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Published: May 26, 2018
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:new: Just to let you know, some of the things on this will be changing in the coming month.  I'll be removing some options and readjusting some of my prices (and no I'm not going to make anything cheaper.)

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I've finished a big ole commissions price sheet.  
A couple things I didn't have room to explain on the sheet:
        - When I say "Waist Up", I mean in average it will be between mid thigh up to the waist.  It will depend on what the image will call for.
        - If there is anything in my gallery/galleries across my accounts: :icondreamsverse::iconfandomkisses::iconitwoi::icongoomama: that interests you and you don't know exactly where that stands on this price sheet, feel free to ask me about it/ask for a quote.
        - Prices can vary depending on the complexity and the simplicity of the character/order/etc.  (Which this is covered in my TOS)
        - Icons have a chance of not actually being able to be used as icons for deviantArt.   I cannot promise they will resize down to 50x50 well.  I do believe they will look good at 100x100 however.
        - These prices are for SFW only.
 - I added some very generalized times of what each thing takes.  These times are for when I have nothing else going on.  To help give an idea of how soon something can be done, Full Illustrations can take me 40+ hours.  While Minipixels are pretty turn around and can take as little as 30 minutes.  This is also why I ask for at least 2 weeks.  I will do my best to keep in contact with you as much as possible!  And I will reply as soon as I can when messaged!

I will take Points :points: on the ratio of 100 :points: = 1$

In case the prices are hard to read (though they really shouldn't be at 100% viewing.)

Full Illustration [TEMPORARILY CLOSED]
(Just to avoid confusion:  It's Full Render + Painted BG.  Not Including a Full Render as well)
Will take the longest for me to do.
       Full Body: 85$ (Extra Characters are +75$)
        Waist Up: 70$  (Extra Characters are +60$)

Full Render [NO Painted Backgrounds Available]
Will take the second longest for me to do.
        Full Body: 40$ (Extra Characters are +35$)
        Waist Up: 30$ (Extra Characters are +25$)

Reletively quick!
        Full Body: 7$ (Extra Characters are +6$)
        Waist Up: 5$ (Extra Characters are +4$)
        Rough Colors: +3$ 

Takes a bit of time.
        Full Body: 15$ (Extra Characters are +13$)
        Waist Up: 10$ (Extra Characters are +8$)

Takes a bit of time
        Full Body: 20$ (Extra Characters are +18$)
        Waist Up: 16$ (Extra Characters are +14$)

Toony Chibi
Reletively quick!
        Full Body: 9$

Mini Pixels
        Full Body/Headshot: 5$
        * Neutral and free to use for everyone: 3$

Toony Icons
Reletively quick!
        Headshot: 8$
        Accessory: +3$

Holographic (Headshots)
Not as quick as Toony Icons
        Headshot: 10$
        Accessory: +3$
        Animated: +7$

All Explicit/Extreme NSFW (from Smut to Extreme Gore) is +25% of the original price. 
        - This offer is excluding on Toony Chibis, Mini Pixels, and Holographic (Headshots)
        - For Sexy times and Smut you MUST be 18 or older.  
        - Also for Sexy times, you might want to give me a reference if you have a specific idea.
        - Sexy times will NOT be uploaded onto dA.  As it is against the rules.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me /o/

Please allow me at least two weeks to get your order fulfilled (and maybe longer for the Full Illustrations)

[ O R D E R  F O R M ]

Username/Name:  (I need to have this, and where you’re username is associated with (like with dA or FA for example))
Email Contact/Paypal Email: (Email contact isn’t as important if you are messaging me off of an artsite.  However, I DO need the paypal email or an email I can send an invoice to.)
Order Type: (What type of commission are you wanting. This works best if you use one of my titles on the commissions sheet provided.  If this is from a journal or a post and not from a commission sheet, please link me to my journal/post.)
Visual Reference: (I need a visual reference. Please keep the reference to just a few images if need be.)
Character Personality: (I don’t need a giant page worth on their personality.  A quick list and a paragraph or something is good. If I need to know anything else, I’ll ask you.  This just helps me keep them themselves the best I can.)
Important Character Traits: (Any important character physical traits that are absolutely important)
Description of what you’re thinking: (Description of what you’re wanting for your image.  This would be a good place to reference me to anything that might help me get across what you’re expecting.)
Other info?: (Anything else? For example: If there is any species information, here would be good for a link to that information.)
⋆ Read the TOS and abide by it: I, [name here], abide by and agree to these rules of the Terms of Service, created by Dreamsverse/Heidi Beachy, according to [month, day, year].
Age and Consent for NSFW:  (This is only for anything that will need a mature tag of being 18+ or greater which I can't post on dA, this doesn't need to be added on SFW orders.) I, [name here], am 18 years of age or older and consent to my request and order.  I, [name here], also agree that if I am lying, I accept responsibility for my actions in deceiving Dreamsverse/Heidi Beachy as I knowingly made this request under the guise of an 18 or older.

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