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Pokemon Y Nuzlocke: Summer Yoman by DreamNotePrincess Pokemon Y Nuzlocke: Summer Yoman by DreamNotePrincess
Here is a drawing of Summer that I made! 

Name: Summer Yoman
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Likes: Calem, Dresses, Friends
Dislikes: Death, Blood, Team Flare

Personality: Summer is a kind hearted sweet young girl who used to live in Kanto. She's friendly, sweet and always would help her friends no matter what. Though when seeing the sight of death or blood gets Summer all anxious and makes her want to break down and scream after a terifying incident that happened with her as a kid. Another inncident that happens to Summer when she sees death is that her mind shuts down and its nothing but flashes of her past and whatever she saw die. This makes her feel suicidal, but she showed no signs of self-harm or even mention of it, though, it stills concerens her friends and damily even if its not true. Besides, all the negitives that happened, she has a possitive outlook with her friends, especially Calem who helps her out with anything and Shauna her best friend.

Bio: Summer is a young girl who moved from Kanto's Saffron City to Kalos's Vanivllie Town. Her mother is a Rhydon racer, and her dad is part of the International Police. One day during a visit at her dad's job she got to see what he does at his job, and got horrified at what she had to see when her father recived a call at a crime secne. Summer's father kept her away from the crime scene, but she still got to see the horrors and gore from the crime secne from the window. Summer asked her father why this happened and told her the truth of how pokemon can be killed. Summer wished this wasn't true, but it was. During the time with her mother she started to forget the memories of the inncident, but will get triggered by it if seeing dead pokemon. Being at home it really didn't help Summer, so one day when her father got transfered to Kalos, she and her family moved there. Her father thought the best way for Summer to get over her horrifying experience was to start a pokemon journey of her own.
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February 19, 2017
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