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SHPC: Miyara Sayaka by DreamNotePrincess SHPC: Miyara Sayaka by DreamNotePrincess
Made on Rinmaru 
Adopted from: Amandap99 

This is one of the characters I adopted from Amandap99. She'll be playing a role in SHPC. 

Name: Miyara Sayaka
Cure Name: Cure Music
Cure Introduction: The treasure of harmony, Cure Music!
Age: 14
Hair Color: Black (Sayaka, Cure Music) Grey (Black Sound)
Eye Color: Grey (Sayaka, Black Sound) Silver (Cure Music)
Theme Color: White (Main) Black (sub)

Bio: A mysterious girl who works for the Dusk Kingdom, who goes by the name of Black Sound. Though she's not evil, she lives there to hunt for the cures. Chaoko and her friends sense something in her. Chaoko revealed she's the 6th Pretty Cure on the team. Sayaka is shy and doesn't want to harm the cures, but is treatened by Frost, Ivy, and Blouder to do as they say or else. As she did her missions she befriended the cures, especially Junko and Ayano seeing this she wanted to leave the Dusk Kingdom because the Pretty Cure treat her better then them, only to be brainwashed and become evil. However, Kira was able to snap her out of it and unlock her Pretty Cure power and become Cure Music. Once she accepted her choice she asked Ayano and her friends if she can join the Pretty Cure, which they accept. With the fairies magic, Sayaka became the cousin and stayed over at Ayano's place. Later in the series, she is revealed to be the missing daughter of the Queen. When she was a baby, the Dusk Kingdom took her away. 

Attacks: Music Pulse, Music Pulse Heart


She's the fourth cure to first become evil then good, preceding Setsuna/Cure Passion, Ellen/Siren/Cure Beat, ans Towa/Cure Scarlet. However, unlike them she wasn't pure evil, she seemed nervous of hurting the cures, until she was brainwashed for one episode. Also she joined the team right away instead of refusing out like the three. She's also the first and only cure to ask to join. 

She's similar to Twilight Sparkle or what fans called Midnight Sparkle from Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

~Both are shy and are from the villain (rival) team

~Both don't want to do evil doings, but are threatened by the main antagonist to do so

~Both get brainwashed and are rescured by the main character

~Both join the team at the end

Her colors are a tribute to Cure Black and Cure White. Her name Cure Music is also a tribute to Suite Pretty Cure, my first Pretty Cure series.

Her name Cure Music is short for Music Box

EDIT: Her original name was Lilly, but it was changed due to another character named Lilly will be appearing in a future Pretty Cure seiries. 

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January 8, 2016
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