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Why am I going to do this to myself. I should be doing homework. This was created by masonella, which seems to be a dead account.

1.) What is your character's full name?
Teresa Catherine Wingston
2.) Is this their real name? If not, what is?
No. Her official name is Project Vision, official identification number 2733-TW.
3.) How did they get their name?
Her civilian name was given to her by her father, Teresa meaning reaper or summer (depending on the language of origin) and Catherine coming from her mother.
Her project name is notating that she's a stealth fighter that's generally assigned to spy missions... or was supposed to be.
Her official name was assigned to her for the sake of simplicity.
4.) Do they have any nicknames? If so, list a few.
Tera is the main one she goes by.
She's also known as Missy by Omega and Spitfire by the Curator.
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Break | Amoux Training 3 | Tera, Acer, Holly
An Amoux paced back and forth in the barn, purposely slamming her tail into the dividing walls of the stalls occasionally. Pain could be a good thing sometimes. It’d get her mind off of her anger.
No one else was in the building, leaving her be to at least attempt to let her cool off. She would have to have a conversation with Cricket eventually about what just transpired, but for now, she was content with pacing and hating on herself.
She bit Sihanlei.
She didn’t know what came over her. She saw the deer the Stryx had brought back for them, and the next thing she knew the bird had a bloody bite on one of her wings. Caused by her. The rage just continued to boil in Tera, getting worse with every passing second. She didn’t know why, either. It was just there, eating at her like a fire in her heart that no liquid could ever put out.
She let out a snarl mixed with a panicked scream, suddenly slamming into a table and breaking one of its legs off with her powerful jaws, b
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Too Slow | Amoux Training 2 | Holly, Acer, Tera
“So where’s the finish line?”
“That rock. Over there.”
“Which rock?”
“That one-- ugh, maybe we should just use the barn like we always do.” Holly said, somewhat frustrated but not letting it faze her. The early morning was beautiful, the faint scent of the forest welcoming to her. This time of morning made her feel at peace, even if she was only up to get a few extra practice races in with Acer. They were always up before even the nocturnals went to sleep, and as a result they both became good friends with the Stryx, particularly Sihanlei. She always brought them breakfast, which they eagerly devoured as they headed out of the barn door.
“Sounds good!” The greenish Amoux grinned, grabbing a stick and drawing a makeshift starting point in the dirt. Acer and Holly had made a tradition out of their mock races, trying to prepare themselves for when their speed would really count. Neither of them were ready yet, but it seemed
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Stupid Tag | Amoux Training 1 | Holly, Acer, Tera
“Hey… it’s nice out. We should play tag!”
“Okay, but who’s going to be ‘it’?”
“You are!” Acer quickly tapped the Indominus on the leg, dashing away. “Bet you can’t catch me!”
“You’d like to think that,” Miles said, charging towards the much smaller Acer, but missing his target significantly. The raptors hadn’t yet hit their growth spurt like he had. “But I’ll get you eventually!”
“No you won’t!”
He growled, trying again in vain to catch the yellow-green raptor. He couldn’t. But he also couldn’t admit that. “You know, I’m tired. You all keep playing, I can just watch for a while.” The warm air and the soft grass called him for a nap -- the weather was absolutely perfect, the rolling hills of the clearing stretching a considerable distance before trees jutted up around them. Their home was just a short distance away.
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Stubborn (Part 2)
There was no way that Amoux could have disappeared so fast. Tera looked at the inviting light that was her home, then back out to the trail of footprints. She was shivering, knowing she should probably get inside before she tried to go to sleep in the snow again, but after taking another look at her home she knew what she had to do.
Cricket needed to meet this Amoux.
Or, rather, it needed to meet Cricket.
“Hey!” she roared out into the forest, taking off at a run along the path of the footprints.
Bad idea.
It was mere minutes before she could barely even keep up a walking pace, exhaustion and cold having eaten her strength.
Wait… this is what caused it to show up the first time. Maybe she was on the right track. She tried to stay awake long enough to keep herself from collapsing in the snow, but she couldn’t hang on.
It solidly chomped on her tail this time, instead of just pulling it. She cried out in pain, getting back to her feet with pure adrenaline.
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Stubborn (Part 1) | Amoux Contest Entry
There was no way Tera could’ve gotten herself lost again.
She shouldn’t have gone out at night. Not without someone else with her. Even if she knew the night almost as well as she knew herself.
She hated snow.
Cricket couldn’t be going out at this time of night to find her, and both of her other companions were asleep. Feathered though she was, she was going to freeze to death.
The cold, quiet forest soon began to spook her. Normally she was the one padding through the snow, watching quietly for an unsuspecting Amoux to come along so she could scare the living daylights out of them. This time was different, though. This time, she was alone without purpose. Why had she gone out here, anyways? She couldn’t remember. There was no point -- there was no food to be had. Cricket had more than enough stores for them over the winter. She shivered, her dark feathers standing on end in a futile attempt to warm herself. It was not going to be enough. The twilight had long s
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Draw This Again: Dreamweaver by DreamRevelation Draw This Again: Dreamweaver :icondreamrevelation:DreamRevelation 4 3 Fireflies | Dreamweaver Reference by DreamRevelation Fireflies | Dreamweaver Reference :icondreamrevelation:DreamRevelation 4 2 DO IT FOR THE BADGE by DreamRevelation DO IT FOR THE BADGE :icondreamrevelation:DreamRevelation 1 0 FINE. I'LL ADD TO THE STUPID PEARODY. by DreamRevelation FINE. I'LL ADD TO THE STUPID PEARODY. :icondreamrevelation:DreamRevelation 0 0 Om Nom | Tera Reference by DreamRevelation Om Nom | Tera Reference :icondreamrevelation:DreamRevelation 13 25 CRICKET IS KING by DreamRevelation CRICKET IS KING :icondreamrevelation:DreamRevelation 4 2
Electric Flight: A Rewrite
Tera quietly rolled out of her father's hangar, yawning and trying to look awake. It was around eleven, so everyone else was already up and about. Everyone else also knew that she was the only plane on base that slept in, but it didn't matter to her. She didn't want to look like it. The sun felt nice, though, and it was making her even more sleepy than before.
Looking around, she found that there wasn't really anyone… except Tony, who was working on someone in the repair ward. It was a Hellcat she'd seen around occasionally, but never spoken to. It didn't seem like he wanted to be. She didn't care much. Everyone she talked to seemed to be set on getting her to join the military anyways.
Especially Tony. He'd brought it up a few weeks after the Jolly Wrenches, or so they apparently became known as, left the base. No more F-18s, he said. Just Air Force. Specifically stealth planes. Nighthawks. She could do the same things as them, he told her.
But s
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New World, New Friends (Chapter 1?)
Six o'clock in the morning. Again. Makayla groaned as her alarm clock pulled her out of sleep, annoyed that it had ended an amazing dream - she was in Radiator Springs, talking and laughing with Lightning, her all-time favorite character of Cars. She wished more than anything that Cars could've been real… maybe she could actually be friends with him instead of just fantasizing.
Shrugging the thought off as she threw on her school clothes, she trudged down the stairs to grab breakfast before catching the bus to school - she didn't attend just any school, though. It was a gifted school that specialized in mechanical engineering. Of course, it was yet another reason she loved the concept of living, breathing vehicles. The idea fascinated her to no end… but alas, they were only fictional.
She made her way to the kitchen table, finding that her mother had already made her two
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COLLAB || You Can't Hide What Lies Inside You by DreamRevelation COLLAB || You Can't Hide What Lies Inside You :icondreamrevelation:DreamRevelation 11 10 Broken by DreamRevelation Broken :icondreamrevelation:DreamRevelation 18 19


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