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Spotlight - from my "Female Zombie Killers" folder

Zombie Killer...multiple tours-Slayer-8aef4


Spotlight - from my English...locations, Towns and Cities folder

St Pancras Station London interior Eurostar-05


Spotlight from my European...locations, towns and Cities folder



Spotlight - from my "Beautiful Ugandan Women" gallery folder



Spotlight - Pencil, oil and water colour art.


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Eden thanks you all for the 50k Page Views reached on 1st May 2020 and 2k Watchers reached on 12th May 2020.


I can no longer be certain that all my Watchers are genuine (only applies to Watchers from early June 2020) as lately DA have been bombarding me with spam from so-called Watchers ... many who have been inactive for years and many more who are in actual fact not even watching me. I know that the later group do not count toward my watchers ... but I am becoming increasingly frustrated that DA are using active member accounts to try and re-activate "Dead" member accounts by thanking these members for watching.

This is piss poor of DA and even having reported this directly to them they refuse to respond. I just don't have the time to do the job DA should be doing ... either contact inactive member accounts themselves or delete them if they become inactive for more than a certain period of time.

Have any other active DA members noticed this ... say through unusually high numbers of new Watchers often hitting their inbox in clusters ... please let me know as I want to gather as much evidence as I can. DA need to be slammed for what I strongly suspect they are doing.

Why you ask am I frustrated ... well it took 11 months to get to two thousand watchers ... it looks like it’s going to take just over two months to get to three thousand watchers ... no doubt inflated by FIRKIN DA.

The latest example of dubious watchers ... today Saturday 25th July, I log in to my account at 12.04 pm (BST) and waiting for me are 35 new Watchers ... that's from 00:01am (BST) today. I would not normally see that kind of activity as my average up to May 2020 was under 10 per day. Hence my total Watchers up to mid May 2020 was two thousand ... so as of today, unless the Watch is accompanied with a minimum of one Fave I will delete the notification and I will not visit the "members page" to leave a Thank you for Watching me message. Hopefully in a short period of time DA will get the message and STOP spamming me.

Eden-Your Perfect Silhouet-2000th Watcher

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coffeeguyHobbyist Photographer


You are very welcome ... :)

PhototubbyHobbyist Photographer

Thanks for the fave!!! :D

You are very welcome ... thanks for sharing.


Olivier Giroud is one of my Favourite Chelsea players ... I am a huge Chelsea fan ... appreciate.