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Thanks guys :)

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Links to my new blog please go visit

Links to my tumblr

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It would be amazing if you guys could vote for my design please………

Thank you xx
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Hey guys i do apologise for my long absence its been a very busy couple of months.
But i am back :D and am going to be uploading a lot of my new artwork.
If you have any requests please comment below or email me at

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Commission Guideline

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 20, 2011, 2:57 PM


2 SLOTS OPEN (first come first serve)

-£20 for an Size A4 (21.0 × 29.7 cm) bust up/ face portrait illustration
- Example's

Little Red Riding Hood by DreamOn11 .:Wonderland by DreamOn11 .Lost In Stereo. by DreamOn11

-£25 for an Size A4 (21.0 × 29.7 cm) full body illustration

.Urban Decay by DreamOn11 .:Red Riding Hood by DreamOn11 .:Alice In Wonderland Part 1 by DreamOn11

-Background is your choice
-For additional characters £5 is added
-Post and packaging included in the price.

Pay up front and i shall send you a digital copy of the progression e.g. (sketch, lineart and then colour)
Currency is Pounds Sterling £
Paypal payment only.
You will receive the original through mail (Size A4). Shipping included in the price.


[NOTE] me with the title, Commission Order from...[your DA name]
Or e-mail me at
Providing references is also welcome.

The images I draw are for personal use only and may not be distributed or made series of copies of for personal gain (eg. selling prints). Please do not alter the image in any way.
Please take note that I will draw in the style I'm most familiar with. Take a look at my gallery before commissioning me.
I hold the rights to sell reproductions.

!Any queries message me!


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Sorry for the long wait, but right now im doing my final exams and will be finished soon.

More to come from June onwards!

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My first interview for art foundation is tomorrow, so im really fricken nervous >;/
I havn't written a journal since 2010 ive been so busy but i do promise to be on here a lot more and maybe do a new tutorial because my style is always changing. I have loads of things to upload aswell.:D
Ive been doing my exams this week so everything has been hecktick im sick of revising.
Im going be buying some camomile tea soon hopefully it will help with my stomach cramps and anxiety, i absolutely love tea but i dont like flavoured tea like green tea so this will be an interesting experiment.
I can't wait till the weekend maybe i can go see a film :D black swan look's cool. Recently ive been watching the series of the girl with the dragon tattoo and the girl who played with fire, I thought the first one was really good and interesting but the second one was a bit of a let down ;/

How everyones doing well:hug:


Thank you so much for all of the positive feeback like comments, favs and watches etc.
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Hello fellow Deviants :wave:,
Sorry ive been so inactive on here lately ive got so much to do and whenever i come on here its to look at my inbox hopefully soon i will get more time to do things on here.
Im so tired right now i just wanna go to sleep at 8.00pm >.<. To many things to do in such little time.
So im doing my outcome for my art project, which is going to be an illustrative =/ wouldnt say book more like a portfolio. But yes im doing that right now and when its done i shall take some pictures of all the work i have been doing recently which is a fricken lot! :D
Im going to see Harry Potter wednesday so looking forward to that :)

Ummm.. yeah im a bit brain dead today...

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Hello everyone :wave:

Just wanted to say im not dead haha XD
Ive been really busy and im going to try to fit in my requests and get them all done as soon as possible!

I have a week off which will be filled with joy :D


1. :iconbatcup: - Her OC's Jake & Lived
2. :iconxxxkyokoxxx: - Her OC Kyoko
3. :icontortureprincess: - Jacob Black
4. :iconolheatherxcore: - Tim Burton-y portrait

Visit my Tumblr -
Visit my Tumblr -
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SLOWLY getting through my requests and my other work god im dyeing sometimes there just isnt enough time in a day.

NEXT Kiriban at 4,444 page views :D its gonna be a big surprise

I still am open to anyone with a request :D


1. :iconfirstdarkangel2001: - Done
2. :iconsunshine1994: - Done
3. :iconbatcup: - Her OC's Jake & Lived
4. :iconxxxkyokoxxx: - Her OC Kyoko
5. :icontortureprincess: - Jacob Black
6. :iconolheatherxcore: - Tim Burton-y portrait

Visit my Tumblr -
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Im so poor right now its umbelieveable and just at the start of my summer vacation ._.
Fingers crossed i get a digital slr for my birthday in aug XD
Cause i really need one because a. i dont have a camera!?!? and b. i need one for my next art course.

Wahh i need to get a job w@

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Im so excited because now im off for the summer which means lots of free time and no school work (accept some stupid projects). :D
So for a while now ive started reading the vampire diaries which is quite awesome =3 and i love the tv show, before i wasnt too fussed but i really like it now. Except for some errors in their writeing. But i love reading and it takes my mind of things.
Im going to start doing some illustrated scenes of my favourite bits of the novel hopefully in chronological order :D
I want to improve on my figure drawing and backgrounds etc so this is a way which will help me through the summer.
I have just finished the first scene lineart :D and for those who dont like the vampire diaires or dont know of it you can still look at the pwetty pictures =3

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Just wanted to say thank you so much for watching my work it really encourages me to do more and it makes me so happy that people actually like my work.

I love you all :) :hug:

I will be uploading more artwork soon hopefully twilight fanart perhaps :D, just wanted to also say if anyone has any really good requests please comment below :D.

I have now got tumblr go check it out :D


If you follow me i shall follow you :D

<3 xxx
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Recently :3

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 12, 2010, 5:31 AM

So hallelujah i finished my exams, they were all very annoying ^-^

I have ordered lots of things ready to do some screen printing/silk printing etc >.<
So i will hopefully be uploading either the designs or the final product :D

Magpies <3 lol

And i will be doing way more art soon
Now i have all of this free time :)



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Well today im in AGONY however that is okay lol >.<
so for the past week i have been naughty and been slacking on my studying for my final exams next week :D

next week i have a sociology, history and english literature exam so FUN!! woo

My friends Birthday is on Sunday so i made her the .:Red Riding Hood drawing

Hopefully in the next few weeks i will be submitting way more gothic stuff for my art project.

Yesterday I went to my local art uni and had a talk and tour, which was fun although i wish they had better studios v.v BUT nevermind the course sounds good and they are all nice and welcoming.

During the summer i shall be hopefully makeing some Pretty t-shirt designs ect :D and trying to print them wooo ^-^ all of a sudden ive become more arty with my clothes like ripping all of my tshirts have no idea why XD

Thank u too all of my lovly watchers and thank u soo much for all of the favs etc.

Next Kiriban 3333
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Im so sad my membership has expired =P ohwell shall re-new it soonish

Hmmm.. im still not sure about the new DA >.<

Okay so in the upcoming weeks i shall be really busy with my alevel exams ahh. I hate exams soo much and the studying for them >=/

Hopefully soon i shall upload some stuff ^-^

Ooo and i shall be doing some gift art for my best fwends for their BDAYS WOO >@<
Cant wait but its a surprize

I swear im like poor latly gawd V.V

i hate the rain sometimes !!
today V.V i got soaked >.<

PS. Robin Hood was pretty badass gotta say but i believe it could have been much much better
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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri May 7, 2010, 7:12 AM


About my new art project

So i have chosen what i want to do for my personal project in my art course and its gonna be DUN DUN DUNNNNNN superstitions and urban myths XD with a victorian and gothic twang ^-^ (love that word w@)

And YAYYY im gonna be making some Rabbit feet out of fur NOT REAL!! im all against real fur, its gonna be fake :P i shall upload some photos when their done :D so be expecting some strange art coming up.

And OH MY GOSH i nearly have 100 watchers :D thank u so much for watching my work it really means a lot to me =3  :hug:




Tribute to Veronica Lake by VanessaLake I Spy Vanessa Lake by VanessaLake :thumb162226819: :thumb158377899:

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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 23, 2010, 3:19 PM

For the winners of the alice in wonderland contest

:star:1st Place:star:

Arisu by la-sera by :iconla-sera:

Golden roses by la-sera together... by la-sera Vampire Bride by la-sera

WOW :worship:

:star:2nd Place:star:

Alice by RoryonaRainbow by :iconroryonarainbow:

Captain Jack Sparrow by RoryonaRainbow White Queen by RoryonaRainbow:thumb126354807:


:star:3rd Place:star:

Alice by pinkhimawari by :iconpinkhimawari:

All your fears belong to me by pinkhimawari feel pain for you by pinkhimawari


:star:4th Place:star:

Hello, sweet hat. by xnicoley by :iconxnicoley:

Harry Potter by xnicoley Jack Sparrow, savvy? by xnicoley


:star:5th Place:star:

The Wrong Alice by hachiyuki by :iconhachiyuki:

VOCALOID fc by hachiyuki

Congrats to all of the winners sorry i couldnt do a bigger feature i dont have much time on my hands :)


I will be updating my own work soon but it may be until april the 1st until i do :(

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