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Adventure Taimu

By Dreamsraven
What time is it!?

No really. What time is it? LOL!

Anyways, I had an adventure time marathon a while back and so I drew this. :3 I wanted to see finn looking a bit different, though its some kind of anime style I dunno....
Princess Bubblegum looks cute, I like her... They dont have noses. :I

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IluvsFlippynya's avatar
:D aww little finn!!
pandapencil526's avatar
jake has a nose..........
Pentical's avatar
Love your style
asayake-hime's avatar

Wonderful picture by the way.
Gundrium's avatar
Would your 'Anime Style' happen to be heavily based on Studio Ghibli's works?

That's awesome.
Dreamsraven's avatar
It looks like it. :"I
I like it so I aint even mad. BJ
AnimeKaa4ever's avatar
I hate noses when I draw sometimes....
AriaStarLove's avatar
AVIAN999's avatar
P.B looks cute and luv the background
RitzyRaccoon's avatar
Ooooh, Jake looks so... I dunno. But he looks perfect! :D
Bucket-of-cute's avatar
its so cute im going to die 0_o
TohruOnigriHonda865's avatar
Finn: What time is it?
random person: 3:00?
Finn: NO! it's adventure time! :D
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Taj-The-Wanderer's avatar
HELLZ FUCHIN YEAH. I love advernture time fanart. <3
Mikosilverneko's avatar
Awwwwww I love how it looks so animeish!!!<3
Sugar-High-Otaku's avatar
princess totally looks adorable! totally makes me just wanna give her a big hug for being so cute. x3
Reixia85879's avatar
lol. great job furan. my brothers LOVE that show.
7espada's avatar
Heh I couldn't imagine them with noses anyway
Rulhoolie's avatar
Aw, this is adorable~!
BOTASU-Orichumo's avatar
esto es algo asi como... abuelito abuelito, no se por que me recuerda mucho a heidi la niña de las montañas
Dreamsraven's avatar
LOL! Oh si! Me acuerdo de esa caricatura. Yo lamiraba cuando estaba chiquitita! XD
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