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So if you've been reading since the beginning of December, I tried to do a 25 days of Christmas prompt with my SOL AU. However, I feel complete regret over it. Why? Well today I've been exhausted. I've been trying to balance my other projects plus this one, and its made me exhausted. 

Instead of cancelling it, I'm going to write them whenever I can. No daily thing, so Day 7 onward might be out over the weekend or next week. I will try to finish it after Christmas or sometime in January. But don't worry I'm not canceling it, I'm having fun doing these holiday stories.

So don't worry!

Also I have a BIG huge idea for this set of stories. Not sure if its fully canon, but if you guys like it I'll make it canon to the main series. Day 7, or now prompt 7 will bring up the topic! 
So tumblr is going through a TON of STUFF going on. I decided to drop my other accounts that you can follow me on! 


My bestie FeelingGenki and I went to see The Power of Us today. It was a cute story!! I almost cried at one of the parts, but it was fun and cute!!…

This is not a joke, Stephen Hillenburg died today :(
During the month of December I'm going to be writing Christmas drabbles for my SOL AU. It would be 25 chapters filled with Christmas/Winter fluff with the Stein Family. I got like 5 drabbles planned, but I need 20 more. If you guys have winter/Christmas fluff ideas let me know. Here is what I have so far.

Day 1 Snow Day (Done writing will be posted December 1st) 
Day 2 Christmas Tree (Done writing will be posted December 2nd)
Day 3 House Decorating
Day 4 Ice Skating
Day 5 Gift Wrapping
Day 6 Snow Angels
Day 7 Christmas Show 
Day 8 Christmas Past (a bit angsty just warning you)
Day 9 Snow Angels and Snow Man
Day 10 Christmas Cookies
Day 11 Snow Fort
Day 12 Sled Race
Day 13 Christmas List/Santa Letter 
Day 14 Christmas Shopping
Day 15 Christmas Party
Day 16 Christmas Stories
Day 17 Cozy
Day 18
Day 19 Christmas Sleepover 
Day 20 
Day 21 Home for the Holidays Part 1
Day 22 Home for the Holidays Part 2
Day 23
Day 24 Christmas Eve
Day 25 Christmas Day
If you guys have more ideas. I'll put them down!

EDIT 11/13: Got 2 new ideas!!! 7/25

EDIT 11/14: New Ideas 9/25

EDIT 11/19 Added the days and new ideas 12/25 I'm still accepting ideas!!! 

EDIT 11/23- 18/25 Ideas added and finished writing Chapter 1 

EDIT 11/27- Added all the days. Stories will come soon
Another Bendy and the ink machine secret?

You betcha! 




Note: The secret hunt is starting.
I made this post over on Tumblr so go and check it out!…

So thoughts about Chap. 5. OMG F***!!! THAT WAS AMAZING!!! Though I feel like I’m the only one who liked what happened with this chapter!!

Now about my fanfics, so with the ending I’m going to address a few things.

1. SOL AU is still going to play out as it did. I’m not changing it in anyway.

2. I’m still writing fanfics. There’s a chance later down the road I’ll be slow with updates, but I’ll get them down. If I do end up stopping fanfics for BATIM I’ll let everyone know.

3. (Not related to BATIM) I’m planing to start some multiverse for my fanfics. ITs called DreamNoteVerse. Meaning SOL AU, my fancure series, and what ever I write may exist in someway or another. Its still in the planing process, but I figured it would be fun to play around.

So that’s my thoughts and plans for BATIM! :) Have a good day, be careful of spoilers, and stay tuned for more!!! :)
I made a couple of mistakes as I recorded today, but I hope to get gameplay videos to you guys soon!
Hey everyone! I know I haven't made any big journals in a while, but I've been mostly active on twitter and Tumblr! Yes I post stories on here, but I never get a chance to make a journal or fave a TON of art work. 

Anyways, like the title says I'm going to start making gaming videos over on my Youtube channel. Not sure if I'll be recording today or tomorrow, but the game is going to be Pokemon Ruby! I have thought of making gaming videos for the LONGEST TIME, but also I like audio making videos like comic dubs and fan fiction readings, which I plan to do soon. So I figured since I procrastinate ALOT on dubbing stuff I figured doing some gaming videos in between could help. 

So if you seem interested on me playing some games, subscribe to my youtube channel,…

Also if you want updates or anything on what I'm doing I'm active on twitter and Tumblr 
Wow! Time sure does pass by! 

Thanks for sticking with me for 6 years!!!
I've been looking at my old OC's and I want to change them up a bit. Make them OC's for other fandoms I'm in or make them original characters, or whatever. So you'll be seeing that soon……

So I made myself a fandom of pretty cure wiki account so I can post info of my fanseries. So far Sweetheart Pretty Cure and Ayano's wiki page is up! Check it out!
Copied from my Tumblr!

An update about Believe Pretty Cure!

I have been working on a re-write for Believe Pretty Cure with my own characters and such all day today. So, its now official Believe Pretty Cure will be a fan series rather than a BATIM AU. The only thing kept the same in the series are the character designs for Susie and Allison, now named Suzy and Alexis, new fairies to replace Bendy and Boris, and so much more.

Like I said before I’ll still be working on my BATIM fanfics that are still on going like Slice of Life AU or Edgar and Grant. Its just Believe Pretty Cure is becoming its own separate series.

Now for the time being I’m going to work on Edgar and Grant at this time, and on the side will be editing chapters/episodes of Believe Pretty Cure. Once they are edited I’ll be able to update them on Wattpad, DeviantART, and AO3. The original concept of Believe Pretty Cure will still stay on my BATIM fanfic blog. I might edit them with the word Original Draft or something along the lines.

It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’ll get through it!

So yeah, Believe Pretty Cure is going to be my own series!
Last night my friends and I talked about the future of BATIM once BATIM is over, and I’ve been on edge. On one hand I want to keep going with Believe Pretty Cure. On the other hand I want to make this an original fan series project. I know I talked about it yesterday, but it keeps coming back to me and I keep fighting about it.

I don’t know what my decision is as of yet, but I’ll give you an update if anything.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m leaving BATIM yet. I still have many stories for you guys to share. For example, some drabbles and stories from ask-joeydrewstudios, Pokémon AU, and Slice of Life AU. So I’ll be working on those till my ideas go down the drain and wants me to focus on my Pretty Cure fan series.

I know you guys are saying, but what about your BATIM Blog. Even when I leave the fandom, my BATIM fanfic blog will still be up. Who knows? Yesterday was weird, we got a bunch of Joey-Drew-Studios accounts from the BATIM website and is confirmed so if BATIM counties in the future. I might still be writing for BATIM. I just have to wait and see what the future of BATIM has in store.

So don’t be alarmed, BATIM will be continuing its just Believe Pretty Cure will be on hold till an idea comes to mind.
So I've been using AO3 since this morning and with all the fanfics I uploaded I'm updating 3 to 4 times a day. So far I seem to like it more than Wattpad. Don't get me wrong Wattpad is a good site, but it keeps breaking down A LOT. So what now???

Well... I decided a new plan. Now this plan may or may not fail after like a month, but I'll give it a try. So my plan is to upload my fan fictions on AO3, here and Tumblr (for my BATIM and Cuphead fanfics) first than on Wattpad. With Wattpad having the chance of breaking down when I want to post something I'll put my fanfics that I worked on, on drafts than on Friday night or Saturday morning I'll upload them on there. If the plan does fail then I'll switch. I'll upload on AO3, Tumblr and DeivantART first then on Wattpad later at night if I get a fanfic done in the morning or afternoon or the next day if I get a fanfic done at night.

Speaking of fanfics, I do plan on uploading some old FNAF fanfics on there. Mainly 5 out of the bunch of FNAF drabbles I did back then. I'm only picking 5 just because. I wanted to upload my Total Drama fanfics but I changed my mind since they're SOOOO old.

That's my plans with AO3 for the time being. I hope everyone has a pleasant night/day!
So like the title says I have some news for you all. Its nothing bad not to worry! But I've been mostly active on Twitter and Tumblr! On Tumblr I'm mostly rebolging post and on twitter I post little messages that I would usually post on a DA journal or a DA status message. 

I'm still active here, but not as often I only come here to post my fanfics and fave art but only once a day. 

So if you want to hear more from me follow my twitter and Tumblr.

I have these in my Bio on here, but here are the links to my Twitter and Tumblr!
Hey guys! I've opened up an AO3 a.k.a Archive of Our own account for my fanfics!…

Don't worry my fanfics will be posted on here along with my other account where I post fanfics. I'll be posting on AO3 the day after I post here, Wattpad and Tumblr.
So I finally planned a main Bendy AU other than my Pretty Cure Bendy AU and my Pokemon Bendy AU (which I plan sometime soon). For now this Bendy AU is called Family AU, until I come up with a better name. The AU is about Henry being the true creator of the toons, and before he leaves Joey takes the toons away. 30 years later he runs into monster versions of his toons, but are they his toons? Or not?

This AU has two stories Purity Story a good AU where nothing happens and Inky Story the in-game story.

Its still being planned but I do have more to go through with this!
So I saw MLP season 8 and its really good so far! Proud for Twilight making a stand today especially since today is also March4OurLives. 

But yeah like I promised I will be starting my MLP Pretty Cure series sometime soon. Name of the series Friendship is Magic Pretty Cure (I have thoughts of renaming it to Tomodachi no Mahou Pretty Cure.) I'll start it soon right after I finish and post Amulet Pretty Cure. Also when I do a new Pretty Cure series I'll make an introduction to the new cure post like what HaChaPC-KKPCALM did. It will almost be like pass the baton, but more of like "We have a new cure series joining us today! Check it out!"

But that's all for today! Good luck to all this marching at March4OurLives today! I'm proud of you all!!
So last night I was thinking up some ideas for my Precure series and thought of releasing them all. I know it sounds like much but don't worry I'll be okay working on more than one Pretty Cure Fan series. I won't release them all in one go, I have a schedule on when I want to post them.

Beach Paradise Pretty Cure will be released after I post Chapter 5 of Amulet Pretty Cure

Tea Time~Pretty Cure will be released after Chapter 17 of Sweetheart Prety Cure

There are also two other Precure series I do plan to release soon too but that I don't have info yet. Speaking of Pretty Cure Info. I'm going to change the layout of them. It feels very unorganized with how I wrote them down, so I'm going to update them at some point this week. They layout will be:

Name (Civillian Name/CureName)- (Bio)
Transformation Speech: 
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

I'm going to remove the Trivia and other uneeded stuff so its more easy to learn and understand.

Hope everyone has a great day~