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[Sketch Story] Tranquility

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Published: August 25, 2014
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Completed on August 25, 2014

I wrote up an entire blog about this piece, which is chock-full of images of the process. You can check it out here --> bit.ly/1pz8vA2

I told myself that by the end of this month, I’d finish a piece of art that was laying around unfinished, and in this case I chose a piece I’d started way back in 2003 and then revisited once in 2011 and again this month in 2014! Originally, I was trying to combine three things I loved: tigers, hawks, and the woods.

Some things never change!

I tried to stay true to the spirit of the original and push it forward. I honestly never intended to do the tiger, forest setting, and all those feathers without any solid references.  As such, it was a very, very messy process, which you can check out below. But on the whole, I’m really pleased with how it all came together, and I've written a tiny Sketch Story to go along with it.

This piece is dedicated to the late Caroline Muchmore, who continues to inspire me, even now.

I hope you enjoy it!

"Tranquility" - by K. LeCrone

Tranquility's home was among the far-off bluffs and canyons that cradled the edge of wide western sea. Her great feathered wings took her high above the stony outcrops and towering precipices, but they also carried her inland to the lush forests that grew along their many winding tributaries.

Here, it was green as far as her eyes could see. From the wide throngs of moss and finger-like ferns that nestled themselves among the cool grass, through to the endless expanses of trees that held hands and whispered among themselves, this was a foreign place to her familiar rocky views and wide open skies. This was a sacred place. And as Tranquility laid down on a bright patch of sunlight, she let the warmth of the moment flow through her. She cast away her cares and worries, and bid the forest into her heart.

There, in the shimmering dappled light, the towering woods offered up their many secrets to she with the gentle grace.

Click on "Full View" for a crisper, less distorted version.

Where the piece began in 2003 and revisited in 2011:

Feathered Tigress - WIP - 01 by Dreamspirit

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Wow !! Gorgeous ! :D
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Growlie26Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's awesome.
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asari13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Oh ho ho WOW baby!
I've been staring at the BG in particular- the meticulous details in the fronds, the variety of plant life, the way it all comes together to lead the eye.. it's SUPERB.
And equally as stunning is the feathers in the wings- the perfect placement of each one. This is a triumph for sure!
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EsotericNightWalkerHobbyist General Artist
This is gorgeous Heart 
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Very beautiful work :)
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solusauroraborealisHobbyist General Artist
Happy to see the inspiration the crystal has brought you!
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DreamspiritProfessional General Artist
It TOTALLY did!  I treasure it so! <3  Thank you for your continued friendship!
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d1eselxProfessional Digital Artist
Inspiring that's for sure. Great work!!
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DreamspiritProfessional General Artist
Thanks so much! It was very fun getting back to my roots on the subject matter, as it were. There's a time for angry, snarling things, and then... well... there's this. :)
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newdynamicStudent Traditional Artist
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DreamspiritProfessional General Artist
Thank you kindly! :)
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newdynamicStudent Traditional Artist
You are most welcome!
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SammyleinStudent General Artist
Beautiful :)
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DreamspiritProfessional General Artist
Thank you for the compliment!
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DreamspiritProfessional General Artist
Thanks so much! :D I'm glad it's _finally_ done!
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It seems like the tiger is eyeing the artist for a flying hug
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