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Mask Tutorial

By dreamofwings
My tutorial for making a pretty sweet looking mask . This is my first tutorial so if you have suggestions, questions, or improvements please let me know and I will add them here. Detail vectors courtesy of The mask shown is for my Medicine Seller cosplay.
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Hello! Just wanted to say that this is a wonderful tutorial and I'm definitely going to be using it here in the near future!
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Hi, I'm sorry to be a bother but I'm currently working on a cosplay and I have a plastic mask for it, however while the top part (eyes, forehead and nose) are good, the lower part is to narrow and the mouth to defined for the cosplay I have in mind, do you have any helpful tips on how to edit the mask?
dreamofwings's avatar
Hello, sorry I'm replying so late. It's probably no longer relevant but to satisfy the curious: With plastic, you're usually shit out of luck. It depends on what you want to change and what material the mask is made of. Unfortunately it's very case-by-case so about the best advice I can give here is either be satisfied with what you've got, find a different one at party city, or make your own using the other as a mold or reference. Sorry I can't be of more help!
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noice, i actually make my masks like this too and i did not even know you did a tutorial on how to make one x3
but i used just fripped uo paper and tons of glue and not a paper mash since if i have some left over, it would be kind of lame xP
but i will try your way with the paper mash some other time too ^u^
Qualia-matsuri's avatar
AH sorry, I didn't see you answer that already in the last paragraph...
Qualia-matsuri's avatar
Thank you very much for this useful tutorial! This is just what I needed :D
I am using it right now, and damn It's hard when you have a big nose xD But whatever... I was wondering... What did you do on the inside? Did you remove the paper base at some point, or did you paint over..?
dreamofwings's avatar
I'm glad it's helpful! What are you using it for if you don't mind answering?
Qualia-matsuri's avatar
What I used ..? Well I just used wood clay instead of paper clay, but the rest is the same as written :) I will try with paper clay next time.
dreamofwings's avatar
Ah, I didn't know there was such a thing as wood clay. I've never seen it here in the US (not that that means anything. XD) What project are you using if for is what I was wondering. :)
Qualia-matsuri's avatar
Aah okay, sorry! Well the only one I did for now to train myself is the mask of a character from a story with ex-friends. But what I really plan is to make Zacharie's cat mask for a cosplay :) (This is a character from the french indie game "OFF"
GoGo-T-W's avatar
This really looks wonderful. So smooth and clean. 
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This is such a great tutorial and so versatile, thank you!
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No problem! You can use it on just about anything that's paper mache, so long as you get it wet first. So it might be good for a lot of different things.
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Wowwww you're doing a Kusuriuri cosplay with this mask??? AWESOME!!!! i gotta say this is the first mononoke cosplay tutorial i have ever seen xD
shadowzabimaru's avatar
Yes! Mononoke is definitely under-appreciated! I saw them, they're nice! ^^
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