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'Tis the season for spook and kook, and I bring you some of the finest deviations on dA displaying one, the other, or both. Enjoy my ghouls and gals!

Best Show We Ever Did by Hazel-Weatherfield:thumb170715437::thumb178167613: we have for dinner? by spundman:thumb160592027: Lord Rufus T. Pugsmere by Artsammich Love hurts...For Valentine by anderton ZOMBIE by Hartman by sideshowmonkey Nail Mouth by Justin-Mabry:thumb56335361: Nightmare by Hazel-Weatherfield Man in dreams by Rook1983:thumb79115333: de.kadenz VII by silent-order Ghouls in Heavens Fall by Stalk-Von-Dark Kill,Kill,Rabbit,Kill by Stalk-Von-Dark Bug-Eyed Billy by Stalk-Von-Dark:thumb24660747: fables II by zoz0 Vampire and ThunderApe by RobbVision:thumb90373282: Alien Lumberjack by RobbVision Food Chain Fascist by IreneLangholm CARDBOARD CASKET by justnartist MOTEL HELL by mariano7724 Zombie me by lllaria help me by zoz0 Halloween is Childs play by Harpyimages Killing Time by antonisfes bored by zoz0:thumb70930665:

Mature Content

The White Rabbit Revealed by chadmichaelward
:thumb124816993: SLAUGHTER HIGH by mariano7724

Mature Content

Horror by jerrywhite

Mature Content

We know Where You Live... by Kaduflyer
You've got red on you by Montygog Leatherface by Montygog:thumb57825843: the midnight clown show by mariano7724 alice5-the mad hatter by ClickClickBangUK Apothecary 1 by MMFane:thumb141042123: Z is for Zombie 2 by paulorocker The Raven by senyphine Silent Hill by peachyanime zombies by AkureiTsume magie.femELLE by silent-order:thumb157744554::thumb161669578::thumb162893063::thumb143977994: AGE OF HORROR by Hartman by sideshowmonkey Trainconductor_Ghoul by WacomZombie:thumb10585544::thumb68805008::thumb74912750::thumb93946482: Boxer by michaelkutsche pumpkin carving by Loopydave Frankie's Bride by JessiBeans:thumb125926505::thumb122365553: Toof Fairy Colored by 2BeanSoup Poison by paulorocker:thumb160712627: Revenge of the Gherkinoids by MattDixon Swimming with skarks by paulorocker Fear by michu3 Devil by McRace Child's Play by paweljackowiak Halloween by magpies7 Zombie Walk - Toulon 2010 by Djaevan Frankie with Daddy by MathieuBeaulieu my one desire, my only wish... by ClickClickBangUK:thumb180330563: Boogey Man by raphael777 Jack Black Cat by ThomasKain:thumb168534860: Daily Sketch: Monday 22-3 by Cowboy-Lucas The Wool to Hide the Wolves by badcciintra:thumb180349996: The Horror by najuzaid Shadow watcher by MisterSmiley Le cri by srinande Magi by TALONABRAXAS

As always, support the deviants above by faving and commenting their work--if you appreciate it, show it!

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No problemo, hun :pumpkin:
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cheers for the feature, that's some good stuff!
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thanks for the feature! great collection of art here!

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No problem, darling! Thank you for making such lovely work to feature :pumpkin:
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Thank you. It'sa good feature ! I love it !
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Fantastic features. Thanks for including one of mine too. ^^
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No problem, love :pumpkin Thank you for making wonderful art to include!
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thanks a lot for the feature! lovely collection!
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