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ZBrush - Week 9 - Night Elf Druid - Rendered

By Dreamspirit
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"The Flag Runner"
Digital Sculpture Completed on April 1, 2013

This my first fully-painted ZBrush model, and she is quite the labor of love.

For those that are unfamiliar with the creature: in Warcraft, Night Elf Druids can shapeshift into elfy-looking cats. This particular one is running a flag from Warsong Gulch (a sort of "capture the flag"-style PvP Battleground).

She was modeled and then polypainted from scratch and the background/setting is a very, very modified screenshot from World of Warcraft. Had I more time for the assignment, I would have put her in a more "natural" setting, but that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes. :)

This is my first attempt using the render settings of ZBrush, and I'm not entirely thrilled by the results, but I'm certain I'll continue to learn and grow in time. This piece completes my homework for my ZBrush course, too, so if you want to see how far I've come since January, check this out:

I hope you guys like the result! I put a lot of love into her and I'm really pleased by the result, and hope that down the road I can get a 3D print of her, perhaps.

For views of other angles, please look here:

Personal Fan Art.

Click twice on the image above for a more detailed view.

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Nikkitty-the-neoncat's avatar
That is absolutely breath-taking! I love the way it glows, too. Such talent, I'm a bit jealous Wink/Razz 
Lunewen's avatar
I love all the details you put into your 3d sculptures!!
Bennettlizzy81's avatar
Oh so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
Dreamspirit's avatar
Thanks so much!  I'm glad you enjoy it!
Mercy-kun's avatar
It's gorgeous! I am speechless! <3
Dreamspirit's avatar
Thanks so very much! :)
Mercy-kun's avatar
No need to thank me. :D
It's awesome! <3
Onelnick's avatar
Amazingly done!The details look awesome.
I really wish WoW would be like that!                    
Stein Falling 
Dreamspirit's avatar
Thank you so much for the compliments, and me too! 
LucidKitsune's avatar
Wow! Amazing work! The Druid has always been one of my favorites <3  Great detail in the cat, I love the musculature and the anatomy is great! Love the effects on the flag as well. 
Dreamspirit's avatar
Thank you so very much for all your kind words!  I had a lot of fun trying to figure out the anatomy of how the NE druid would look like with a bit more definition, and i"m glad you liked how she turned out. :)
Burdfeet's avatar
This is probably the first digital sculpture work I've ever favorited, since digital sculpting and 3d are really not my thing, by gosh, this piece looks awesome! Dynamic, incredible structure and attention to anatomy (oooo muscles!) and detail. Good lighting. Quite nostalgic for me too, heh.
Great job!
Dreamspirit's avatar
WSG brings back a lot of memories for me too! So many flags: so little time. ;)

Thanks for the kind compliments and I'm glad you like the muscles and dynamic pose! I definitely poured a lot of time and effort into this girl, so its wonderful being able to share the final result. In regards to lighting: this was my first time trying to do a "render" of a model, so I think there are about 12 layers that contributed to lighting in the render, so I'm glad you like how they all came together! Prior to doing this model I just sort of... assumed that once you finish your model you just hit a button (like "Print Screen") and slap on a background and effects. How wrong I was!
coyohti's avatar
Wow, this is really great! I'm curious - are you doing the Zbrush course online or at a local school?
Dreamspirit's avatar
I am taking an online course through the Gnomon School of Visual Effects: [link]
gwen-di's avatar
this is really awesome, greatly done <3 i love druids... and warsong gulch.. (:
JhenrhiIda's avatar
I loved Warsong Gulch. This piece is beautiful! While you couldn't go with the natural, I think this shows the beauty of the game and the setting of the PvP ground. I love the colors too!
Dreamspirit's avatar
I'm so glad you enjoyed this piece and that the setting and colors evoked a fond memory for you. :)
Fishbertus's avatar
Amazing! Reminds me of the good ol' days!
Dreamspirit's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad it brings back memories for you!
009-1's avatar
Very creative =D
Dreamspirit's avatar
Thanks so much!
tarkheki's avatar
It's a superb final product- professional quality, really enticing, and a great promo image, even if it's not really a "promo" image for the game!
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