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The difference between me and the rainfall... I never stop falling for YOU! I started to try something out in typography and in posters. And I can say that I'm successful at failing. Last night, it suddenly rained..GOT STUCK in traffic and was on the road for 3hrs!! It made me think about many things... well most of it were about her. What she likes How can I get closer to her Why does she treat me like this etc... etc... etc... THE END lightning strikes!! X_X
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Close To You

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Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near just like me they long to be Close to you ...but there's this invisible wall...or maybe, you don't want me getting closer to you at all... The space between your heart and mine is the space we'll fill with time, i hope... :(
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tagged by ~retroterp (https://www.deviantart.com/retroterp) and :iconessan43: now, i am supposed to list fifteen weird habits/facts and stuff, and well, here goes: .eat too fast...very fast... .i love watching korean romance films .almost always in front of the computer but my eyes never became dull .im a very lazy person ? .i switched to digital arts because of my break up .i dont like sushi .easy to fall ? :| ."it's your loss not mine" mentality .i used to bite my nails :| .i love eating "fats" especially the one from "sinigang na baboy" .i enjoy being emo sometimes .i love to see you smile .i love sleeping in class .i get high grades even though im lazy .i
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watch please?? :·3
Happy Birthday :la: :cake:
Heya, I was wondering you could tell me under what licence/copyright you have released your brushes? Specifically I'm interested in whether they can be used for commercial work and if credit needs to be given when used.

I generally do not download brushes that I cannot use commercially or have to give credit.
Not because I don't want to credit the designer of them, but because in most cases it's simply not a realistically viable option in most cases, and I don't want to accidentally use brushes that I don't have the right to, nor anger anyone when I don't mean to.
Hey :) Just wanted to say I'm a HUGE fan of your work~ you're super creative and I've found so many ways to use your brushes. Loving the art too!
I`m a big FAN of your work. amazing.
i'm just creating my wedding invitation but i can never find this amazing brushes you use! amazing!
hej (:
your work is quite amazing, I love the way you put in the lights and stuff :D great really!
I used on of your brushes - take a look :D

Great gallery. :D