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[ Info ] Dreamby Species Info by Dreamsverse [ Info ] Dreamby Species Info by Dreamsverse
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I DID totally mean to upload this sooner. There really wasn't many visuals I can make for Dreambys because everyone is different and personal (hense why I put Moe on there.)  I refuse to design someone their own Dreamby (unless commissioned and they know how the Dreamby looks and are just wanting them to be visualized.)  As such, I'm saying NO ONE CAN MAKE ADOPTABLES of Dreambys.  They are /very/ personalized.  Like, even if two people have the same kinda dream, the Dreambys could look completely different from one another.

However, feel free to make your own /o/ (Just you can't sell them and you can't make adoptables) You can even make multiple, just they have to be based off of a dream you have.  

For Example:  Moe is based off of my Dream of wanting to share my imagination, via stories, art, anything.

Here's the text on image, in case the white text is too much:
"Dreambys are the manifestation of a dream born from stardust and space matter.  When a dream is so strong, it floats up into the sky, and out into space, where it will continue until the dust and matter around it is attracted to it.  This will only happen when the dream is in the perfect spot, and it will always get to that spot.  A being, the Dreamby, is formed from that matter and star dust, with the dream at it's core/heart.  They then, after being born, race to find the dream's maker to stick with them for all eternity: encouraging and sometimes guiding their owners along the best they can to pursue the dream.

How Dreambys look are heavily influenced by the dream that are within them.  They always have some sort of starry look, sky, or nature scene to their bodies.  These scenes can change and shift, as if the scenes are not stuck to their bodies and they are just a window being peered into, or the scenes will be permenant.  How their anatomy is is dependant on the dream, though they tend to have at least a more humanoid build to them. Dreambys are typically small, no bigger than two feet (and that being huge) but no smaller than three inches (and that being super tiny).  They average around being a foot tall.

Dreambys have no sexes (unless the dream is strongly about needing sexes to be in play) and can have any gender known.  However, their gender doesn't really define them (unless the dream is strongly about genders) and they typically don't care nor understand it well enough to have it matter to them.  They do, however, typically respect those who do care for genders and sexes.  

All Dreambys can float.

People can have mulitple Dreambys tied to them, as long as the dream maker believes/follows/cares for these dreams that strongly.  

Dreambys are permanent.  You can send one away, but (even though heart broken) will still try to watch over you (in hiding if they must), even if your feelings for the dream that inhabits them weaks or dies out. "

So... Ta Da \o/  That's pretty much all about Dreambys.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask /o/

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