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Young Sashah - Paint Tool Sai Experiment
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Published: June 9, 2013
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Completed on June 9, 2013

I realized tonight that I purchased Paint Tool Sai about three years ago... and I hadn't done more than open it up once or twice since, so I thought "Hey? Why don't I try to do some cel-shaded stuff with this tool?"

A few hours later, my attempt at "cel-shaded" had taken on a life of its own and... I think it's time to call it quits. ;) There is a lot I don't really dig about this piece, but I think it's time to move on and start anew.

This is a character from my main book series. Her name is Sashah, and she's a werewolf, and this is an illustration of her at a younger age. I was trying for somewhere between the age of a gangly cub and the age of a sleek adult wolf, so hopefully that comes across here. The eyes are WAY more teal than they would actually be for the character, but once I painted them in, I liked them enough that I opted to keep them as-is.

I'm currently working on a short story that she makes a cameo in, here's an excerpt:

"[...] The scorching heat of the noonday sun was none-too-kind, and the grey blur quickly took shelter in the shade of a nearby work bench. When Vargas approached, it got to its feet and wheeled around to looked up at him with two striking teal-blue eyes. As he got close, it also closed its slender mouth, almost as if it was self-conscious about panting while being watched.

The creature almost seemed to shimmer as it took a step towards him. It looked something like a dog or young wolf, he wasn't sure, but it didn't act quite like any canine he'd ever seen. There was something different in the way it moved and the bold intensity in which it watched him. It didn't seem frightened, just curious.

Ever-so-slowly, Vargas reached out his hand towards the creature, ready to pull his hand away at the first sign of aggression. Instead, the young wolf sniffed the offered fingers while its bright eyes watched Vargas’s own. After a moment of thoughtful deliberation, it licked his fingers sweetly as a pleased puppy might, and then nuzzled its soft head under Vargas's outstretched hand.

In that moment, it made friendship seem so very easy.

If you're interested in seeing more of my art and writing, make sure to check out my Art and Writing Blog.

Personal Art. Somewhere around four hours or so in Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CS5.

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swithty| Traditional Artist
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Amazing work!
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WOW.. just plain ol WOW. I DO love the merge of cell shading, and vector art... you always come up wiht the coolest ideas. XD
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Dreamspirit|Professional General Artist
Thanks so much, Bernice! <3 I'll admit that most of this really... wasn't planned. It was a happy accident where I just kept going and going trying to see how it would take shape.

I think midway through, once I stopped trying to make it what I originally intended and just let it be... I really like the direction it ended up going, and I'm glad you like the place it ended up. :)
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Isn't that the way of it? Art has ti's own way of living and breathing... it doesn't want to be controlled! XD
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crocodiledreams|Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, cell shaded not so much. ;) I would like to see you do some of it, though! <3
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Dreamspirit|Professional General Artist
I did a bit more genuine cel-shaded work on another piece I started, but I was feeling like it was just... kinda going through the motions. Then I started this one and let it go where it would. ;) But yeah, I'll definitely give a genuine cel-shaded look another attempt when I figure out the right piece for it. :)
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