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Orphan OC: Toni by DreamNotePrincess Orphan OC: Toni by DreamNotePrincess
Here is my 2nd Orphan OC.

Name: Toni

Nickname: (None)

Age: 9

Birth: March 14

Zodiac: Pisces

National orgin: American

Noticeable features: Blonde hair tied into a ponytail, hazel eyes, wears a red T-shirt with a black skull on it, jeans, and red and white sneakers.

family: Mom, Dad (decessed), Older brother

How he/she became an orphan: After the death of her dad, her mom gave her up as a baby

Hobbies: Sports

Likes: Sports, Friends

Dislikes: Dressing up and being all girly, people picking on her friends.

Personality: Tomboyish

relationship with other kids in the orphanage:
Lina- Best friend
Emily- Friend, she doesn't like how cute she is. She doesn't hate her though but is nice to her and apologizes if her rough attitude hurts her
Kian- Her rival 
Angelo- She cares for him like a brother

relationship with employees in the orphanage; ( for now we only have Madam Elisabeth Maxwell, her grandson Steven and his boyfrend Alistor, Naya and Jordan a.k.a :iconjordanthednahog15: ): The employees are worried with her sporty attuitde but tends to like it after a bit since this is who she is. 

FACT: Even though in Naya's Orphans is not part of FNAF (not sure if it is or not still) she's related to one of the bullies from FNAF4.

Orphans: NayaCat 
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September 12, 2015
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