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Fish Oil



I have wanted to do this for awhile. I was going to do a really nice black and white political type cartoon but instead I did a five minute drawing! lol, I am so lazy!=)
But at least my laziness never killed anyone…


ugh! I am just so infuriated with our lousy government!!!!! there are so many heartfelt promises but no results EVER. wasn't Obama going to get us away from dependency on fossil fuels? why are all the brilliant ideas for alternative fuels shot down then? and why was Mr. I PWOMISE NOT TO DWILL ANYMORE signing agreements to START drilling in more places right before this "accident"? why did the media assure everyone that the accident wasn't an intentional attack even though "it was unclear" what caused it? Thank you for opting to save money and to NOT put the safety stops on this rig.


thank you British Petroleum for ruining our coast, killing our people and our wildlife and destroying our industries and the livelihoods of our ppl on the coast (didn't brown pelicans JUST get taken off the endangered species list 2-3 yrs ago? how many of the few thousand remaining sea turtles are we planning to kill? how many people will die from cancers caused by these UNTESTED chemicals you are dousing the gulf with?).

Thank you Obama for calling us "whiny Louisianans" and doing nothing to put a stop to the thousands and thousands of gallons of oil that have been spilling out for OVER a month into our fragile ecosystem. thank you government for telling our people to SHUT UP and stay out of it whenever we come up with a solution. thank you for sanctioning BP both on NOT putting the safety measures on the rig and on putting UNTESTED chemicals, that may be worse than the oil itself with unknown side effects, into the gulf to try and disperse the oil.

thank you rest of the US for acting like we deserve this because we are "the dirty south" and we shouldn't have been drilling. we did not ask for it to be drilled here AND WE ACTUALLY MAKE NO PROFIT. supposedly in 2017 the oil companions will have to start paying LA and other coastal states for working right off our coast lines but they don't have to do that now! also...HELLO ppl, EVERYONE in the US USES this oil. if you have ever driven a car, you most likely did so curtsey of the gulf.
RIP. Deep Water Horizon victims. SUPPORT ALTERNATIVE FUEL!
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this whole BP disaster is the worst...who knows how much damage has really been done....