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Hello, all you lovely watchers! Those who have followed me for a long time already know that I like to draw mermaids and in May, I participated in my first MerMay art challenge. I created all of the illustrations in bright watercolors and sepia ink which is a different style from my usual digital painting style.

These watercolor paintings are a lot easier to create than the digital illustrations that take hours to complete. For me as an artist, I would like to create personal art more often and share them with you. If you haven't noticed lately, I've created a self-art challenge called MerMonday.

I combined the idea of MerMay and the hashtag MerMonday and created my little art challenge to keep me busy for the year. I've been pretty good on the task so far.

If you would like to participate in this art challenge or be inspired by any of the words on my list, you too can join in on the fun. I will post each word prompt at the end of each month on Deviant Art, Instagram and on my new website

The website will have all of my MerMay 2018 and MerMonday illustrations. It is still relatively new and is a work in progress. I eventually want to create a section to highlight an artist who created a mermaid based on my list. Naturally, I would give the artist all the credit and an external link to his or her portfolio.

On that note here is the link to my new website.

Here is the new word prompt list for July.

MerMonday July 2018 - Word Prompt by DreamPigment

Here are all my June illustrations

Pineapple Mermaid - MerMonday June 4th 2018 by DreamPigment Cloud Mermaid - MerMonday June 11th 2018 by DreamPigment Father Merman - MerMonday June 18th 2018 by DreamPigment Rainbow Mermaid - MerMonday June 25th 2018 by DreamPigment

Let's draw some mermaids!
Hello Everybody!

Hope all of you guys are doing well. Just a small little update. As some of you may have noticed, I have been working on the MerMay 2018 art challenge for a couple of days now. I have created 11 watercolor pieces so far with more to come! I want to thank everybody who has added some of these pieces to their favorites list. It means a lot to me; I've worked pretty hard on these pieces. 20 more illustrations to go!

If you like any of these illustrations, I am offering prints to almost all of these images minus the Yoda Merman because of copyright protection. You can order here on Deviant Art or at my RedBubble and Fine Art America stores. You can check those pages out at the links below.……

Here are some of my favorite mermaid pieces so far! If you haven't seen them yet, check them out! 

MerMay 2018: Day 2 - Precocious by DreamPigment MerMay 2018: Day 6 - Rocked by DreamPigment MerMay 2018: Day 7 - Pirate by DreamPigment MerMay 2018: Day 10 - Sweetheart by DreamPigment

Thanks again to all of you! Cheers!
I'm super excited that I've sold my first print on Deviant Art! I've had this account since 2016 with a total of 15 designs currently available for print. I was almost about to give up on this site for print on demand services but now I will return to upload my high-resolution files for my print store on DA. I'm so happy!

Below is my very first sale!

Coffee Koala by DreamPigment

Check out my Deviant Art Print Shop at the link below!…

Lately I've been using iMovie to create my 30 minute sketch time lapse videos. I love to program! I wish I would of learned it a lot sooner. With that being said I'm finally uploading this recording I did back in 2016 of this illustration below. I'm sure you might recognize her from my gallery. I have one more painting process that I've yet to edit but it is a big one.

The music on this video was composed by me. I spent way too much time on it. I used Logic Pro 9 and my MIDI Keyboard. I think will play my guitar for another video. Other than that hope you guys enjoy!

Hello all you guys and gals! This year's goals are going to be bigger than last year. I definitely want to be more productive in creating art and sharing it with you guys. I know as of lately I've been posting a lot of digital practice pieces along with some commercial type of artwork. Don't panic! I will get back on the horse and get to creating more mermaids plus some more cool digital illustrations. That being said I want to get into the rhythm of painting digitally and be a lot quicker at it. A lot of my mermaid illustrations take a very long time to complete. To give you guys an example.

Mermaid Sea Turtle: COLORS by DreamPigment

This mermaid piece took about 16 hours to complete and that's including two revisions. In order to increase productivity time. I set a personal goal to practice each Saturday for 30 minutes on drawing direct to Photoshop. The idea is to build confidence and speed with repetition. In addition, I will document each 30 minute session and condense it to about a 1 minute long time lapse video. These videos will be uploaded to my YouTube page. I will also start recording myself painting again and upload my elaborate illustrations as well. Subscribe to my channel if you haven't yet! 

Here is a time lapse video of my first 30 minute sketch session.

I will for sure be a lot more active on the creative side this year! Cheers to all of you watchers and thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me :happybounce:
So I was tagged by :iconredravenarts:

I won't tag anybody. 

😳Single or Taken😳: Engaged
😘Crushing😘: No
📏Height📏: 5' 6 1/2"
❤Favorite Color: Blue
😝Girl Best Friend: My fiancée Rachel
💯Boy Best Friend: My cousin Chris
👰🏽Ever want to get married?: Yes
👨‍👩‍👧Want Kids!: Yes
🙎🏽If so how many🙎🏽?: 2
👻Snapchat👻: No
♒Zodiac Sign♒: Aries
☕Last Drink☕: Apple cider with caramel vodka
🐱Cat or Dog🐶: Neither
😈Evil or Good👼🏼: Good
⚽Favorite Sport🏀: Football (Denver Broncos!!!)
🐼Favorite Animal🐨: Wolf
😜Weird😜: I'm an artist, it comes with the job description ha ha ha
🙅🏽Do you have haters?: Maybe
😂Funny or Nahh😂: Funny
📱Apple or Samsung📱: Apple
🤓Smart?🤓: Sometimes
Hello everybody!

I will be participating on the 2017 Inktober daily sketch challenge on Instagram! Feel free to follow me on Instagram so you can view my artwork for the day. I will most likely post them on DA as well but Instagram will be the first place I will post. Hope you like Halloween related art!

My instagram page is at the link below. Thanks!
News! I just finished my second vending event yesterday at a art walk in Highland Park in Los Angeles. I sold some of my work and talked to a lot of interesting people. I also saw some pretty cool work from other artists. It was a really good feeling to be out there with people who love art and music. People who enjoy culture and life. Those kind of moments are the beauty in humanity and community.

With that being said, I want to highlight this journal entry to deviant artists who have been really kind to me and supportive of my work. I hope you guys can take some of your time to check them out. They have some pretty amazing artwork and I am sure you will find something that you like!

First on the list is Blue-Swallow-Comics check his artwork out! He is currently working on a manga. He also has some pretty cool music!

<da:thumb id="698816462"/> <da:thumb id="698326679"/> <da:thumb id="681891162"/>

Second anniecoleptic she has some amazing original characters. I love how she draws muscles. 

father of the bride by anniecoleptic  happy avisa by anniecoleptic  Bouquet by anniecoleptic 

Third Blunell she has amazing illustrations! She is really good at digital painting. Good with composition and lighting.

Morning Song by Blunell 

Mature Content

Lund ~ Goddess of Nature by Blunell
  Spring is here~ by Blunell

Forth Socially4wkwardPanda she has a lot of cute illustrations, very creative. 

~Giveaway~ Charlie Mouse by Socially4wkwardPanda  ~F~ Max (Life is strange) by Socially4wkwardPanda  ~C~ Tuxic Hamster by Socially4wkwardPanda

Lastly sylessae she has amazing digital paintings! You can also support her on Patreon. 

Snake Queen by sylessae  Jinx Fanart by sylessae  May Speedpaint 3 by sylessae

Check all of them out! I hope you guys like this selection. I think might do this more often. Maybe once a month? Let me know if you like this idea! 
I can't believe that I haven't posted anything in my journal since January 2017. Way long over due! And on that note, I have some huge news! 

I will be participating in Long Beach Comic Con 2017. The event will take place in Long Beach California at the Long Beach Convention Center on September 2-3, 2017. This will be my very first time participating as an exhibitor so I am super excited to have a booth.

At the event, I will have prints of all of my lovely mermaids! I've decided to sell sizes 4x6, 8x10 and 11x14. So if you are in the So Cal area, come and check the event out! Don't forget to stop by and say hello! I will be set up at booth E26. 

If you can't make it to the event, I will post up pictures on my Facebook "like page". If you haven't liked my page yet, now is a good time to like it. I will for sure post pictures of me in my booth. My lovely fiancee will be there too. So check it out! Here are the links below.

Facebook - Dream Pigment

Long Beach Comic Con 2017

Like always I have prints to sell here and my Redbubble Store.

Redbubble Print Shop
Happy New Year to all you lovely watchers! Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful 2016 year. To start off 2017 right, I've created a FREE baby mermaid piece for you guys to enjoy. Thank you again! Best wishes to all of you! 

FREE -  Baby Mermaid Vector by DreamPigment
I want to give thanks to all of the wonderful artists who posted on my last forum thread! I didn't think it was going to get such a huge response but it did! I almost got a little overwhelmed. I did my best to respond to everybody's post no matter what skill level. I hope this post helped you discover new artists and artwork! I know I liked a lot of the work that was shared.

Thank you so much for all the llama love, faves and new watchers!

I am humbled, much love to all of you!
Hello Everybody!

I'm participating in the 2016 Inktober daily sketch challenge! Check out all of my current and latest Halloween themed sketches at the link below!

In other news if you like vector artwork, I'm conducting a weekly contest in which I will give the winner a free simple custom vector icon from me! The winner for week one has already been selected. I will post up his vector request this Sunday. Please follow if you would like your chance to win your very own custom vector icon! You can follow me on my business Instagram and keep up to date with all the latest contest and mermaid artwork from me. Follow me at!…
Here is my very first time lapse video on YouTube! Still learning how to record my videos. I hope you enjoy it! I will be posting more videos on YouTube. Feel free to subscribe to my channel for the latest time lapse videos on my coloring process.