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OC Tag (8)

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 25, 2016, 10:05 AM

1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creator’s avatars.
Shnowbilicat did this again so I decided to do it for my 8th time.

Name: Gary Trap Vine
FNAF4- Gary Trap Vine/Foxy Mask by DreamNotePrincess
1. Gary's name is short for Garret, and only him and Alex know about it.
2. Gary got his Foxy Mask along with his friends other masks from Vincent. When he was 8 he was trying to get the mask sets of Freddy and his friends but always had no money or the store ran out. So Vincent decided to buy it for him, not knowing one day Gary would be his son.
3. Gary and his brother Alex are Vincent's adopted sons.
4. Gary plays the guitar, and is really good with it.
5. Gary and Lucas/Chica Mask Bully are my very first OCXOC Yaoi shipping. I've shipped yaoi before, and now I made it!
6. Gary loves his little sister Victoria, and cares, protects her more then he is with Alex. This makes the later jelious. 
7. Gary dreams of being a music teacher when he grows up
8. Gary works part time as a night guard for my fanmade animatronic place called Cathy's Cafe, and works along side his aunt Jenna, who almost killed him one day.

TAG: Anyone!!

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