantly pushing her boundaries and seeing what she can get away with.  She tends to get into trouble more often than staying out of it.  Muka's very mischievous and ill tempered as well, and stubborn too.  She'll do the same thing over and over again until she gets what she wants (for example, if she wants in a place, she's going to get into the place.) 

Like some cats, she likes to have a little hoard of hidden goods.  She also has a thing for string and yarn, and feathers.

She likes catching all sorts of animals, big and small for her husband (who congratulates her every time and takes it to make into something to eat.) 

She lives a pretty happy life now. 

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oldeekdog Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
Dreamsverse Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If she heard you call her that, she'd try to get you to get her stuff and walk all over you XD <3
Thank you!
oldeekdog Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018
My pleasure
lunageek520 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Dreamsverse Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lunageek520 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome!
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