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Loneliness is a cold world to live in
I sometimes wish
Not even upon a star
That for once inside my head
It would be quiet.
No pain no gain
With fear and shame
That’s how in this world
You achieve your gain
Your loss, your blame
The pages I have turned
The insides that have burned
Torn apart and torn again
That’s the legacy of men.
It’s a dark place to be
This mind of mine, I see
That lights try and fight and burn
And flicker a slight second in return
For one thought of happiness
One small victory
An ounce
Dropped and dead and rising again
Until the end of time
Like a Phoenix from the ash
Like a flame from cinder cold
But I will never be the bold
And beautiful even less
That’s the thing I must confess.
Arise Sir from the ground
And let that lady now be found
She is in need of chivalry
For she is prey to tyranny
A mind so vile
She can’t escape the maze
not even for a while
as she will never amaze
She’s just the girl who can’t
who won’t
who loses, never
:icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 3 0
Midnight Melancholy
My heart
My mind
it's a battle with no end
there are beatings and beats
thoughts mingling and mixing
underneath my skin
I'm marked
by the touch your
hand left in that space between my fingers
made just for yours.
It's a chaos I can't handle
first love
first time
first sight
still not sure whether to cry or laugh
still not sure whether
it's you or the love you give me
I'm addicted to.
Question marks, empty spaces, sometimes a silence
like an unfinished paragraph
or story has only just begun
and the sentences and words
flow trough my head and trough my blood
wondering if I should run.
But you can't hide from yourself
what you want
what you need
the question is really
is that all there is?
I had expectations and dreams and fantasies
But up to now, you're even better yet.
there is just a gnawing voice
an omnipresent persistent noise
asking if I really know what I'm doing
what I'm trying
to figure out.
Is it love, is it friendship
or is the confusion just a part of both?
See how you keep on
:icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 2 2
A sunset of a thousand lights... by dreamsarefairytales A sunset of a thousand lights... :icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 13 8
Ode to DA
There was this moment
And I knew
the very instant
I knew.
It was a door, a window, an escape
And I had the liberty to take it
or leave it, shut it.
I knew.
I was uncertain, scared, excited
My first real leap
The first time
I laid my hands
in the hands of fate
I knew.
It was this energy
that you exhaled, it was this connection
that we made.
I knew.
It was all the times that you
allowed me to
rest my case, pick up my pen
and fight.
I knew.
I guess that two words
are not misplaced
for all the words I've written
and all the words I have yet
to write.
Two hearts that beat together
Millions of people that are connected.
Thank you.
I knew.
:icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 3 11
When you wish upon a star... by dreamsarefairytales When you wish upon a star... :icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 3 30
The Butterfly Effect
So insignificant and careless
across the world they float
on a cloud of innocence
wherever flowers grow.
They wander without a clue
Not worrying, not tiring
on the rhythm of the summerbeat and summerbees
springsongs and springbreeze.
So small and weak
in their childish wonder they seem almost unreal.
And when it passes by, it doesn't brag, it doesn't
even make a sound.
And when one accidentally
happens to cross our way,
we wave away the colored streaks
of joy and happy sun ray.
Without a thought for its misery
of finding a place to play
and work the magic
of its species.
We see them in their glory
When they open up their treasures
of eyes and golden dust
as if to show the world their thrust.
And we never even wondered
why they're not so many left
we guess they're just a side-effect
of something we so naively call
the human progress project.
Yet one day will come
when a flutter of their breath
will cause us all to ponder
on the cause and its effect.
For one day
we all shall tremble and
:icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 5 24
Let us surrender to love
Times in life where it spreads like a disease
Grows on you like fruit on a tree
Sneaks on you like the nighttime
Before you realize it
you’re in its grip
trapped like a deer in headlights
wrapped like a Christmas present
And when you see it
you are trapped still
in a sea
of happiness
because you know it’s right
it’s good it’s perfect
it’s foolish
you’re blind to all the rest
And when you feel it
the sting of the butterflies
the hurt the pain the shame
then you really know it
you’re in love.
:icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 4 24
Skylight by dreamsarefairytales Skylight :icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 17 13 Wings by dreamsarefairytales Wings :icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 20 0
Sometimes she wishes
wishes she could fly
and look from above
down on a world
where everyone soars
through life
with the grace of elephants
and the wisdom of pigs
Sometimes she wishes
Up there
there was someone like her
to fly away with
sometimes a bird
would make her cry
because a bird can
and she can’t
spread her wings
and fly…
:icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 2 3
Chapter 16: Out of Turn
Those girls, they were killing me! I swear one day I will be found dead with expensive lipstick traces on my lips and poison in the corner of my mouth.  Though I would actually not mind being killed like that. It is a sexy way to go...
I entered my class. Ready to face the million faces that were going to turn towards me, the buzz of whispers and gossips, the teacher, the questions... Okay, I had not committed a murder, but it would pretty much feel like that.
God, why did I have to be so popular? Just kidding, I loved it, but I just, did not need anymore of the attention, not today. My thoughts were drifting elsewhere.
I had not been able to find her after she ran out on me in the infirmary, I had even gone to look for her, I knew which class she had because our history teacher always taught Alyss' class before ours and she never missed an occasion to show her disappointment in their disrespect towards the subtle science of "what has been, what is, and shall repeat itself", or rh
:icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 1 4
There is a storm coming... by dreamsarefairytales There is a storm coming... :icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 2 5
A lovin' with a twist
I saw you
in the morning light,
you were my dawn,
lit up my world
for just a second
a fractured reflection in the glass.
I saw you
showing up
around a corner
so unexpected
I almost
dropped to my knees
in awe.
So they say
you are new in town
that you have come a long way
handed from hand to hand
handed from day to day.
My breath stuck
to my throat
your image
forever burned
in the back of my mind.
Regret of having to leave you behind
How can one even shine so bright?
Everywhere you turn heads,
people stare, people touch.
They can't believe you're real.
So soft to feel
You hold a world of womanly desires
in your palm.
Our Achilles heel.
When I feel your skin to mine
I still can't believe
how beautiful
how wonderful
how I
chose you,
saved you,
from the sales war.
:icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 9 13
today they need
today they need
today they need
everything that's perfect
and if it's not
you better turn around
walk away hunch your back
you're nothing
you're empty
Today they need
not you but the image
Today they need not you
but what you can give
and you do consume
Today they need
what you can't give
Today they need
more while you
have less
Today what they see
is not what you want
is not what you see
is not what you would be
But today you have no choice
so shut up go along stand up straight
soldier of a materialist world
owing nothing
owing no one
standing lonely
standing no chance
:icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 6 31
A deadly love
He could have never been yours. Put that in your stupid head. Hide away that obstinacy, because it isn’t going to work this time.
He will want a lot more than you can ever offer. He will want to see you suffer and still be smiling about it. You must be worthy of him. You’ll be rewarded by being his favorite accessory for a month or two. His new shiny toy he could boast about to his friends. His deliciously juicy bone he could chew on until he’d devoured the last sip of marrow. The liquor bottle you give your friends for New Year, knowing it’ll be consumed within the evening. Yes, it was an honor to be considered like that, an honor if it was him who considered.
I would never go this far for a boy. I would never lie to myself. I would always stay the honest girl. The pure hearted innocent geek. The one in the back of the class who never opened her mouth, unless to answer. That girl who just stayed anonymous to everyone and everything. Someone who would never writ
:icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 1 7
Once I was a soldier
Once I was a pacifist
Once I was a warrior
Now I know peace doesn't exist.
There will always be a battle
if it's not blood, then it's the gold
there will always be rivalry
For the love of your country
you shall be bold.
Once I had dreams, for a future
better than the past
Once I believed in a world spinning way too fast
Now I know your present, is the only thing that
And time slips trough my fingers
I would stop it if I could
but I learned to let it go because
I know I never would.
Once I was a dreamer
Once I was a child
Once I was a fool to think that
Life would be kind.
:icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 11 11


Dragonlord Ojutai by chasestone Dragonlord Ojutai :iconchasestone:chasestone 7,873 255 Robert De Niro Ballpoint Art by Rafik Emil H by rafikemil Robert De Niro Ballpoint Art by Rafik Emil H :iconrafikemil:rafikemil 2,208 585
The most photographed places of 2013
Recently, Instagram released their "Top 10 most photographed places of 2013" which was widely a success among photography lovers. Google however, then decided to one-up them and release a list of the most photographed places in the world!They graphically displayed this through a heatmap they created. The warmer the color the more photographed the location is.

The only difference between the two is that Google includes a list of everywhere. And yes, everywhere. Coming in at number 1, the most photographed place in the world is New York City. Shortly followed by Rome in 2nd and Barcelona in 3rd. But Google doesn't stop there, as I mentioned they mapped everywhere. Don't believe me? Zoom into your home town and see where it ranks. This service works similarly to Google Maps. You can zoom into any location and see a map of the location and that location's rank among other places in the world!
:iconstudioloftmedia:StudioLoftMedia 16 7
Colored icicles in the night by 0124nathan Colored icicles in the night :icon0124nathan:0124nathan 23 37 Vulnerability by brittsperspective Vulnerability :iconbrittsperspective:brittsperspective 275 44 Daydreaming Bird by TheGalleryOfEve Daydreaming Bird :iconthegalleryofeve:TheGalleryOfEve 1,474 413 Burnt embers from a loony past by hellboy200 Burnt embers from a loony past :iconhellboy200:hellboy200 20 0 Glimpses by hellboy200 Glimpses :iconhellboy200:hellboy200 47 15 The flame of the ocean by hellboy200 The flame of the ocean :iconhellboy200:hellboy200 65 10 a pensive woman by myway8D a pensive woman :iconmyway8d:myway8D 28 15 Alice by SachaKalis Alice :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 40,990 1,854 Lost ships by haryarti Lost ships :iconharyarti:haryarti 6,116 204
Two Thousand Words: Posting Procedure
Posting begins today! Yay! Find a masterlist here: This list has summaries to go with each project, and will provide easy navigation for long stories that post in multiple parts.
I've still got a few people MIA, which is worrying. However, we have enough projects ready to go or immediately promised that I thought we should go ahead. Posting should be once a day, but we may possibly have random gaps if people are still missing deadlines. I never could come up with a specific posting schedule because it's at the point that I can't really trust anyone to submit when they promise to. Some of you have, which is awesome, so sorry to the people who have done the right thing. The rest, come on! Get your work in, or at least tell me when you can!
I also just found out the hard way that the "submit exclusively to group" function no longer exists. Thanks, deviantART. Because I don't want all your work in my gallery, I've created an admin account: TTWAdmin which
:iconteenage-writers:Teenage-Writers 3 0
Wanderlust by Sashajalal Wanderlust :iconsashajalal:Sashajalal 64 26 Lost in thought by Sashajalal Lost in thought :iconsashajalal:Sashajalal 106 101 A Very Shadowhunter Christmas? by jeminabox A Very Shadowhunter Christmas? :iconjeminabox:jeminabox 99 16



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