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SHPC: Ayano Rose/Cure Rose by DreamNotePrincess SHPC: Ayano Rose/Cure Rose by DreamNotePrincess
EDIT: Changed picture to the final design. Final design made on :iconrinmarugames: 

So remember my journal I made about changing my Pretty Cure stories from being crossovers to being its own stories? (Here is the journal right here: dreamnoteprincess.deviantart.c…) Well I finally made the cures for the new Sweetheart Pretty Cure. The theme of the series is pastel colors and treasures. 

Name: Ayano Rose
Cure Name: Cure Rose
Cure Introduction: The treasure of the blooming flower, Cure Rose!
Age: 14
Hair Color: Red (Ayano) Pink (Cure Rose)
Eyes: Dark Red(Ayano) Pink (Cure Rose)
Theme Color: Pink

Bio: Ayano Rose was born in America from a Japanese mother and an American Father. She moved from America to Japan, Treasure City due to her father's job. When Ayano moved to her new school she re-met her old friend Junko, and met new friends Kagami, Naomi, and Maki. Ayano is friendly and helpful, as well as smart. Ayano loves to grow flowers, especially roses, and always keeps a rose in her room. She's also good in her studies, except Math and tries to keep everyone in a positive, happy mood. As Cure Rose, she gains flower themed moves along with moves bassed on the weather (wind and sun).

Name Meaning: Ayano (彩乃) Aya (彩) means color no (乃) is a particle. Rose is a pun on her cure name, Cure Rose

Attacks: Rose Typhoon, Rose Typhoon Heart (When using the Cure Jewel)

Ayano is the 3rd lead cure to transfer to a new school at the begining of the series
Ayano is the first cure to come from America. She could be counted as the first American Cure. 2nd if you count the American Cures from HaChaPC.
Ayano is the fourth cure to represent flowers, preceded by Cure Bloom, Cure Blossom, and Cure Flora
Ayano is the 3rd lead Cure to excel in academics (except one), first being Aida Mana/Cure Heart and Hanasaki Tsubomi/Cure Blossom
If not counting the Futari wa Pretty Cure English Dub, Ayano the first cure to have her last name as her Cure name.
She's the 3rd cure to have her hair in a bun in Cure Form. First being Cure Sunny and Cure Wave. Her hair style in cure form is similar to Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon. Coincidentally they are both the leader of their team.
Ayano was named after Ayano Tateyama from Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors
She's the 2nd cure who has Rose in her name, preceded by Cure Rosetta. 

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