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SHPC: Junko Moriyama/Cure Lavender by DreamNotePrincess SHPC: Junko Moriyama/Cure Lavender by DreamNotePrincess
EDIT: Changed picture to the final design. Final design made on :iconrinmarugames:

So remember my journal I made about changing my Pretty Cure stories from being crossovers to being its own stories? (Here is the journal right here: dreamnoteprincess.deviantart.c…) Well I finally made the cures for the new Sweetheart Pretty Cure. The theme of the series is pastel colors and treasures. 

Name: Moriyama Junko
Cure Name: Cure Lavender
Cure Introduction: The treasure of a meadow, Cure Lavender!
Age: 14
Hair Color: Dark Purple (Junko) Lavender (Cure Lavender)
Eye Color: Purple (Junko) Light Purple (Cure Lavender)
Theme Color: Purple

Bio: Junko is Ayano's childhood best friend. When they were young Junko's mom always traveled to America to meet Ayano's mom, and this made Ayano and Junko best friends. However, they stopped coming due to Junko's parents getting a new job, and Junko almost being held back at school during one of their travels. Junko still remembers Ayano, but Ayano hardly remembers her until she met her (Junko's) mom. Junko tends to be excited, kind, sweet, loyal, and a tomboy. She's on the school's basketball team, even though she's short she's fast and jumps really high. Ayano's nickname to Junko is Ju-Ju-chan. As Cure Lavender she's strong and does storm themed attacks as well.

Name Meaning: Moriyama (森山)  Mori (森) means forest. Yama (山) means mountain. Junko (純子) Jun (純) has two meanings, but her spelling means genuine, pure Ko (子) means child

Attacks: Lavender Hurricane, Lavender Hurricane Heart


She's one of the many cures to have a nickname.
Despite her Cure name also being a flower (like Ayano/Cure Rose) its supposed to represent a color.
She's the 4th purple cure, preceded by Makoto/Cure Sword, Iona/Cure Fortune, and Riko/Cure Magical. (5th if you count Milky Rose, but she isn't a cure)
Her friendship to Ayano is similar to Mai/Cure Egret and Saki/Cure Bloom, both are Cures who met in childhood, but don't (Ayano's case) remember until they become cures.
She's also similar to Erika/Cure Marine, both are best friends to the lead cure, hyperactive, and work at their parents shops.
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