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Makebelieve and Bunnies
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Challenge me!

Challenge me!

I feel that is time for me to try and paint something that I usually don't paint (like cute bunnies). The thing is that I don't have a clue what I should paint. That is why I ask you, my watchers, to challenge me to paint something I wouldn't normal paint! It can be anything, and I'm far from confident that I'm going to succeed, but I feel that it is about time for a new experience. I hope that you don't think this sounds silly and that you will give me your best suggestions, and I pick what sounds interesting^^ Thank you, Jeanette

Change in Commission Info

Change in Commission Info

Yesterday I decided to edit my commission info. I didn't realize at first that it was usual to sell digital files as commissions. But after thinking about it, some might think  it is OK to not having to pay anything for shipping, so I have added both a watercolour and a digital painting as digital-file commissions to my commission list. I don't know if it's difficult to understand, so please let me know if it is. I also think that I should mention that these prices are more like an "intro price" because my economy is quite bad now, but I can't spend many hours on these low prices forever so the prices will probably be raised in a couple of

If I started taking commission for original watercolour...

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  • Depends on the price
  • Maybe
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