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SHPC: Kagami Akiba/Cure Mirror by DreamNotePrincess SHPC: Kagami Akiba/Cure Mirror by DreamNotePrincess
EDIT: Changed picture to the final design. Final design made on :iconrinmarugames: 

So remember my journal I made about changing my Pretty Cure stories from being crossovers to being its own stories? (Here is the journal right here: dreamnoteprincess.deviantart.c…) Well I finally made the cures for the new Sweetheart Pretty Cure. The theme of the series is pastel colors and treasures. 

Name: Akiba Kagami
Cure Name: Cure Mirror
Cure Introduction: The treasure of a reflection, Cure Mirror
Age: 14/15 (Episode 10 onwards)
Hair Color: Blonde (Kagami) Yellow (Cure Mirror)
Eyes: Orange (Kagami) Gold (Cure Mirror)
Theme Color: Yellow

Bio: Akiba Kagami comes from a rich family, however, her parents are busy with her jobs, so she lives with Maki and her family for the time being. Even though she misses her family dearly they vist her during the holidays (her birthday, christmas). Still, she likes spending time with Maki and her family because she gets to know her more. Kagami's dream is becoming a preformer on stage, but isn't sure what to be an idol, model, or actress. Despite being rich, she's not spoiled like what people think, she's actually caring, generous, and honest. She's part of the choir club at school, and is considered to be one of the best singers in the club. As Cure Mirror she can use protective moves, and even use them as attacks to paralyze WaruOni's so the other cures can purify them.

Name Meaning: Akiba (秋葉) Aki (秋) means autumn ba or ha (葉) means leaf. Kagami (かがみ) means mirror which is a pun on her cure name Cure Mirror.

Attacks: Mirror Shower, Mirror Shower Heart (upgrade)

She is the 2nd yellow cure to bare a mid-drift outfit, preceded by Itsuki/Cure Sunshine
Kagami is named after Hiiragi Kagami from Lucky Star. What's wierd they have the same voice actress, and their bangs are the same.
Her hair style in cure form is similar to Cure Beat
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November 20, 2015
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