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My little furface hasn't been doing well this morning, & so we ended up at the vet. I will be offering some art sales to offset the unexpected $400 vet bill. :/

I am offering a bunch of original art and more for sale on Twitter, and signed prints of my recent work are all available as well! So feel free to take a peek, and email me at if you have any questions or are interested in placing an order:

I just updated my DA gallery with 30+ pieces of art I did this year! Check them out here:…
Check out my detailed, updated review about three of Armature Nine’s fantastic artists’ models in my newest blog! ->…
I've just posted my newest blog! Check out, "I Could Write a Novel about Not Being Able to Finish a Novel!" ->

Mechanical Hummingbird Color by Dreamspirit  Young Sashah - Paint Tool Sai Experiment by Dreamspirit  BFFs by Dreamspirit Alchemist and Friend Sketch by Dreamspirit
[My Newest Blog Contains 18 Recent Art Pieces!] Check out "I Looked into the Void, & the Void Tossed Back Art Supplies"…

Messenger by Dreamspirit  Koi Sketch by Dreamspirit  Henna Tigress Painting by Dreamspirit
Please join me in sharing & celebrating "The Art and Legacy of Kevin Kanai Griffith:iconcowandcheese: -> 

KKGbogfamilyxmas012 by CowAndCheese  malygos colorV01 kkgSharp by CowAndCheese  1185260 10151718336498964 2007874219 N by CowAndCheese  Orc with a Dagger by CowAndCheese  A Red Dragon by CowAndCheese

Young Sashah - Paint Tool Sai Experiment by Dreamspirit

I've just posted a new blog about the @SCWriters' Conference & my novel's Progress! Read it here:

I've just posted a ‪#‎WIPWednesday‬ blog all about my sculpture, "Sashah's Song," which includes a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos about the journey so far! Check it out! ->

'Sashah's Song' - Mixed Media Sculpture by Dreamspirit
Steinir Dragon Sculpture (Collage View) by Dreamspirit

I just launched a Patreon! I hope you might consider supporting me in my ongoing creative pursuits in art and writing! :) The tiers start at $1/month.

Learn more ->
K. LeCrone's 2015 Year in Review by Dreamspirit

Curious what I was up to in 2015 both personally and professionally? Check out my 2015 Year in Review blog I've just posted to find out some highlights of what went down this year! ->
World's 1st Butterfly Cosplay - Monarch Brightwing by Dreamspirit

At last! I've posted Part 3 of my Monarch Brightwing sculpture to my personal blog! I hope you enjoy reading it and checking out the final photos of quite possibly the World's First Butterfly Cosplay! 
There are loads of fun photos here in the blog that have not been uploaded to Deviant Art, so definitely head over and check them out!
Steinir Dragon Sculpture (Collage View) by Dreamspirit

I've put together a new [Guide] covering the materials I use for sculpting over at my blog! I hope it helps anyone who's curious or is considering getting started! ->

My original dragon sculpture "Friendship" is now up on eBay! I hope she finds a good home. :)

'Friendship' - Dragon Sculpture by Dreamspirit

Bid here ->

'Friendship' - Dragon Sculpture by Dreamspirit  The Burrocorn in her Winter Coat by crocodiledreams  'Butterscotch' - World of Warcraft Fan Art Yak by Dreamspirit

Check out my latest blog, "Sculpture: "Friendship," Cindy's Burrocorn, & a Yak Photoshoot," 
for more information and amazing photos by :iconcrocodiledreams: ! ->
[Register for Crafty Secret Santa 2015] Please join us in a holiday gift exchange of crafty proportions, where all you need to spare is four hours of your time to surprise another artful individual with an original creation this holiday season! Individuals of all skill levels are welcome to join and take part in the festivities! 
Learn more ->
Read my new blog, which includes a number of new sketches, including one from  as well as a recent fantasy commission! ->
Check out the new blog I just posted about my new position at Blizzard as well as ‪#‎BlizzCon‬! >
[~Buyers Beware!~] Avoid :icongalileon: Geene Models​ and his dinosaur models! He has had my money for over four months and after repeated delays and now a complete and utter lack of communication, I've been forced to contact both PayPal and my bank in order to help resolve matters and pursue a refund. There is little I like less than pursuing a charge-back, but by golly this artist is a scammer in the making!

From what I can tell from other disappointed buyers, the purchases that are handled by other 3rd-party vendors like Shapeways ARE shipping out, but the rest of his stuff is nowhere to be seen. He is also using multiple nested third party payment services in order to mask his activities as a scammer. Examples:

"PayPal and similar services only offer buyer protection for a limited period of time after a transaction. As an artist myself, I'm begging you: if you aren't absolutely confident that you can deliver by a certain or reasonably soon after, stop taking preorders, and instead only allow orders once you have an item finished, in-hand, and ready to ship.

If GeeneModels-buyer's accusation is true, you've had $1,850 of his money for over a year and still haven't received the items. That is an absolutely unacceptable ongoing wait, and at this point if you're unwilling to refund him, it seems exceptionally cruel. :(

When people "preorder," they are putting faith in you to deliver by a certain date (or reasonably soon after). If you can't, you should be communicating with them and willing to offer them full refunds if they aren't willing to continue to wait."

[Brief Commission Opening!]
In order to offset some silly medical bills and unexpected costs, I'm opening one more "pay what you want" commission slot for an ACEO. My rate is $35/hr, so the more you toss my way, the more time I'll put into your creation: simple as that. :) If you want the original, you can add-on for shipping. The minimum size will be 2.5 x 3.5 inches, but I may go larger as the price goes up or as the inspiration strikes me!

I plan to work on these this week. Apparently I don't have many examples in my gallery, but these are suitable examples from a few years ago:

The Lightbearer - Final by Dreamspirit  Opal Watercolor ACEO by Dreamspirit  Loirin ACEO for Tessa by Dreamspirit  ACEO/ATC - Nature Dragon and Friends by Dreamspirit

No Blizzard IPs, please.

If you're interested, please comment or note me.


Here's a video of the ZBrush dragon sculpture I recently completed which includes a process walkthrough, turnaround & stills! ->

You can also check out my newest blog which talks a bit more about this sculpture and such (it even has some pretty pictures) ->