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I... actually finished this a couple days ago.  The last couple of days have been a bit wonky |D;  Like... I have my job again already, but I'm doing the one thing at Target I really don't like now (cashiering) with the understanding that as soon as they have a spot for where I was to open up again (which should be in March/April time) I'll get transferred over.  I also have to work day/morning all the time?  Which sucks because I'm not a morning person at all |D;  But hopefully it's not really busy in the morning and that'll give me time to wake up?  Idk.

First deviation! And first image done in a while 8,I;;  I'm sorry it took me so long weh.  But I really like how this turned out /o/  And I'm hoping to do more art this year too.  I've been trying to sketch everyday the best I can too >3>; (Now it's time to go and do my dog duties so...  Yeah >3>;  I also forgot what I was going to put here beyond what I had oops |D;; )

(Oh yeah, reminder:  I'm not really anything much of an animator.  I don't know what I'm doing most all the time while animating.)

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I THOUGHT you had a cool new icon! Congrats on staying at your job too, but the position thing sucks ;v; hope they change that soon.
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