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I WILL THANK EVERYONE TOMORROW BUT HONESTLY, you guys are amazing and I'm super happy you guys told me Happy Birthday and it made my day wonderful ♥
(I was definitely embarressed and I still have no idea how to really express my thanks and I've been struck shy and I have no idea ah.)  Thank you everyone and just ; 3 ; <333  
(But now I'm tired and running to bed and such but ♥)
(I'll... also possibly finally kick my lack of social in the butt and finally reply to things and such so I'm sorry about that ahh)


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happy b day dreamy sorry i misssed it 
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Shhh shhh It's ok!
Thank youu u3u <3
FlyingCarpets's avatar
Belated Happy Birthday! X3
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I really did think I had replied to this QAQ;  I'm super sorry
Thank you tho! 
FlyingCarpets's avatar
Never be sorry, you have a life, internet can wait XD All the best again! :iconkittyglompplz:
GrazArts's avatar
Well, I feel awkward for not congratulating you on the actual day itself, but belated happy birthday Dreamsy!
Good to hear you had a wonderful day.
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Pffff Shhh it's ok.  It's not mandatory to even tell me Happy Birthday so shhhhhh  You're fine u3ub
Thank you <3
rakadishu's avatar
Omg it's your birthday? Happy Birthday!!
Dreamsverse's avatar
Surprise, yep! \o/  I'm old
Thank you
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